Dr Oz 5 Secrets Restaurants Don't Want You To Know

FRIDAY - APRIL 9, 2010 DR OZ Show Recap
Oz Undercover; Wedding Dress Update; Spring Clean Your Skin
Dr. Oz goes undercover as a waiter to find out secrets that restaurants don't want you to know, then reveals what he would never order. Wedding day weight-loss challenge update. Spring clean your skin.

Dr Oz 5 Secrets Restaurants Don't Want You To Know

Spoiling foods. Hidden fat. Dr. Oz exposes the dangers of dining out and could your restaurant be making you sick?

Andrew Knowlton editor for Bona a petite magazine and frequent judge on The Iron Chef Joins Dr Oz today at the Oz Cafe. Dr Oz went undercover at Cooper's Tavern, Manhattan for his Restaurant Secrets Episode.
"The Secrets Restaurants Don't Want You To Know."
Restaurant Secret #1 Specials - Not so special specials - Sometimes restaurants order too much product, so it becomes a “special.” And sometimes, chefs use specials to get rid of old, spoiling foods.

Be wary of the 3 S’s: spaghetti, soup and sauce. Chowders, stews or pasta dishes can mask not-so-fresh ingredients. Watch out for expensive foods like steak buried in sauce; this can be a trick to minimize less-than-fresh flavor. Unusual combinations, like chicken thighs marinara on spaghetti, can also be a red flag. Exercise caution when it comes to shellfish specials. “If you see mussels on the menu and it’s also a special, that’s a no, because they’re trying to push those mussels,” says Knowlton.

Restaurant Secret #2 Fishy Seafood - Like vegetables, fish should be regarded as seasonal and eaten at the peak of freshness. Wild fish is best because it’s sustainable, which means it's better for the environment.

Choose small fish such as sardines, which are younger and less likely to have diseases than large, older fish like tuna; sardines are also incredibly heart healthy, rich in antioxidants and Omega-3s. Don’t order fish in restaurants where you think it could be past its prime. When fish rot, a chemical breakdown releases histamines which, when ingested, can mimic an allergic reaction. Symptoms include rash, wheezing and rapid heartbeat. When ordering shrimp, find out where it’s from. Domestic shrimp are best. Tiger shrimp, imported from Thailand and Vietnam, can be raised in dirty pools, eat their own feces and lack good flavor.

Restaurant Secret #3 Contaminated Kitchens - State health boards set strict standards such as wearing gloves when preparing food. “But, chefs never wear gloves,” says Knowlton. “They’re taught in school to touch and feel foods.” Still chefs’ kitchens are probably cleaner than most home kitchens. And there are clues to determine if a restaurant kitchen is clean or not.

Check out the dining area. Do the waiters look nice or sloppy? Are the tables clean when you walk in or are they messy? Inspect the bathroom. If it has a foul odor or the floor looks as if it hasn’t been swept all week, chances are the kitchen reflects those same standards.

Restaurant Secret #4 Menu Mark ups - Menu markups, like calorie labels, can be a good thing. One study suggests people consume 230 less calories when nutritional info is listed on menus. But watch out for “menu engineering” such as dish placement.

The eyes are naturally drawn toward the upper right, near the center of the page, which is where pricey special boxes often appear on the menu. “They’re not going to put a burger there,” says Knowlton. “They’re going to hide it somewhere down on the bottom left.” Putting prices at the end of a description, in the same font and without a dollar sign, detracts from the cost. Don’t fall for fancy descriptions like, “fillet mignon encrusted with Madagascar pepper.” Words that hint at intricate flavors can be used to lure diners to pay bigger bucks. he second cheapest wine on the list invariably has the biggest markup. “Nobody wants to be the cheapest person to order the cheapest bottle of wine,” says Knowlton. You want to order the second cheapest. Restaurants know that and will mark that one up.”

Restaurant Secret #5 Diet Destroyers - Restaurants are in the business of making food taste good, which often means adding fat and salt. Even the healthiest fare can be loaded with butter, bacon, cream or other caloric add-ons.

Many restaurants, particularly chains, list nutritional information on their websites. Go online and investigate before you go out. ypically, restaurant portions are huge, often 2/3 of the recommended daily caloric intake. Practice portion control by splitting an order with a friend or take half your order home. Ask for healthy substitutions. Order baked or grilled meat or fish instead of fried; get dressings and sauces on the side; and swap fries for a side of veggies.

