Dr Oz Top 3 Taboo Secrets Women Are Ashamed To Talk About

Today On Dr Oz WEDNESDAY - APRIL 7, 2010
Health Taboos; Unhealthiest American; Bob Harper
Dr. Oz discusses three women's health taboos. Incontinence Thinning Hair And Painful Sex. Unhealthiest American check-in with Bob Harper. Viewer's beauty secrets: which work and which don't? "Beat the Buffet" Game.

Dr Oz 3 Top Health Taboo's You Can Overcome

Today on Dr Oz Show from thinning hair to painful sex. Women are so embarrassed to talk about these problems, but today Dr Oz exposes Women's Health Taboo's for women over 40 and younger. Get the answers to the questions you are too ashamed to ask.

Dr. Jill Rabin talks incontinence, Dr Robert Bernstein Balding and thinning hair and Dr Lauri Romanzi on painful sex.

Dr Oz Jill Rabin Incontinence

1. Stress incontinence - Leaking with a cough, sneeze, or other kind of physical exertion such as heavy lifting.
2. Urge incontinence - A sudden, strong urge to go and, often, an inability to make it to the toilet.
3. Mixed incontinence - The most common kind of incontinence in women combines both stress and urge incontinence and doctors are unsure of the cause.
4. Spraying during urination - Rather than coming out in a steady stream that can be aimed into a toilet, their urine sprays (kind of like when you put your thumb over the garden hose), wetting clothes, or even the bathroom. It may be muscles surrounding the urethra are too tight or there is a small growth at the end of the urethra called a caruncle, which is often found in postmenopausal women.

Tara joined Dr Oz today to talk with Dr Jill Rabin about her secret problem with spraying urine when she pee's. She cannot use public washrooms, because when she urinates, her urine sprays everywhere, down her legs, her clothes and the bathroom floor. Dr Rabin recommended Vaginal Cones, they are individual weights that you insert into the vagina that you leave in for 30 minutes a day. You do this until you can hold that weight for the 30 minutes, then you move up to the second weight and so on until you can hold the fourth weight without it slipping out for the full 30 minutes.

What Can Be Done For Urinary Incontinence

1. Kegel exercises - contracting your pelvic floor (the same muscles you use if you try to stop your urine mid-flow) throughout the day to strengthen them.
2. Vaginal weight training - the use of vaginal weights in the shape of cones that you must hold in while you go about your daily business, working up to 30 minutes a day. As your muscles strengthen, you increase the weights.
3. Behavioral therapy - Set times for going to the bathroom
4. Medication, Physical therapy, Hormone cream (for caruncles), Surgery to place a supportive sling under the urethra, help keep the bladder in its proper place, or bulk up the urethra to narrow the opening that urine flows through.

Dr Oz And Dr Robert Bernstein Balding And Thinning Hair

Dr. Robert Bernstein joined Dr Oz on what can be done for Bald spots and thinning hair and hair loss. Whether it is genetic things and balding or caused from anemia or other conditions, especially those that affect the thyroid.
Things that you can do for thinning hair;

1. Change the part of your hair
2. By Highlighting your hair, the hair shafts swells and gives the appearance of thicker hair
3. Frequent haircuts will increase fullness of the hair
4. Applying scalp make-up which mimics the color of your hair and minimizes the visibility of thinning spots

Medications For Thinning Hair;

1. Rogaine (minoxidil) a liquid that is applied to the scalp and stimulates hair growth
2. Aldactone (spironolactone), an antiandrogen which helps slow or stop hair loss that begins before menopause
3.Hormone replacement pills, used after menopause

Balding And Thinning Hair Treatments;

1. Laser Comb, a new therapy that stimulates the growth of hair follicles but is still in the early stages of development
2. Hair transplant surgery

Dr Oz And Dr Lauri Romanzi on painful Intercourse

Nearly a quarter of women experience pain during sex, and they don’t need to. There are techniques and treatments to help women overcome pain and experience what is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable parts of our lives.


1. A “tipped” uterus
2. Endometriosis
3. Interstitial Cystitis
4. Urethritis
5. Vaginusmus
6. Vestibulitis
7. Loss of lubrication

What you can do;

1. Talk to your doctor
2. Change positions
3. Longer foreplay to ensure lubrication
4. External lubricants
5. Hormone replacement therapy
6. Low-dose hormonal topical creams
7. Estring

Steve The Unhealthiest American Returns

When Steve started with Dr Oz as the Unhealthiest American he weighed 441 pounds, full of spunk, but now has lost his motivation. Bob Harper surprised Steve at the Gym and started him on new exercises to beat the excuses Steve used to be a little bit too slack. Then he has all his friends and family waiting for him outside to walk with steve to get his Mojo back.

