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Anti-Cancer Special; What's That Lump?; Bathroom Boosters
Dr. Oz takes your cancer questions. Get the life-saving answers.
What's That Lump? - Learn to tell the difference between a harmless cyst and cancer. Estrogen Foods harmless and helpful.
Bathroom Boosters - Be kind to your colon with Dr. Oz’s high-fiber heavyweights.

A big part of cancer prevention is getting all the right information and taking the proper steps. Self-screenings, symptom identification, knowing your family history and being aware of environmental factors are essential parts of your anti-cancer plan.

Dr. Oz and a panel of experts have the critical answers to your cancer questions.
Dr. Elizabeth Poynor, J. Leonard Lichtenfeld, MD, MACP, and Marisa Weiss, M.D.

Cancer is a disease we all fear the most, and one third of us will get it. Today Dr the more you know the more you can prevent cancer. catch it early and beat it. Dr Oz used mannequin's today to show the two cancers most commonly found in both men and women and the two cancers that are most deadly in each. The two most common cancers in women are breast cancer and lung cancer. The two most found cancers in men are Prostate Cancer and Lung Cancer. The most deadly cancer is Lung Cancer in both men and women. Most people die from lung cancers more than any other cancer they can die from.

What’s The Best Way To Find Breast Cancer Early?

Lyndie had the first question who was diagnosed with breast cancer and there was no family history of it, and wanted to know how to detect breast cancer early. Marisa Weiss, M.D. says the 3 most powerful tools to find breast cancer early are; Do A Self Breast Exam(Watch The Video's), a doctors examination, and digital mammography. After a breast self exam, talk with your doctor and tell him something's not right, and tell him how you feel, work with your doctor and get it checked out.

Is Beast Cancer Hereditary

Gigi who was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years is worried about her daughter getting breast cancer and asked the question Is cancer hereditary? Dr. Poynor says about 10% of Ovarian Cancers are actually hereditary. About 10% of the time with Ovarian Cancer individuals will come from families where you will see either Breast Cancer or Ovarian Cancer in each generation. So it is really important for a woman to understand her family history, and bring that family history to her physician, and to actually have 3 generations of her families history

What Causes Lung Cancer Other Than Smoking?

Donna had the next question, it was concerning her boss who had died of lung cancer at age 63, She was a Nun(Sister Geraldine) who never smoked. What causes Lung Cancer other than smoking?

Dr. J. Leonard Lichtenfeld answered this question of how does one die from Lung Cancer who never smoked. Second Hand Smoke - Passive smoking caused from someone else can cause Lung Cancer in you. The other issue is Radon Gas, he went to say there are a lot of people who die of Lung Cancer who are non smokers and Dr's never do understand exactly why.

Radon gas seems into the ground and then into our basements, Radon Gas is invisible, it's silent, it's toxic and it's deadly, and causes about 21,000 deaths a year, Radon Kits cost about 10 bucks. Naomi joined Dr Oz to see what lung cancer looks like and what lung cancer does to the windpipe in the video on lung cancers.

Sympmtoms of Lung Cancer are a Persistent cough - a cough that doesn't go away, or you cough up a lot more sputum, or you cough up blood, shortness of breath, and weight loss.

What Are Pre-Cancerous Colon Polyps? What Causes Them?

Sonya had the next question, she had 6 precancerous polyps removed during a colonoscopy. She wanted to know how did she get so many polyps, and did her diet have anything to do with it.

Dr Oz's friend Dr. Jonathan LaPook a board-certified physician in internal medicine and gastroenterology for New York-Presbyterian Hospital,(Jonathan LaPook, M.D., is the medical correspondent for the CBS Evening News), answered this question for Dr Oz. In this segment you will see a benign polyp, that can be destined to become Colon Cancer. He says that genetics play a role in colon polyps and colon cancer, environment, a toxin, something were eating. Eat a high fiber diet, lots of fruits and vegetables. Dr. LaPook says there is no proof that a high fiber diet prevents colon cancer or colon polyps but it's great for your general health.

Dr LaPook says get some sort of screening test for you colon by the age of 50, which Dr Oz is having a colon screening test done as he is turning 50 this year.

Why Are Some Cancers Like Ovarian Cancer More Dangerous Than Others?

Gloria had the next question for Dr oz, and it was why are some cancers more dangerous than others like Ovarian Cancer.

Dr oz stated that Colon Cancer is curable, but Ovarian Cancer isn't most times because Ovarian Cancer is known as the Cancer That Whispers, doesn't show symptoms until it's too late. Dr. Elizabeth Poynor says that women would report vague symptoms a year previous to being diagnosed with Ovarian cancer such as urinary frequency, abdominal bloating, bowels don't like they used and extreme fatigue.

