Dr Oz: Gastric Bypass | How To Sleep Yourself Thin and Reverse Diabetes

DR OZ FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2012 – "GASTRIC BYPASS THE MOST UNDER-PERFORMED SURGERY YOU SHOULD BE GETTING!" Dr Oz Bariatric Surgery; Sleep Yourself Thin; Reverse Diabetes; Today A Dr. Oz Special Report! Lose weight instantly, prevent heart disease, cancer and even REVESE YOUR DIABETES OVERNIGHT. Could this be the surgery that saves your life? Dr. Oz has the checklist to decide if it's right for YOU.


Today, Dr. Oz shares his views on gastric bypass and why he thinks it’s the most underperformed surgery. He also welcomes Dr. Marc Bessler, Dr. James Rosser and Dr. Denise Bruner to weigh in. Dr. Denise Bruner Says Gastric Bypass Surgery Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, which is a big claim to make. Up to 80% of patients have seen a startling reversal of their type 2 diabetes. So should people with type 2 diabetes consider this gastric surgery?

Lose Weight & Reverse Diabetes Overnight, sounds a little far fetched doesn't it, but not according to Dr. Denise Bruner. Dr. Denise Bruner told Dr. Oz it’s unbelievable people are going in, diabetics with uncontrolled blood sugars, on multiple medications and 2 days later when they go home they are off all of their medications.

Dr. James Rosser had gastric bypass surgery himself and spoke to Dr. Oz today as a patient and not a doctor saying he is 6’4″ was once 450 pounds, had sleep apnea, early signs of high blood presser, and early signs of arthritis, he is now 290 pounds and states that gastric bypass surgery is a tool to help yourself.


Dr. Oz followed patient Joelle from his own hospital who had the gastric bypass procedure one week ago, to see the difference it made in her life. She has been overweight for some time and unable to lose weight and recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which led to the decision to have the surgery.

Dr. Mark Bessler was Joelle’s surgeon, he made tiny incisions in her abdomen while Dr. Oz watched and when the procedure was done he told Dr. Oz he was sending Joelle home without any diabetes medications because often times diabetes resolves that quickly. Her expectations for weight loss is about 70% of her excess weight, she is about 90 pounds over weight so he expects her to lose 65 pounds.

After one week of being released from hospital Joelle has not taken any diabetes medication and feels great. Her B/P was 146/96 before the operation it is now 135/90. She was taking 4 blood pressure medications and is now down to one. Her Fasting Glucose was 172 it is now 114. Dr Oz Gastric Bypass Surgery

Dr. Oz 4 Step Plan To Lose Weight While You Sleep

Today Dr. Oz covers how we can sleep ourselves skinny With his 4 Must Have Items In Your Bedroom.

Dr. Bruess told Dr Oz in this segment of the show that sleep loss plays a dramatic role on your weight. The more sleep deprived you are, your metabolism slows down, your cortisol level raises which means increased appetite thus leads to snacking. Sleep loss leads to weight gain, even obesity.

Dr. Oz’s sleep yourself skinny 4 step plan:

  • Calculate Your Body’s Best Bedtime – We all know what time we need to get up each day, Dr. Bruess says to count backwards by seven and a half hours. Set your alarm clock to go to bed
  • Natural Sleep Aids – Supplements With Calcium & Magnesium – Dr. Bruess said these supplements are the best sleep aids available. Take 600 MG Calcium & 400 MG Magnesium to help calm you down.
  • Tame Your Tummy With Antacids – Take them with dinner, you could actually have silent reflux, you don’t feel it, you’re not conscious of it, then all of a sudden it pulls you out of deep stages of sleep. Take a chewable antacid 30 minutes before bed for 7 days. Dr. Oz said whether you think you have reflux or not, try it.
  • Sip A Combo Tea For ZZZ’s - Valarian Tea & Passionflower Tea – Combine 1 Valarian Tea Bag with 1 Passionflower Tea Bag.

Next Dr. Oz said there are 4 must have items to lose weight while you sleep – 4 things to make over your bedroom to get more sleep.

  • Use A Form Core Pillow.
  • Eye Mask With Ear Plugs – The second item Dr. Oz said you need in your bedroom to lose weight is the eye mask with ear plugs, eye mask to block light, the ear plugs are good for a partner that snores.
  • Use A Sound Machine – Third item you need in your bedroom to lose weight is a sound machine. A white noise sound machine.
  • Temperature Regulating Mattress Pad - These are so effective says Dr. Oz that Nassa uses the same technology. It’s called OUTLAST Technology. The mattress pad temperatures changes as your body temp changes, so it helps you to stay cool for a better sleep in a cool environment.

Dr Oz Carb Addiction 28 Day Plan

Can’t get enough pizza and pasta or bread? Your hooked on carbohydrates and you will never lose weight. Dr. Oz has got a 28 day plan to kick your carb addiction. Oz's 28 Day Plan To Kick Carb Addiction