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Sept.25th Dr. Oz

Dr.Oz is going to change the football season with the ultimate health challenge. Football Season usually means Sundays heaping with chicken wings, 7-layer dip, chili and deviled eggs, it’s no excuse to put on the pounds this winter. Dr.Oz wants you to make the ultimate commitment to lose weight and lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.

Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Health Challenge.

This fall, Dr. Oz is teaming up with the NFL to challenge the nation to get healthy and fit.

We are going to follow along as 10 moms from the AFC and 10 moms from the NFC compete to tackle their health issues such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and weight.

There will only be 1 winning team – and 1 all-star mom! Along with Dr. Oz, former NFL great Eddie George and his wife Taj, will be coaching all of the moms along the way. From exercise tips and recipes, here comes the tough love and moral support. the coaching team guarantees that losing pounds will win back your health!

During the 18-week fitness challenge, the EGX Lifestyle Program offers healthy solutions to the NFL Moms through training, education and empowerment. The goal of the challenge is to see which team can lose the most weight and encompass the greatest lifestyle changes through the process.

Dr. Oz says before you begin the Ultimate Health Challenge, there are the 5 numbers you need to know. If you don’t know them, make an appointment with your doctor before you begin and get the green light to fully participate in this challenge!

The Five Numbers Every Women Must Know

Blood Pressure (Normal: 115/75)
Waist Size (Should be less than 32.5)
LDL Cholesterol (Should be less than100)
BMI (Should be less than 25)

As the twenty women weigh in the AMC total weigh in of those 8 women is 2114 pounds, which averages out to app. 211 pounds each. The second team of NFC women weighed in at a total of 2093, which averages out to app. 209 pounds each.

For those women who follow along you could win season tickets to the NFL

So get The Plan For The Ultimate Weight Loss health Challenge, get your numbers and tell Dr.Oz why you want to get healthy, and you could win tickets to the Superbowl.

Former NFL Star Eddie George has created a workout that is easy, affordable for everyone. Dr. Oz claims its only 15 bucks and 15 minutes a day! Your workout will start out from thirty seconds and work your way up.

The secret energy foods talked about on Dr. oz today were whole grain breads, walnuts, and tomato sauce. The whole grains - fibre break down slowly and will provide you with energy that lasts longer. The walnuts provide you with omega 3's, give you energy, and heal stress. Tomato sauce contains lycopene.

Taj George and Dr. Oz talked briefly on the healthy weight loss challenge energy foods, the importance of having 3 meals a day with protein, fibre, and whole grains, multi vitamins, and 3 small snacks a day.

One great snack Dr.Oz recommended was popcorn. He poured olive oil over the popcorn and a healthy amount of brewers yeast on the popcorn. The lady from the studio audience claimed it was delicious.

What To Start Eating Now For The Ten Dollar Twenty Minute Workout

Here is a brief summary of the Ultimate Health Challenge action plan
Eat 3 main meals a day.
Each meal must have protein, fiber, and whole grains
Protein: lean meat and fish
Fiber: peas, beans, fruits, vegetables, potato skins, whole grain foods and flax seed
Whole grains: brown rice, oatmeal, popcorn, whole-wheat bread, pasta, crackers and wild rice
Take a multi-vitamin every day, once a day.
You can have 3 healthy snacks a day (morning, afternoon and evening.) Some examples of healthy snacks are: apples, almonds, walnuts, edamame, vegetables, low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese. You may have dessert every other day – but that means no evening snack!

The kitchen closes at 8pm. No exceptions!

Avoid the following foods: added sugar, simple carbohydrates, fructose, trans fats, saturated fats, any flour that is not 100% whole grain or 100% whole wheat.

Week 1: Monday | Wednesday | Friday
Here’s your introduction to working out and living a healthy lifestyle.

Get moving and do something every day.

You should work at your individual capacity. Here’s a good way to start:
5-8 minutes stretching
15 minutes of high-intensity workout (walking, dancing, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and anything that gets your heart rate up)
5 minutes of cardio cool down
Build up as you go…from 15 minutes a day to 30 minutes a day.

Week 1: Tuesday | Thursday | Saturday
These days are reserved for lower intensity exercises. For the first week, your goal for this routine should be 30 minutes.

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