Dr Oz says the faster you recognize the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer the quicker the diagnosis, much better the chance of survival rate in your favour.

The 6 Symptoms For Ovarian Cancer

These 6 Ovarian Cancer Symptoms comes in pairs.
The first pair:

1. Bloating
2. Increased Abdominal Size

The Second Pair Of Ovarian Cancers Symptoms are:

3. Abdominal Pain
4. Pelvic Pain

The 3rd Pair of Ovarian Cancer Symptoms are:

5. Difficulty Eating
6. Feeling Full Quickly not being able to finish your meal

Can Extra Weight Increase Your Cancer Risk?

The last question came from Linda in Brooklyn - Is it true weight gain can risk my risk of cancer.

Dr Lichtenfeld's answer; Overweight and obesity can increase the risk of death in cancer in men by 14%, and women by 20%. It clearly has an impact on different kinds of cancers, you need to Lose The Weight.

Dr. Elizabeth Poynor's answer; For Gynecologic Cancers being obese or over weight have a significantly elevated risk for Endometrial Cancer, or cancer of the lining of the Uterus, or may have an elevated risk for Ovarian Cancer.

Dr. Marisa Weiss's answer; Manage your weight - get to and stick to a Healthy Weight, it's reduces your risk to breast cancer substantially.

Reverse Disease Through Nutritional Excellence

Dr Oz How To tell The Difference Between Harmless Lump And Cancer

Chris joins Dr Oz in this segment of show on lumps in your breasts. Dr Oz explains how to tell what is that lump in your breast, is it cancer or something benign. Dr Oz asked the women in the studio audience who has done a beast self exam in the last 6 months, and the outcome was not good. Most women do not do self breast exams on a monthly basis, and it is time to start. While doing your monthly breast self-exam, you may feel some lumps and bumps. Which ones are cause for concern? Learn how to differentiate between a benign cyst and cancer.

Dr oz said most of those lumps you feel in your breasts are Cysts, their not cancerous, 4 out of 5 biopsies come back non cancerous. Sometimes behind the cysts in the breast cancers can develop. Diagnosing a cyst doesn't guarantee your safe, but if you know where your cysts are you can identify changes in the cysts. Cysts can come in many different forms, and being able to diagnose this you need to learn How To Do A Self Breast Exam.

Dr Oz goes on to explain it is all about the hormones, and tells us which foods increase estrogen, and which foods reduce the effects of estrogen.

Harmful Foods;
1. Chocolate
2. Coffee
3. Cheese
Chocolate has something similar to caffeine it, and coffee is caffeine which will stimulate estrogen. With more estrogen flowing through your body it will make your cysts worse.

Helpful foods;

1. Different cereals will reduce the impact of estrogen
2. Pumpkin seeds will reduce the impact of estrogen
3. Celery and carrots
4. Vitamin B
5. Vitamin E
6. Evening Primrose Oil it is Omega 6 fat and it counteracts the saturated fats.

Dr. Oz-Approved High-Fiber Foods For The Colon

Foods That Move You; Dr Oz played a game to today Called bathroom Boosters with Kendra and tisha. Eating high-fiber foods helps you stay fuller longer, keeps you regular, and boosts colon health. The 3 common foods that has the highest fiber content are Artichoke, Bulgar Wheat and navy beans.
Artichokes, 10g of fiber
Broccoli, 5g of fiber per cup
Brussel sprouts, 4 grams of fiber per cup
High-Fiber Food Facts: Artichokes are number 7 on the USDA’s list of antioxidant-rich foods. They also increase the bile flow in the liver, which helps with the digestion of high-fat meals, and may lower cholesterol.

Bulgur, 8g of fiber per cup
Quinoa, 5g of fiber per cup
Brown rice, 4g of fiber per cup
High-Fiber Food Facts: Bulgur is cracked wheat and a staple of the Mediterranean diet. It’s a good vegetarian source of protein. It may help reduce the risk of heart disease and is the perfect addition to a low glycemic index diet.

Navy beans, 19g of fiber per cup
Garbanzo beans, 13g of fiber per cup
Kidney beans, 13g of fiber per cup
High-Fiber Food Facts: Navy beans are high in magnesium, which lowers your blood pressure. Also, navy beans are an excellent source of folic acid; one serving will give you almost 2/3 of your daily value.

Additional High-Fiber Foods

Fruits and Nuts
Figs, 14 g of fiber per cup
Prunes, 12g of fiber per cup
Pear, 5g of fiber
Almonds, 4g of fiber per cup
High-Fiber Food Facts: Figs are high in antioxidants and traditionally used to treat constipation.