Dr Oz Medical Emergency On Stage With Over Weight Couple Mike And Crystal

Overweight Couple Mike And Crystal Too Heavy To Have Sex Returns To Dr Oz. Dr Oz Medical Emergency Scare On Stage With Mike - Dr Oz's Concern Of His Blood pressure being so high, that Mike was about to have a "Stroke."

Today on Dr Oz Mike And Crystal joined Dr. Oz, this couple learns how weight impacts sex drive and the ability to have sex, they are just one of many couples too heavy to have sex. Their weight makes it physically impossible to have an sexual intimate relationship.

Mike and Crystal have been married for 4 years and because both of them are morbidly obese they have never been able to consummate their marriage. Mike has had problems with erectile dysfunction since the mid eighty's which Crystal knew about, but it didn't matter to her because she loved Mike regardless. She went to say that somewhere in the back of her mind she thought that she could change things for Mike, but that didn't happen.

Mike and crystal built and intimate relationship through food, which Dr Harry Fisch says is a very common situation. Food replaced the intimacy because they were both too heavy to have sex.

They would show each other their love for one another by going out to a beautiful dinner, or Crystal would make foods for Mike as her way of showing her intimacy.
Dr. Miram Baker spoke with Mike And Crystal and said that was exactly how an intimate relationship can be built through food.

For Mike and Crystal to even try and snuggle, it was too uncomfortable for intimacy. Mike explained that his erectile dysfunction gets him very frustrated, and he started crying and then Crystal would cry.

Dr Oz Medical Emergency On Stage

Dr Oz took Mike and Crystal to the truth tube because Dr Oz says the ability to have sex is an indicator of overall health.

He got Mike on the Truth Tube and did his numbers and that was as far as he got, he didn't even do Crystal's numbers, he was totally shocked with Mike's Blood Pressure.

Mikes Weight was 307 Pounds
Triglycerides were 259
Testosterone Levels were 246(testosterone levels should be any where from 280 - 800 preferably closer to 800 the better)
Glucose 197 - They should be no more than 100
Mikes Blood Pressure was 280 over 100

Dr Oz asked him if he was ok, and told him he wanted him to sit down, asked him if he had a headache or anything. Mike's blood pressure is normally 150 over 85, and he takes medications for it.

Dr Oz says he didn't think he should be going home and Dr Harry Fisch is going to get him on the right medications. Dr oz says there are a couple things about erectile dysfunction that Mike needs to know about, but they are so small compared to the bigger issue, which is Mike is about to have a stroke from his blood pressure.

Dr Oz asked Dr Fisch to treat might aggressively for his blood pressure, and get him into a program to help him. Dr oz told Mike his erectile dysfunction is going to save his life.

Mike started crying and said he didn't realize it was that bad, and Dr oz said he isn't going to let him fail.

Dr Oz Mike And Crystal Update

May 12 2010 - DR OZ CRYSTAL & MIKE UPDATE: Mike and Crystal were back on Dr Oz today with amazing results.

Mike has lost 50 pounds and going to the 5 to 6 times a week after work. Mikes blood pressure today was 130/90.

Crystal has lost 40 pounds and walks an hour a day, sleeps great and Crystal no longer needs her sleep apnea machine at nights.

Dr Oz asked Mike how he was doing with his erectile dysfunction, and they both answered by saying they are working on it. The Testosterone Gels Mike had tried didn't work. Dr oz asked Dr Harry Fisch what would be the next step to Testosterone Gels and Dr Fisch says they are now going to try Testosterone injections which goes directly into the body, and testosterone Gels work by going through the skin.

When they left the Dr Oz show 3 months ago they did a lifestyle overhaul. The emptied their fridge of all the bad stuff and replaced it with the good.

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