Dr.Oz The Top 5 Cancer Symptoms For Women | Are You A Ticking Time Bomb

Dr. Oz Five Pains That Could Be Cancer
5 Cancer Pains Know The Warning Signs
Learn when lasting pain could be a symptom of the disease you fear most.
Could your unexplained pain be the disease you fear most? Five pains that could mean cancer. The Five Deadly Cancers Know The Warning Signs.

Dr. Oz Five Pains That Could Be Cancer

Monday, Sept.28th

Dr.Oz The Symptoms You Cannot Ignore - Could You Have Cancer And Not Even Know it

The disease we all fear the most, Cancer!

Dr. Oz claims these are symptoms easy to identify to know if you are a walking time bomb.

One out of 4 people die each day from lung cancer - 70,000 a year.

Colon and pancreatin cancer is diagnosed more than Ovarian cancer.

The 5 symptoms talked about on Dr. Oz are...

1. Unexplained weight loss - If you lose 10 % of your body weight without trying to lose it.

2. Bloating and gaining weight - abdominal pain - Abdominal pain and discomfort which are also symptoms of colon cancer.
Statistics, Signs And Symptoms From The American Cancer Society On Colon And Pancreatin Cancer

3. Pain after drinking alcohol

4. Chronic Cough - hoarseness and coughing. Statistics From The American Cancer Society Lung Cancer Symptoms

5. Changes in skin on the breast - changes in skin around the nipple, resembling the skin of an orange, and the skin gets thicker. If you are experiencing changes of the skin on the breast and it does not go away after seeing a doctor and different medications have been tried, ask your doctor to investigate it further.
Watch the Dr Oz video on How To Do A Self Breast Exam.

Statistics from the American Cancer Society On Breast Cancer

See you doctor if you have any of these ongoing symptoms!

Dr. Oz and a family of 3 generations of fat that are walking time bombs

The family in crisis - Dr. Oz also had a family on today's show who had a family member who died from complications of obesity. Members of this family weighed in from 313 pounds up to 422 pounds .

Dr. Oz showed them how the fat is squeezing and crushing their body organs. He told them flat out they were ticking time bombs. Dr. Oz set them up with Medical experts to work with them as a family.

The Best Of The 3 Sleep Positions

The next part of the Dr. Oz show was on our sleeping habits.

The healthiest sleep position is called "Sleeping beauty". Sleeping on your side with your back slightly curved with knees bent and arms folded. This posture compliments natural curvature of the spine.

Dead Man's Float
This sleeper spends the night prone, on his stomach, head turned to the side, with arms splayed under the pillow. Use no pillow or a water pillow. Dr.Oz did not recommend sleeping on your stomach at all.

The Soldier
This sleeper spends the night on his back. If you sleep on your back use a flat pillow, so no pressure on your next, put a rolled towel under the curvature of your back(lower back.)

Dr.Oz went on to talk about good carb bad carb, we pretty much know what they are, but do we really do everything we can to eat healthy?

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