Dr. Oz 5 Tests Every Man Needs | Live Prostate Exam On Dr. Oz Today

MEN ONLY: GOING BELOW THE BELT! THE 5 TESTS EVERY MAN NEEDS Firemen Diet Plan; Erogenous Zones - Three hidden erogenous zones revealed. For the first time ever on National TV, A live prostate exam.
Chicago firemen weight-loss challenge begins - Dr. Oz aids a team of 3 Chicago firefighters
Contestants identify food that prevents kidney stones.


Dr. Oz had over 200 men in the studio audience today, and ladies he said these 5 tests are everything we need to know to save our mans' life. Dr. Oz goes below the belt and tells it like it is.

Dr. Oz The 5 Tests Men Need

Dr. Harry Fisch Joined Dr. Oz to explain benefits of having these Five lifesaving tests done. They’re quick, their easy, their painless and one can be done at home. Dr. Oz discusses the five important tests for men, early detection of testicular cancer increases a man’s chance of survival by 90%. It’s especially important for Caucasian men under 40 because they are at the greatest risk.

Men's 5 Important Tests

1. Self Testicular Exam - The test you can do yourself. Men need to take a few minutes in their own home once a year, your partner can even help.
  • Slowly roll each testicle, one at a time, between your thumb and fingers gently feeling all over for any lumps or hardness. Normal testicles should feel soft. Cancer may feel like a knuckle or a small, hard bean.
  • Andre and Winston found a the lump in the test the men in the audience had to do. But Winston found the actual lump - You will find a cancer lump in the actual testicle itself.

    How To Do A Self Testicular Test

  • Make sure that neither of the testicles has grown smaller since your last check. The testicle should be about an inch and a half long (don’t worry, a ruler isn’t needed; just put two fingers next to each other, lining up the fingernails and compare that length to your testicle width). Testicles smaller than that distance could indicate a higher risk for testicular cancer.
  • If a lump or abnormality is detected, schedule a doctor’s appointment right away.

2. Prostate Exam - Men should have a Prostate Exam annually, starting around 40 years old and definitely by the time they reach 50. The test is simple, painless and over in seconds. The doctor will put a dollop of lubricant on a gloved finger, quickly insert it into your rectum to feel for any irregularities in the prostate tissue and whether the prostate is enlarged. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that sits below the bladder and in front of the rectum and helps produce the fluid that creates semen. Prostate cancer, which affects about 1 in 6 men, is one of the most common male cancers.

Dr. Fisch did the prostate exam on Robert and it took under 30 seconds from start to finish. It was just a matter of him getting on the bed, told to pull down his shorts, said there will be a little bit of pressure and presto...Done! He says men are scared to get it done because they are afraid of the unknown. Robert did not have an enlarged prostate, and Dr. Fish also did a Guaiac Test, which entailed using a little bit of stool he acquired from the rectal exam, put it on the card, added the fluid developer from the test kit, and it will tell Dr. Fish if there is blood in the stool, and if he had colon cancer, or bleeding ulcers, etc, it will reveal it by turning the card a dark blue colour. Robert tests turned out fine, and Robert was quite surprised at what little time it took to do everything.

Dr. Fisch's preventative measures to avoid getting prostate Cancer is by taking care of yourself. Eat antioxidants which are Green Tea, Pomegranate juice, red sauces have lycopene, or take a medication called Finasteride, which is also used for hair loss. The low dose for Finasteride is (PROPECIA). Help your prostate and grow more hair says the Dr.

3. Guaiac Test (Better known as the Poop Test) - You can do this test at home by picking up a Hemoccult Fecal Occult Test at your local pharmacy. Your doctor can tell in seconds if there is any blood in your stool, one of the signs of colon cancer.

4. Colonoscopy - Because colon cancer usually produces no symptoms until it’s at an advanced, and more difficult to treat stage, it is important that everyone begin testing at the age of 50 (or earlier if there’s a significant family history).

5. Testosterone Test - Men with low testosterone levels are more prone to being overweight, having diabetes, or feeling fatigued and depressed. They are also at greater risk for osteoporosis. Belly fat can cause Testosterone levels to drop also. Low testosterone levels can be corrected by losing belly fat - follow a good diet, like Rooco The Meat Lovin Cowboy 28 Day Raw Food Vegan Diet, and get lots of exercise. There are prescription anti-estrogen pills, gels and injections that will block the effect of belly fat until it’s lost naturally.

Dr. Oz 3 Firefighters 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Doug Crowely, Mauricio(Juicey) and Engneshis Brown(Iggy) joined Dr. oz for the Firefighter Challenge. Doug has just been diagnosed with heart disease, his father had it, he's lost Uncle's to it, and Doug is terrified. Wives Patricia and Mary Kay were also there to support their men.

Dr. oz says he wants to 4 inches of their waists in 60 days, so off to the Truth Tube for the three.

Iggy's weight was 235 lbs., LDL Cholesterol was 140, Blood Pressure was 160/94, Waist size was 43 inches. Goodbye to the bacon!

Doug's weight was 237 lbs., blood pressure 138/78, Dr. Oz never checked his LDL because he is already on medications for it, Waist size 44 inches.

Mauricio's weight 284 pounds, BMI was 41, Waist size 49 inches.

Firefighters 4 Drill Diet Plan

Dr. Oz aids this team of 3 Chicago firefighters who have been ignoring the alarms and have fallen victim to the likes of hypertension, heart disease and obesity. Below is the Drill Plan that Dr. Oz and Rip Esselstyn, author of the The Engine 2 Diet are recommending to save these firefighters lives - Designed For Firemen "The Four Drill Program."

Click Here ... Dr. Oz Approved Nutritarian Diet - Vegan Diet Style Plan

Drill 1: Extinguish Dairy and Processed Foods

Weeks 1-2
No dairy of any kind. This includes all dairy—milk, cheese, creams, yogurt, butter, ice cream, and sour cream. Also, no processed or refined foods—and that means white rice, white flour, white pasta, white bread, and anything else that is processed: cakes, cookies, unhealthy chips, sodas, etc.

By eliminating dairy foods, you’ll also eliminate processed and refined foods. And yes, by dairy we mean eggs, cheese, milk and yogurt! Below is a lasagna recipe that replaces cheese full of artery clogging fat and beef loaded with dietary cholesterol with antioxidant-rich vegetables the fiber of whole grain noodles. It’s less than half the calories of traditional lasagna!

Drill 2: Extinguish Meats
Whether you are choosing chicken, fish, or red meats, they all contain cholesterol. Weeks 3-4
Now you stop eating meat, chicken, eggs, and fish, and continue to avoid dairy and refined foods. In other words, no pork, no turkey, no buffalo, no venison. Nothing that paws a hoof or flaps a wing. Nothing with a face and nothing with a mother, on land or in water.

Drill 3: Extinguish Bad Oils

Weeks 5-6
You stop eating all added or extracted oils, whether they’re olive, canola, coconut, or any other. No baked goods with added oils. No salad dressings with added oils, don’t cook with added oils. Rip Esselstyn said this is not because all oil is bad for you – it’s because they each add extra calories to your food. Now you’re doing the whole diet plan: no dairy, no refined foods, no meat, and no added oils.

This includes getting rid of - eliminating all extracted oils – olive, canola, and safflower. This is not because each of these oils is bad for you – it’s because they each add extra calories to your food.

If you want to be like the Firefighters Mauricio(Juicey), Doug Crowely, and Engneshis Brown(Iggy) and lose the weight in 60 days and have a Monthly Menu: A full meal plan brought to you exclusively from Dr. Fuhrman Online...Click Here!

Dr. Oz's 3 Hidden Erogenous Zones

Dr. Oz shows an audience of full of men 3 secret erogenous zones. These hot spots are pleasure centers for both men and women, but they aren't the ones you know best.
1. Ears
2. Feet
3. Armpits

Prostate Enlargement Video

Questions and Answers Time - Dr. Harry Fish And Dr. oz answer some very personal questions men have.

Dr. Oz Foods To Prevent Kidney Stones

Men are twice as likely to suffer from kidney stones as women. Know what foods can prevent and treat kidney stones – and what foods can aggravate them. Foods that are high in oxalates can trigger kidney stones and should be avoided if you are prone.

Foods that can prevent kidney stones:
1. Bottled water
2. Oranges
3. Yogurt
4. Lentils

Foods that can cause kidney stones:
1. Black tea
2. Beets
3. Spinach
4. Potato chips

The Lasagna Mauricio Tried
Dr Oz Firefighters Fire Drill Sweet Potato And Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

The Burger Doug Tried

Portobello Mushroom Burger with Sweet Potato Fries Recipe
Makes 4 burgers 390 Calories per serving

Dr. Oz Firefighters Fire Drill Portobello Mushroom Burger with Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

The Brownies Iggy Tried

Dark Chocolate Brownies Recipe
Makes about 20 brownies - 150 calories per serving
This recipe for brownies contains applesauce instead of oils and ground flax seed meal instead of eggs.

Dr. Oz Firefighters Fire Drill Chocolate Brownie Recipe

The diet plan today is Rip Esselstyn Diet Plan Recipes on Dr. Oz.