Dr Oz $5 Friday In Case You Missed It

FRIDAY – JANUARY 7, 2010 – "DR. OZ'S $5 FRIDAY - $5 FIXES FOR SLEEP, SEX, AND STRESS". $5 Fixes; Superfoods Under $5; Heartburn Helpers
Fabulous $5 fixes to a new you everyone must have. Supervalue superfoods for under $5. $5 heartburn helpers. $5 to look 5 years younger. "Fix it for $5" game

Dr Oz $5 Dollar Friday; Dr Oz $5 Friday In Case You Missed It - Here is a recap of everything you missed on Dr. Oz Friday.

Dr Oz In case You Missed It Jan. 7th 2011

Dr. Oz $5 Friday Giveaway – Dr Oz Money Contest Giveaway: Three lucky Dr. Oz viewers will win a cash prize! To sign up for Dr. Oz 3,150 Giveaway go to Monday, January 10th at 3:00pm EST/12:00pm PST to enter Dr. Oz 3,150 Giveaway Five Dollar Friday

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Dr. Oz 4 Superfoods Eggs Onions Chickpeas Popcorn For 5 Dollars Or Less, learn to shop for affordable superfoods as part of Dr. Oz $5 Deals for $5 Friday.

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Oz shows us how to reduce your stress levels and waistline, plus improve the quality of your sleep. It doesn’t take an expensive spa day to help ease your everyday stress. Everything today is part of Dr Oz $5 Friday. Don’t forget to sign up for the Dr Oz 5.00 Friday Giveaway, Dr Oz is giving away 3,150.00 to 3 lucky people.

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Dr Oz how to look younger, and eliminate some of your body’s most embarrassing problems – all for a fraction of the cost. Go to your local drugstore and kitchen cabinets to keep your face looking young and fresh with these Dr. Oz 5 Years Younger For $5. Solutions we can all afford!

Fight Wrinkles St. Ives Mineral Clay Firming Mask; Oily Skin With Dickinson’s Witch Hazel; Dr. Oz Egg White and Carrot Juice Face Mask Recipe; Dr Oz’s Solution For Bad Breath; Dr Oz’s Solution For Razor Burn; Dr Oz Solution For Nail Fungus;

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Dr. Oz heartburn Triggers and Solutions For Under $5 - Heartburn occurs when your esophagus is irritated by backed-up stomach acid. Normally, when you swallow, food passes down your throat, through the esophagus and then past the sphincter, which acts as a “door” into the stomach.

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