Dr Oz Medical Myth Busters Bill Nye The Science Guy

Medical Myth Busters
Bill Nye joins Dr. Oz to blow the lid off some medical myths.

Bill Nye the Science Guy, and a very brave assistant of the day, join Dr. Oz to blow the lid off some popular medical myths. In this clip, they'll discover if diet soda and chewy mints will explode in your stomach.

In this segment of the Dr Oz show the front row of the studio audience all had their plastic poncho's on while Bill Nye and Dr Oz were dressed in their white jumpsuits to do some myth busting experiments for us. Guess what it diet soda and chewy mints do not explode in your stomach, but the video's are quite amusing.

Now in this video is the urban legend that you can create a nitrogen cloud overhead, that would rise over the studio audience and be toxic to everyone in there. Using liquid nitrogen and water we find out that it is a myth that it is toxic.

Maryanne had a question for Dr. Nye The Science Guy, which was are our bones stronger than aluminum, which by the way is true. The second question was is it a myth that chocolate contributes to facial acne, which Dr Oz explains is a hugh myth. There is no connection between chocolate and acne.