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Tuesday October 13 2009 Today on The Dr. Oz Show

The 4 Deadliest Rooms In Your House -- How To Tell If Your House is Toxic

The 4 Toxic Rooms In Our Home
Is your home a safe zone, you may be surprised -- Today on Dr. Oz was with Mike Holmes from Holmes On Homes and Toxicologist Gary Ginsburg. When you close your windows and lock your doors your trapping far more dangers in than your keeping out. Toxic mold, mildew and dust mites make your home theirs. Breeding on your walls, pipes, and tiles. There are things in your home that can emit harmful chemicals, and gases that permeate the air, getting into your body through your mouth, eyes and your lungs. Would you know your house is TOXIC.

Mike Holmes say every home has toxins in it, the question is how bad is it. There are 4 toxic zones of house that are discussed by Dr. oz, Mike Holmes, and Gary Ginsberg.

Toxic zone #1 is the bathroom. Mike says the mold in the bathroom is formed from 2 food groups--mold wants to eat and drink. We give it plenty of moisture when we get a shower, using the tub etc., and feeding off organic products such as the paper on drywall. They showed a clip of mold on both sides, the outer side was not like the back side, it had black mold. Sometimes black mold will get so black that actually dust mites will grow and bury itself in and start feeding on the mold, the dust mites will die and the mold will feed on the dust mites which begins a continuous cycle.

Dr. Oz's concern with the mold is that those little spores will fly into the air, and then travel into your lungs, as they go down your lungs they burrow through little pathways deep into your lungs, once there they can do all kinds of things to irritate your lungs, they can cause asthma attacks, they can cause bleeding inside the lungs, and other infections.

If you find mold you can clean it yourself if it 10 square feet or less, don't panic and do not use bleach to clean mold. Use soap, water and a mask, brush it and clean it off. If you want to check and see if your ventilation is working properly in your bathroom, use a tissue and see if the suction of the vent holds the tissue, if it doesn't it isn't ventilating enough.

Toxic zone # 2 is the family room, this room because if you are in an older home it may have lead paint, under the new paint. Mike Holmes says Lead paint is not good for you, it is worse than mold. To tell if you have lead paint in your house you can use a lead test strip, rub it on the old paint that may be under the new paint, if it turns pink you have lead paint. Do not remove it yourself, call a qualified professional. Medical problems with lead is if kids get lead in their body it affects their brain function, their not smart anymore, cause seizures, hearing loss, and if your pregnant it can cause miscarriage.

Author Dr. Gary Ginsberg commented also on toxins in the home. Dr. Oz promoted his book "What's Toxic, What's Not", it's about little things you can find out for yourself about toxins around the home. He explained that if there is lead paint on a window sill, and that paint chips from one window can contaminate a whole child's bedroom.

Toxic Zone # 3 is your basement. Especially in older homes asbestos wraps for your pipes, years ago they put asbestos in the wrap because it was a fire rated product. It's also in vinyl tiles, ceiling tiles, so depending on the year you have another big care, this a really big scare over mold. Did you buy your home before 1975? that is the year the legislation changed and you could no longer incorporate asbestos into the lining of vinyl tiles. If you find asbestos do not touch it, poke it, do not play with it at all -- DO NOT PUT THE SPORES INTO THE AIR! It's very dangerous, mold is nothing compared to asbestos says Mike Holmes. Asbestos can kill you and will kill you.

Dr. Oz says when asbestos fragments and gets into the lungs, it like little pins that go down into your lungs, and through the trachea and into the deep lung area it will impale the lungs like spears, and cause scarring which can cause cancer, and not just of the cancer of the lung but cancer to the lining of the lung, called mesothelium.

You can also find in the basement is radon, radon is a radio active gas. You can get a radon kit to test the air, and instructions as to where to send it for testing and get the results. And we all need to be concerned about gases of your furnace.

Toxic zone # 4 was in the backyard -- Pressure treated wood was arsenic infused before the 2005, it is recommended to be stained once a year with an oil base stain.

Shocking Headache Triggers

Where does it hurt? Your temples, sinuses, base of the neck? Dr. Oz shows you some shocking triggers and what you can do to prevent and treat them.