So far Steve has lost 30 pounds and has quit smoking. Kristen says he should have of lost a minimum of 50 pounds by now

Four months after his first appearance, Steve, the Unhealthiest American, returns – and the results are unexpected. After starting off strong, Steve admits to losing steam and slacking on his health regimen. Dr. Oz and his team, dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick and the Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper, regroup to get Steve back on track.

Steve's 4 Step Plan

Portion distortion - Steve is not eating enough calories, Make sure you’re eating the right amount and adjust your caloric intake to what works for you, not too few calories and not too many. This is necessary to rev up your metabolism. Kristin added 500 more calories to his Steve's diet because of his height, size and metabolism. He is now consuming 2000 calories a day instead of 1500.

To rev up his metabolism Kristin added in Start Right Smoothie, and bumped up his lunch with a whole grain turkey sandwich, carrots with Hummus, and fruit.

Dr oz shows Steve timeline pictures of Amy a past guest, and how over the course of 3 months she dramatically changed her shape. She takes a photo to track her progress. As you watch the video of Steve you will see the dramatic difference.

Visualize the finish line - Create a photo timeline of yourself. Take a new photo of yourself every week. Celebrating your small successes will keep you on the path toward your greater goal.
Automate your workouts - Cut out the excuses by getting workouts off your to-do list. Exercise first thing every morning.
Build community around your weight-loss plan - Friends and a support network are a necessary part of your success.

Dr Oz Beauty Secrets

From dry hands and feet to chapped lips, viewers test out their beauty secrets on Dr Oz.
In this segment of the show Dr Oz sits back with his Start Right Smoothie, and his feet in Olive Oil, sea salt, lemon essential oil, and Lavender essentail oil. Then used kitty litter made into a cream and applied it to Dr Oz's face. Dr oz doesn't recommend kitty litter, but does kitty litter contains Bentonite clay.
Bentonite Clay is very effective for drawing out toxins. The third beauty secret was for exfoliating your lips which consisted of baking soda and sugar.

Dr Oz Home Remedy Recipe for Dry, Cracked Hands and Feet

In a large glass jar, add 2 cups of olive oil, 1 cup sea salt, 5 drops of lavender essential oil and 5 drops of lemon essential oil. Stir well. Scoop out 1/4 cup and massage well into affected area. Rinse well with cool water; pat dry.
Verdict: True Beauty! The olive oil and lemon oil supplement the natural oil your skin produces to seal in moisture. Sea salt has a high magnesium content that helps to fight inflammation. Finally, lavender oil helps to moisturize and has anti-inflammatory properties because it contains eucalyptus, which can work to prevent eczema.

Dr Oz Kitty Litter Cleansing Mask Recipe

Fill a cup with clay-based kitty litter and add water so it’s an inch or 2 above the kitty litter. Put in microwave for about a minute. Remove from microwave and put on your face for 10 minutes.
Verdict: The jury is still out. Cat litters contain bentonite clay, which works to draw out toxins. The absorptive quality of the kitty litter sucks out a lot of the oils from the pores that could be causing acne. However, it is not made for your skin and the effects have not been tested. If you do decide to try this remedy, make sure you use an unscented brand to prevent allergies and keep it away from your eyes and lips.

Dr Oz Chapped Lips Home Remedy Recipe

Mix a tablespoon of fine sugar, a tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of water together. Dip a tooth brush into the mix and brush your lips. Rinse off with water for a smooth and exfoliated lip!
Verdict: True Beauty! The sugar is abrasive and helps to remove dead skin that accumulates from chapping, while the baking soda helps the mixture to lather. To make this a perfect treatment, you need to bring moisture back to the lips. Try adding some olive oil to the mixture!

Dr Oz Talks Buffets

Eat healthy at the buffets with Dr Oz's top 3 ways to beat the buffet. What choices to make to avoid high-calories, fatty foods and hidden sugars.

When choosing between pasta salad, greek salad, caesar salad, and chicken salad - choose the pasta salad. Dr Oz says avoid the salads with the dressings on them.

Between the BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, beef and broccoli and eggplant parmesan, choose the beef and broccoli.

Between bread pudding, jello with whip cream, frozen yogurt and chocolate chip cookies, choose the frozen yogurt.

If you choose these items at a buffet you would be consuming 499 calories.