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Dr. Oz‟s Exhaustion Lab; Dr. Oz helps 24 women just like you; Are sick and tired of being sick and tired? Your doctor may say your problem is stress or that it’s all in your head, but Dr. Oz, nutritionist Heidi Skolnik (Englewood Cliffs, NJ) and exhaustion specialist Shawn Talbot (Draper, UT) are ready to eliminate these misconceptions and finally get to the medical root of your exhaustion.

Dr. Oz: Secret Reasons You're Exhausted! Answers from Dr. Oz's Exhaustion Lab Dr. Oz Tongkat Ali To Boost Testosterone: The 4 Secret Reasons You're Exhausted. Today, most of us are trying to get more done in less time than we've ever had. The result? Burnout and fatigue. But there's more to exhaustion than stress. Diet, a delicate balance of hormones and so much more are at play. Get to the root of the problem and regain your energy. Malaysia Tongkat Ali extract is nature's natural testosterone booster.

Celebrity chef, food enthusiast and host of Food Network‟s “Good Eats” Alton Brown joins Dr. Oz to discuss his personal weight-loss struggle, the super foods he eats to stay trim and his recipe for a low-calorie and dairy-free chocolate pie.

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Dr. Oz Four Reasons You’re Exhausted

Here are Dr.Oz’s 4 secret reasons you’re exhausted

1. Diet: Carb Coma – There are nutritional practices and patterns that you do that can be adding to your exhaustion or hopefully alleviating it a little bit. You may be overeating throughout the day even if it is good foods. Heidi Skolnik told Wanda to have an egg before she leaves on her commute to work, and she can still have breakfast at her desk, just not as much, and have a snack around 11 AM, to stop constantly snacking.

2. Tongkat Ali Boost Testosterone - The second secret reason you may be exhausted – Shawn Talbott says they look for a lot things in blood work when women are exhausted and it very well be cortisol-testosterone exhaustion. Cortisol goes up and testosterone goes down which can lead to exhaustion. Low testosterone is not just a problem for men, normal testosterone levels should be anywhere from 8 – 48, Michelle’s testosterone level was 7.

Testosterone level of 7 is a sign of overall exhaustion says Dr. Talbott and some things to do to bring the testosterone back up to a normal range is to eat healthy, exercise and recommends a supplement for testosterone Tongkat Ali. Michelle plus 10 other women were also confirmed with pre diabetes.

3. Over The Counter Medications – The third secret reason you’re exhausted is with Diana who takes medications a couple of times a week. Dr. Oz said over the counter pain medications as well as other OTC’s have side effects. Most pain relievers with naproxan they work great but cause sleepiness.

Dr. Oz got the peppermint oil and put a few drops on a damp clothe and massage your neck.

4. Pets – The fourth secret reason you may be exhausted is are you sleeping with your pet? Studies show that over half of the people who sleep with pets in their bed report problems of sleeping. STOP IT!

Give him his own bed, make sure he gets lots of exercise throughout the day, and treat with with Kong to occur him.

Tongkat Ali Benefits

When you consume Tongkat Ali extract in sufficient dosage and concentration, your testosterone level will definitely increase. And the increase in testosterone level no doubts leads to:
  • A high sex drive and libido
  • Improve muscle mass and strength
  • A boost in energy and vitality
  • Increase bone mineral density
  • A sense of well being
  • Improve cognitive function