Dr. Oz today talked on the throbbing, aching and sharp shooting pain of headaches, headache horrors. He went on to say that most headaches are preventable. he told us of the shocking headache triggers we need to avoid. His assistant of the day was a lady named Velvet. Dr. Oz talked about the 3 major types of headaches, and they were tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraines.

Tension headaches are located at your temples where the muscle is. he went on to explain that a tension headache is like a vice squeezing your head usually on the sides together, because that is where you get the pressure on the sides of your head.

The cluster headaches are right around the eyes. When you have a cluster headache around the eye, it will make you tear a little bit, redness around the eyes, and the nose will drip a little bit too. With a cluster headache that whole part of the face will be irritated.

The migraine headaches are one side of the head, it will be lightening and throbbing, and light makes a migraine a lot worse -- called photo sensitivity. That means the light is hitting your head and it's causing a short circuit up there so you get not just a throbbing but this searing pain which can cause nausea and vomiting as well.

Dr. Oz's 3 Headache Triggers

One of the triggers for headaches is cheese. Inside cheese is tyramine, tyramine is an amino acid which is a trigger for headaches, it's probably one of the biggest triggers for migraine headaches.

The second classic cause for headaches are scents in your house, and the trigger he used today was a vanilla candle. Dr. oz says this was very important for everyone because people never pay attention to it. Vanilla scents in particular, and other strong scents can and will induce headaches, especially migraine headaches very commonly.

The third trigger for headaches were hair ties -- elastics to hold the hair up. They put traction on the hair and pull it back and induce little micro tears and irritation which sensitizes your whole head, and hello headache.

Dr. Oz's Three Headache Remedies

Dr. Oz's remedy for headaches was jalapeño peppers. Oz says jalapeño peppers actually work. They have something in them called capsaicin, the spice in it that makes it very effective. The question was how do you get it, because you can't stick it in your nose, and who is going to sit and want to eat them when they have a throbbing headache. Well it comes in a nasal spray, apparently is pretty strong stuff, they both gave themselves a shot up the nose of this Capsaicin Nasal Spray. Apparently the capsaicin is ground up and made into a mist. Everyone is laughing and Dr. Oz says you won't have to worry about having headaches after these things.

The next remedy for headaches was Peppermint Essential Oil, called aromatherapy. He rubbed the oil to the forehead, temples where the headache is and it allows the essential oil to be absorbed into the skin, plus you also get the scent. He went on to say Lavender Essential Oils are just as effective, and these remedies carry no risks, so it a common treatment that can be effective in our homes.

The third headache remedy Dr. Oz did was use a headband that he put over his forehead or over the eyes. He dipped it water that was was scented with different scents of lavender and peppermint and other scents of choice that are very calming and soothing to help deal with the symptoms of headaches. he went on to say all 3 remedies are common tools to use with no side effects.

Our Army Wife Weight Loss While her Husband Was In Iraq

She lost 50 pounds while he was away, she said the time was now. She coulnd't afford a gym membership, so off she went with her two boys in a carriage and went from walking to jogging. She prepared her meals on Sunday's for the week and froze them because there was never enough time when she got home at night to prepare healthy meals, and froze no fat yogurt with fruit to have in place of ice cream.

Her BMI went from 31 to 22 which is perfect, her weight from 180 to 129, and her waist size was 37 and it is now 31. Then Dr. Oz surprised her by sending for her husband, who stepped out on stage while she was watching what she thought was a video of him still over in Iraq telling her how proud he was of her for making this wonderful change in her life. Well there were tears everywhere.

Today Dr. oz did KOGA, which is a combination of Kick Boxing and Yoga, a workout that you can burn 800-1000 calories in one hour. The workout by Jon Koga, presented by Leesa Osborn. So it was Dr. Oz and the Oz dancers from the studio audience.

Dr.Oz's 3 things to remember--Doctor's orders are; If your house was built before 1978 chances are it has lead paint, buy a Lead Check Test Kits
to see if your house is as safe as you think it is. Second, practice portion control, set your food for the day in individual portions, and never overeat again. And third most headaches are completely preventable, avoid headache triggers like hair bands that put stress on the scalp, instead use a head band to alleviate pressure on the area.

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