Dr. Oz Body Type Diet

Dr. Oz Biggest Breakthroughs For Your Body Type Dr. Oz Body Type Diet; Dr. Oz says he hears it all the time ‘I Hate My Butt’ or ‘I Can’t Stand My Stomach, I Would Give Anything To Change The Shape Of My Body’. The key to changing your shape is targeting your specific type of body fat. So if you’re fed up here are Dr. Oz’s recommendations for your body type.

Dr. Oz Big Bottom Body Type

Body Type: Big Bottom (Large Hips, Thighs and Rear) Dr. Oz says if you fall into this category, the first secret to slimming down is to understand what type of body fat you’re fighting. Those with big bottoms are carrying around extra subcutaneous fat.

Dr. Oz Body Type: Big Middle

Big Belly Body Type – Dr. Oz says if you’re struggling to get rid of a big middle, you’re battling visceral fat, the fat located in your abdominal region that surrounds vital organs. While this fat is easier to get rid of than subcutaneous fat, it is also worse for you. Excess visceral fat has been linked to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. People with big middles tend to have higher levels of cortisol, the body’s key stress hormone. Too much cortisol slows your metabolism and also breaks down muscle, making you hard-wired to store fat.

Dr. Oz Anti-Inflammatory Toast

Banish belly fat with this anti-inflammatory toast. It combines complex carbohydrates with healthy fats to help lower cortisol levels and keep your blood sugar stable. When battling IBS, replace the olive oil with peppermint oil to sooth the stomach.

Dr. Oz How to Look 10 Pounds Thinner

Robert Verdi joins Dr. Oz here – What clothes not to wear for a big bottom or big middle and what clothes to wear if you do have a big butt and or big belly. The secret to faking it before you make it is to change how you dress. The single biggest mistake women make, whether they have big bottoms or big middles, is layering clothes or wearing baggy clothes in an attempt to hide their problem areas. However, this has the opposite effect, highlighting exactly what you’re trying to disguise. It can even make you appear 5-10 pounds heavier. Rather than hide something, work to accentuate your assets.
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