Dr Oz: Keratin Earth Kit, LCN, and Lash Stain | 2012 Beauty Breakthroughs

Dr. Oz: Keratin Home Treatment, Gel Manicures, Lash Stain and Self Back Tanner

Dr. Oz's biggest beauty breakthroughs of 2012: Keratin Earth Kit; Gel Manicures, Lash Stain and Self Back Tanner; Today on Dr. Oz in case you missed it was Easy and inexpensive ways to look younger with Didi Gluck, Health & Beauty Director, Real Simple Magazine.

Didi shares her beauty breakthroughs for 2012 salon treatments we can do at home with Dr. Oz for our skin, hair and nails.

Dr Oz: At Home Keratin Treatment - Dr. Oz's first 2012 beauty breakthrough Keratin Earth Kit - Keratin for the hair is always a big thing and now you can do this Keratin salon treatment at home. Keratin is great for people who have dry frizzy fly away hair, a keratin treatment will instantly smooth the hair.

Didi told Dr. Oz that Salon Keratin treatments are formulated with formaldehyde, WOW, I didn't know this! But this Keratin is formaldehyde free.

The Keratin home treatment not only has no formaldehyde, it is a fraction of the price you would pay for a Keratin Treatment at a salon. Keratin Earth Kit is a 4 step process that you would do once a month.

Dr. Oz showed a before picture of Gail and her wild, dry, frizzy hair, then she stepped out on stage with a whole new head of hair from using the Keratin Earth Treatment

  • Step 1 : Shampoo - Shampoo and rinse hair twice with Keratin Shampoo (Bottle #1).
  • Step 2 : Straightening Therapy
  • Step 3 : Nourishing Masque
  • Step 4 : Protein Conditioner

You can buy Keratin Earth Kit $99 online and beauty stores.

Dr. Oz: Gel Manicures

Next was Didi's and Dr. Oz's at home gel manicures, with this 2012 breakthrough this can turn any nail polish into a gel manicure at home by just holding your finger under a 60 watt bulb to cure it.

So what is the name of this at home gel manicure? LCN Nail Lacquer that you can buy online $22 and in beauty stores. The polish is called LCN and just apply a fresh coat of the color of your choice, then add the top coat, put your fingers under the light bulb for about 3 minutes. Voila, no chips for two weeks just like you had a gel manicure done at the salon.

Dr. Oz: Lash Stain

Hard Candy Lash Ink 4 Day Lash Stain: This is the next Dr. Oz beauty breakthrough for 2012, the year of the lash!

This 4 day lash tint is not exactly like a mascara, it's not going to thicken or lengthen the the lashes, it is great for those who have light coloured lashes. You can buy Hard Candy Lash Ink 4 Day Lash Stain online, beauty stores and walmart.

Dr. Oz: Self Tanner Back Tool

Dr. Oz: XEN Tan's Hard To Reach - The final Dr. Oz 2012 beauty breakthrough, self-tanner back tool. It allows you to put your own self tanners on your back. You can buy XEN Tan's Hard To Reach online $18. From what I seen with it, it didn't do such a great job, if you didn't have anyone around to put it on for you, your better off going without.