Dr. Oz: Happy Hunger Chews | Montel Williams Happy Hunger Chews

Dr. Oz Happy Hunger Chews: Montel Williams Happy Hunger Chews To Curb Cravings/Hunger

Dr. Oz: Happy Hunger Chews with Satiereal Saffron; In case you missed Dr. Oz today and wondering what the name of those chews were that Montel Williams used to control his food cravings. Montel's secret to stop cravings, Happy Hunger Chews for sadness is a good way of putting it! Today on the Dr Oz show, Montel Williams will be sharing the newest dietary supplement that he’s taking: Happy Hunger Chews.

Dr. Oz Conquer Emotional Eating

Montel reveals the shocking health secret he's been keeping for years. Plus, Montel’s miracle plan to combat emotional eating once and for all. This plan helped him get him into the best shape of his life.

What is Re-Body Hunger Chews?

Happy Hunger Chews is a delicious and healthy treat to help you control food cravings. A single hunger chew contains 88.5 mg Satiereal saffron extract that has been shown to reduce hunger/cravings and increase satiety. Saffron Extract Chews

Brought to you by the makers of SafSlim and Saffron Extract capsules, the breakthrough belly fat solution, Re-Body Hunger Chews contain the ground-breaking science, naturally-derived ingredients and innovative delivery systems that support Re-Body’s unique position in the weight management arena.

Satiereal Saffron Extract & Weight Loss

Recommended Dosage For Hunger Chews As a dietary supplement, take 1 chew twice daily before meals. Available in Mandarin orange flavour.

The Hunger Chews provides an alternative option for those who don’t like taking pills. Hunger Chews are also a healthy tasty treat, which you can easily toss into your handbag and will come in handy when your meeting up with friends and going to a restaurant and you you definitely need something to curb your appetite.

Appetite Control Hunger Soft Chews with Saffron Extract -- Buy Happy Hunger Chews and Satiereal Saffron Extract Capsules.

Happy Hunger Chew Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1 chew twice daily before meals.

About Hunger Chews:

These Happy Hunger Chews seen on Dr. Oz contain 88.5mg per chew of clinically researched Satiereal, shown to curb hunger and cravings and inhibit emotional eating impulses. Keep your Hunger Chews with you as a delicious and healthy treat to help you control unhealthy cravings throughout the day. It’s a delicious solution for your weight management program.

Montel Williams' Miracle Plan to Conquer Emotional Eating

Montel shares the miracle plan that’s helped him break the junk-food cycle, so you can conquer your own emotional eating. He's created a plan that allows him to work through negative emotions in a way that’s good for both his body and mind. Here, Montel shares his solutions to tackle emotional eating once and for all, emotion by emotion.

Conquer Boredom: Montel's Never-be-Bored Kola Nut Infusion: Montel turns to kola nut extra for the energy boost he needs. Simply add a few drops of the extract – available in health food stores – to just about any healthy beverage or food. Montel infuses the kola nut extract into a slice of watermelon, providing him a caffeine boost.

Conquer Anger: Montel's Soothing Seed Combo: Hemp seeds & Chia Seeds, nutrient-rich seed combo of chia and hemp seeds. Hemp and chia seeds are some of the highest protein-content seeds on the planet, and they’re highly soluble for fast absorption. Hemp seeds are loaded with fiber and protein, while chia has among the highest antioxidant activity of any whole food, outdistancing even fresh blueberries.

Conquer Stress: Montel's Chilled Chocolate Goji Berry Blast: To combat stress the healthy way, Montel drinks a chilled chocolate goji berry blast. Take 3 heaping tablespoons of raw chocolate and 4 tablespoons of goji berries. Grind them up, mix them together with a can of coconut water

Montel's Conquer Sadness: Happy Hunger Chews