Dr. Oz Salt Detox Challenge

Salt Detox Challenge - Andy is back with His Alternative Salt Substitute Blend; Chef Andy's Salt Detox Recipes. Save a Life; Learn what to do (and what not to do) in the case of 3 serious injuries. Dr Oz Salt Detox Recipes; After 28 days, Chef Andy shares his special saltless recipes.

Andy's 28 Day Salt Detox Challenge

Professional Chef Andy Loves salt, used salt for just about everything. Dr. Oz says the recommended amount of salt we should have daily is about 1 teaspoon. Andy has 22 a day.

Andy's blood pressure on the previous show was 160/110. Andy made some big changes with the help of Dr. Roizen, no more fast foods, and replacing the salt..Dr. Oz popped Andy on the truth tube, his numbers changes dramatically in the 28 days.

Andy's weight was 310 pounds -- Andy now weighs 280 LBS. He lost 30 LBS.
BMI 40 is now 37
Waist 54.5 is now 49.5
Cholesterol 154 now it's 113
B/P 160/110 now it's 124/84

Salt Detox Challenge

Fill a small salt shaker with 1 tsp of salt. That is the amount of salt you can consume for that day. If you have high blood pressure, decrease that daily amount to ½ tsp per day.

80% of the salt we consume isn’t salt that we add – it’s in processed and prepared foods. Manufacturers use salt to preserve food and “improve” the taste.

If you are going to do the Salt Detox Challenge avoid all processed and prepared foods including:
Processed meats
Salad dressings
Canned soups

Instead of the Kosher salt base, Andy now uses a blend of seasonings consisting of;

Andy's Substitute Salt Blend
Potassium salt substitute
Onion Powder
Black Pepper
Italian Seasoning

The list Dr. Oz shared his salt Repalcement;

Garlic powder
Dulse flakes (a sea vegetable)

Hidden Salt In Foods

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
Baking soda
Baking powder
Disodium Phosphate
Additionally, be wary of the following surprising sources:
Cottage cheese
Vegetable juice
Certain bran cereals
Low-fat potato chips

Andy's Salt Detox Recipes

Dr. OZ's Emergency Do’s And Don’ts For 3 Serious Injuries

How To Save a Life
Learn what to do,and what not to do in the case of 3 serious injuries.

CALL 911

Head Wounds
Do: Put direct pressure on the wound with a clean cloth
Don’t: Remove pressure to look on the wound or check bleeding

Arm Laceration
Do: Find a pressure point and pinch to slow blood flow to the wound; elevate
Don’t: Use a tourniquet

Abdominal Injury
Do: Use a dressing like clean gauze or clothing
Don’t: Use bare hands. It can cause infections.

What Foods Makes Your Stomach Fat Instead Of Flat!

Foods that make your belly flat:
1. Chocolate
2. Peanut Butter
3. Guacamole

Foods that make your belly fat:
1. Cheese
2. Margarine
3. Red Wine

Andy's Salt Detox Recipes