Dr Oz: SafSlim Montel Williams Safflower Oil Supplement

Dr. Oz: Montel Williams Safslim; Safflower Oil For Belly Fat. Montel Williams' Favorite Belly Fat-Blasting Supplements. Today on Dr Oz Montel Williams, MS sufferer, and health advocate, revealed how SafSlim transformed his body on Dr Oz show.

SafSlim is a safflower supplement that has helped Montel lose inches off his waist without changing anything else. Taken before meals, it helps to reduce his appetite and cravings for sugar.

Best Price Nutrition: Dr Oz brought back Montel Williams to give his Dr Oz Fans a cutting-edge supplement that may just give you a new way to think about dieting. According to Montel, SafSlim, which is a supplement that contains saffron oil, will help you blast away that gut and trim it up before you can say belly blaster! SafSlim is sold on television and coast-to-coast and is endorsed by popular ex-tv talk show host, Montel Williams, who stated the product transformed his body. The recommendation is to take 1 tbsp twice daily before meals.

Dr. Oz: Montel Williams Safslim | Safflower Oil For Belly Fat

Dr. Oz said he is not endorsing Montel William's Safslim product, but does safflower oil work? Oz said in his opinion according to data, yes safflower oil works.

Dr. Oz said to try safflower supplements for 3 months, try in any of the ways he decries below, he is trying it with sunflower seeds because he loves them, but he also said feel free to try the oil or Montel's Saflim product. The smart thing we can all do is to change from trans / saturated fats (fats that come from things that has faces and walks on land) to safflower oil.

Today Montel Williams joined Dr. Oz and the talk is Safflower and how it is making a comeback. Safflower is one of the worlds oldest plants discovered in Egypt over 4000 years ago. Today you can buy safflower in many forms from safflower cooking oil to safflower supplements.

Some researchers said that safflower can take inches of your waist size without any exercise. By blasting stubborn belly fat and curbing your appetite.

Montel Williams is so convinced about Safflower oil he became a paid spokesperson for Safslim.

Does Safslim work? Is it safe? Has Montel stubbled upon the belly blaster that will change your body forever.

Safflower To Help Lose Inches Off Your Waist

To start off Montel thanked Dr. Oz for kicking butt on the topic of arsenic in apple juice segments.

Dr. Oz and Montel had got together after a prior show when Montel brought safslim to Dr. Oz's attention, which led Dr. Oz to doing his homework and said that at first glance it looked to good to be true.

Montel said he got this product Safslim nine months ago - he used it for 11 weeks, and in those 11 weeks he lost 2 inches of his waist and never changed a thing about eating habits or lifestyle.

Montel works out everyday and on a healthy eating plan already and claims the safslim gave him that little extra boost.

While travelling he went off the Safslim for about 30 days, and when he got home he found that he he had gained an inch back on his waist. Once home he started the safflower supplement again and within 7 days it was gone.

He had another period of time he couldn't take the supplements and the inch came back, so he started it again and within days he lost an inch.

Montel called the president of the company and asked to be the spokesperson for Safslim, so Oz and Montel had a shot of the safflower supplement and apparently it is creamy and tastes like a sherbet popsicle. You take two tablespoons of it a day and you take it a half an hour before you eat.

1. You can also get safflower oil supplements - Look for about 6 Grams of Linleic Acid 2. 2 teaspoons of safelower oil daily - Look for 7-10G polyunsaturated fat per serving 3. Try sunflower seeds - 3 teaspoons daily

As this segment moved on Dr. Martha Belury joined Dr. Oz and Montel Williams on stage to help explain where the fat goes from taking Safslim. A study was done on Safslim and apparently in the study nobody lost weight, so Oz askes what happened to the belly fat, where did it go?

Women in the study did not lose weight but lost belly fat in the trunk region, and an increased body muscle mass. What this oil does is tricks the fats cells to giving up their fat. I'm Convinced!

Dr. David Katz does not believe that safflower oil blasts belly fat

Dr. Caroline Apovian says yes that it does blast belly fat

Dr. Michael Roizen says no he wouldn't bother

Dr. Russell Greenfield said maybe safflower oil could blast belly fat