Dr. Oz Signs And Symptoms Of Lung Cancer You Can't Ignore

Lung cancer accounts for the most cancer- related deaths in both men and women. An estimated 159,390 deaths, accounting for about 28% of all cancer deaths, are expected to occur in 2009. Since 1987, more women have died each year from lung cancer than from breast cancer.
American Cancer Society Statistics.

Signs and symptoms Of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Symptoms may include persistent cough, sputum streaked with blood, chest pain, voice change, and recurrent pneumonia or bronchitis.

The risk for lung cancer increases with the amount and duration of having smoked cigarettes. Other risk factors include occupational or environmental exposure to secondhand smoke, radon, asbestos (particularly among smokers), certain metals (chromium, cadmium, arsenic), some organic chemicals, radiation, air pollution, and a history of tuberculosis.

Take care of your health and don't put of going to the doctor when you have ongoing symptoms that just doesn't go away. Be firm with your doctor if he doesn't take any steps to investigate the ongoing symptoms.

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