Dr Oz: Bubonic Plague | Arsenic in Rice | Morning After Pill


Today October 2/12, Dr Oz: "BUBONIC PLAGUE" "FAT-SHAMING" Anti-obesity advertising campaign aimed at children; "MORNING AFTER PILL" school controversy; "TESTING FOR GENETIC DISORDERS"; "ACROMEGALY" would you want to know? "ARSENIC IN RICE": Should we be concerned? Dr Richard Bessler, Nancy Snyderman, Sanjay Gupta, Jon LaPook.


The first subject of controversy Dr Oz brought before panel of Dr friends was "Should we shame them about weight to get them to lose weight? You don't shame teenagers, especially when they are vulnerable, they're already vulnerable because they are teenagers. Studies show that it just doesn't work and shaming these kids is a form of bullying. Dr Besser says it is parents are adding shame to the child instead of building the child up.

Do anti-obesity campaigns work? Between taking exercise out of the schools and having added rotten food in the cafeteria's the kids have pounded on the weight and now as society we have told them they are fat and we are making them feel guilty about it, and we as adults need to fix it for them.

We cannot expect our kids to make healthy choices, we as parents need to create healthy environments for them, they are our children.

Did you know that arsenic found in rice is higher than any other grain? Arsenic has been found in at least 60 rice products found on your grocery stores shelves! Students are being given a prescription for the morning after pill, students as young as 14 can get the plan B morning after pill in NY high schools. These girls can get this prescription without their parents consent, even though the parent can opt out of this option.

Next was the topic on vitamins and supplements, Dr Bessler does not take any vitamins or supplements nor does he take any medications and does not recommend that everyone should take vitamins and supplements and that you need to take a look at your own risks and see. Dr Snyderman says she does take them, changes them every year, and has very expensive urnine. Dr LaPook doesn't take vitamins...kinda makes one wonder are we throwing our money down the drain!

Dr Bessler says you can't take a vitamin or supplement to replace something you find in food it just doesn't work!

Dr Sanjay Gupta told Dr Oz he takes a few supplements which are fish oil and vitamin B.


Next, Dr Oz and his panel talk about arsenic found in rice and their viewpoints. All have agreed they are concerned about these levels. There are ways to was toxins of food and rice is one of them, we need to soak the rice and rinse previous to cooking. Cut back on the consumption rice along with these steps are the safest way to go.

Truth Or Dare: Next was truth or dare among all the doctors, first question Oz asked was 'low fat or full fat dairy?'La Pook says eat what's natural. Next guilty pleasures - Sex, which Dr Oz recommends 3 times weekly.


Bubonic plague was known as the Black Death in the 14th century and killed 30 to 60 percent of the European population. Victims died from the flea-borne disease within days of being infected. Well, the Bubonic Plague is back and found in the U.S. Should we be worried?

7 year Sierra Jane Downing from Colorado is recovering well from a case of bubonic plague, and looked absolutely great today after being diagnosed with having Bubonic Plague.

Sierra was admitted to the hospital with a fever of 107 degrees. She was delirious, having seizures and had a high heart rate. It turns out that Sierra had came in contact with a dead squirrel at a park near her home recently, according to reports. She apparently left her sweater on the ground near the flea infested site, then put the sweater around her waist which left her literally flea bitten. Bubonic plague is often transmitted from a flea bite, and it's suspected that fleas from the dead animal jumped to Sierra, causing her illness.

After two to six days, bubonic plague symptoms can occur. The period between becoming infected and the start of symptoms is called the bubonic plague incubation period. If they are not treated quickly, these symptoms can rapidly worsen and result in death.

Her dad thought she was just sick with the flu, vomiting all day which then led to a seizure...the dad was explaining the guilt he felt at that moment when she so sick before taking the seizure, a heart breaking scene.

The hospital staff was quick to pick up the bites and after collecting information from the parents and their recent activities led to remembering a case a few years back of another incident of bubonic plague where the child died.


Next was the woman who is 7 feet tall and trapped in her own body, over 400 pounds and her body is being stretched to it's limits.

Ten years ago Tanya Angus was a healthy college student at 5'8", weighed 130 pounds. Tanya has been diagnosed with "Acromegaly" also called Gigantism. Gigantism is abnormally large growth due to an excess of growth hormone during childhood, before the bone growth plates have closed. The most common cause of too much growth hormone release is a noncancerous (benign) tumor of the pituitary gland. If excess growth hormone occurs after normal bone growth has stopped, the condition is known as acromegaly. Gigantism is very rare.

So far nothing has worked for Tanya until this day to stop her from growing. She had been so perplexed with all the changes in her body that she thought maybe her parents had an operation done on her as a child. She thought maybe she had been born a boy and operated on to be a girl, but her parents assured her they did not. Her doctors had told her over the years that there was nothing wrong with her, it was that she was just stressed out. Her hands and feet began to grow large at firs, then her whole body continued to grow. Her voice sounded like that of a man as well her features.

We watched as Dr Oz took us through one day in the life of Tanya Angus, it was heart breaking to say the least, unable to fully stand erect because of the pain.

Tanya said that people don't see her as a person with Acromegaly, they see her as a person too fat to walk.

Tanya spoke on how she is fighting with every ounce of will she has and she is not giving up! Doctors have told her she is going to die so many times, but she said again to Dr Oz she is not giving up.

Dr Oz thanked her very much for being so brave and that she is an inspiration to everyone.


Dr Oz ended the show to today on a lighter note away from all the headlines on the morning after pill, fat shaming, arsenic in rice and Acromegaly with a mom caught on tape sleep walking. Her son popped it onto youtube, over 6 million hits later, it was absolutely hilarious. One woman told about her husband who sleepwalks, he has showered, started his car, and said it's always something different.