What Dr Oz Would Never Order At A Restaurant

Dr Oz took four categories of Restaurant, and different foods to choose from. Here are the 5 foods Dr Oz would never order when eating out at the restaurant.

Mexican Food; Chicken Burrito or Chicken Fajita - Choose The Chicken Fajita

Chicken Burrito 1530 Calories - 68 grams of fat
Chicken Fajita 530 Calories - 11 grams of fat

Italian Food; Ravioli or Chicken Shrimp Carbonara - Choose The Ravioli.
Ravioli 670 calories - 30 grams of fat
Chicken Shrimp Carbonara - 1440 calories - 88 grams of fat

Chinese Food; Crispy Chow Mein or Compow Chicken - Choose The Crispy Chow Mein

Crispy Chow Mein 700 Calories - 10 grams of fat
Com Pow Chicken 1620 calories - 76 grams of fat (Same as ordering 2 burgers and a side of fries)

Diner Food; Blueberry Crepes or French Toast and sausage links - Choose The Blueberry Crepes.

Blueberry Crepes 446 calories
French Toast And Sausage 1200 calories - 65 grams of fat.

Dan and Meagan returned today for an update on The Dr Oz Wedding Weight Loss Challenge.

Dan weighed 319 pounds and his waist size was 55 inches
Meagan weighed 283 pounds and her waist size was 47.5 inches

Today's truth tube numbers for Dan and Meagan are;

Dan weighs 266 lbs. - Dan lost 53 pounds
waist size 42 inches - Dan lost 11 inches of his waist

Meagan weighs 223 lbs. - Meagan lost 60 pounds
Waist size 39 inches - Meagan lost 8.5 inches of her waist

There exercise regimen with Kristen and Mark from Healthworks 3 times a week consisted of Compound exercises, and an exercise called The plank – otherwise known as the “bye-bye belly”.

Compound exercises that Dan and Meagan did together as a couple using resistance bands, pull the band far apart between you to achieve an adequate amount of tension. The person holding the handles should start with a squat, pulling the bands toward you. Once you come out of the squat, end with a “back row,” pulling your arms back, elbows bent and close to the body. Make sure to squeeze through the shoulders. Release and repeat the combination. Make sure to switch with your partner. This exercise will work the back, biceps and triceps.

The plank is the way to trim your waistline. The plank targets the core. Dan and Meagan would face each other and lower down into plank position: forearms on the floor, legs fully extended, toes on the floor, heels positioned as if they were pressing up against a wall behind you - make sure you are parallel to the floor and keep your butt down, your hips straight and your abs tight. To make this exercise more advanced, give each other high fives with opposite hands (as if you were playing patty-cake).

The delicious looking treats DR Oz had waiting for them as part of The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge was the "Dr Oz Blackberry Belly Buster Parfait And Whey Protein Faux Ice Cream Sandwiches."

Quit The Bad Habits Now and Live Longer

Dr Oz tells us how many years we could add to our life if we stop these bad habits today.

Karen has been smoking for 27 years, the Dr Oz longevity meter says you can add 10 years to your life if you quit smoking today.

Irene wanted to stop neglecting her teeth, the longevity meter says you will 6 years to your life if you start flossing on a regular basis. Lack of flossing increases chances of heart disease, heart attacks, plaque in the blood vessels.

Nicki's bad habit is she eats very late at night, if she stops eating after 8:30 at night she will add 2 years to her life.

The problem with eating and snacking in front of the T.V., computer, etc. is you lose control over how much we are stuffing into us.

Dr. Oz’s Spring-Skin Preparation Tips

Spring-Ready Skin
Refresh your skin for the spring with Dr. Oz’s tips and tricks.

The #1 step To Spring Clean Your Skin Dr Oz recommends to Spring Clean our skin is to bring winter skin out of hibernation with a massage with Lemon Essential Oil.

Step #2 To Spring Clean Your Skin is to protect the skin from the inside out with foods such as cantaloupe and tomatoes.

Step # 3 To spring Clean Your Skin is to shield your skin from the sun with sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in it.

Step #4 To Spring Clean Your Skin is to trade your regular body wash to a moisturizing body was(Dr Oz Had Dove)

Step #5 To Spring Clean Your Skin is to exfoliate, Now we won't go to the extreme Dr Oz does by crushing red and or purple grapes with his feet. Grapes contain salicylic acid which helps break up dead skin cells, they have polyphenols that fight inflammation. then rub it on his face. The grapes have to be crushed to get those nutrients because they are in the seeds and the skin of the grapes.

Say Goodbye Winter Skin!