Dr. Oz's Rhodiola - Ashwagandha Tea - Asian Ginseng - Natural Libido Boosters

Dr. Oz Talked today on these 3 Natural Libido Boosters for men and women's low libido.

1. Asian Ginseng: Dr. Oz put it in this korean ginseng chicken soup which is a very common meal in Korea. Asian Ginseng naturally releases nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a very short lived gas, and the gas is very important for opening up the blood vessels
Asian Ginseng
2. Ashwagandha Tea: Ashwagandha which actually belongs to the pepper family and it promotes relaxation. One of the reasons it helps you relax is because it turns on this chemical system in your brain that we know is so crucial for allowing the libido to flow freely.

3. Rhodiola: Rhodiola extract is what Dr. Oz placed on the tongues of the couple he had on stage today, plus he added a few drops on his own tongue.
Rhodiola Extract

4. Maca: Dr. Oz recommends Maca Supplements for erectile dysfunction problems.

Rhodiola is used actually in Siberia by the Russian to maintain not only their libido but their vitality. It works by breaking down dopamine and seritonin with the right amounts so it slows down those key chemicals for vitality. Dr. Oz explained that Rhodiola is a root form the plant.

Rhodiola Rosea benefits is known to be a powerful stimulant and is not gender based. Studies done had positive results with both men and women.

Also known as Golden root, Arctic root herb it is used to increase immunity and decrease inflammation. It affects the activities and levels of the neurotransmitters serotonin and nerepineephrine, and can therefore be used to treat fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, poor appetite, decline in work performance, irritability, hypertension, and headaches.

This herb also combats fatigue, enhances memory, boosts the libido, regulates menstrual cycles and has been used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and diabetes. Research by Russians began in 1931 when Rhodiola Rosea was found to increase the libido.

Rhodiola rosea is indigenous to the Arctic and Alpine regions of Europe, