DIY Plastic Surgery | Watch The Video On Plastic Surgery Party Nightmares

I was doing some work on information on the new hollywood trends of the stars, and how they have been using an Anti Wrinkle Placenta Cream and how it is the big rage, and used by women and men everywhere, when I cam across some information on Do It Yourself (DIY) Plastic Surgery. I was left in awe at some of the extremes that people go through to look beautiful.

I came across a short video on Tyra Banks DIY Plastic Surgery show coming up, featuring Dr. Jay Calvert, Beverly Hills telling people about the nightmares that can cost you more than you bargained for with doing it yourself. I have also added a video I found on ABC News.

Women wanting plumper skin and smoother skin by buying cheap silicone on the internet, and injected personal lubricant into her skin. By thinking she was saving thousands by DIY plastic surgery ended up costing her thousands and several surgeries to fix the mess. One woman in the video injected cooking into her skin, and her beauty is now gone for good! All this for Restylane, botox do it yourself fillers I don't think so...I will stick to my anti aging wrinkle creams.

When Does Surgery Become An Obsession

Patient become obsessed with plastic sugery when they come back to the office frequently, they are spending a lot of money, a lot of their time on plastic surgery procedures.

Plastic Surgery Parties

Plastic sugery parties is something that needs to be handled in a very special manner. definitely There isn't a problem when a bunch of people who get together to get botox, fillers or plastic surgery consultations, as long as it is managed by a professional who is board certified.

The setting should be an office setting, if it's in the home then it should be recognized that while the medical professional is there, they have deemed that as an extension of their office by providing home care. Home care is totally fine and totally normal but it has to managed in a proper way.

In order for the patients to receive care at home they must be under the care of the physician, they must sign into the practice of that physician and they must be treated as though they are receiving the care as any other medical setting.

It's clear that home plastic surgery is on the rise. In other words people taking matters into their own hands and perform the procedures on themselves. This is very dangerous, this is causing patients problems they never even dreamed of. Loss of their nose, their lip, skin necrosis, lumps bumps, scars, problems they just thought would not be part of the deal when they took matters into their own hands.

Please beware, and please see your board certified plastic surgeon or other medical professional to get advice on how to manage your asthetic needs.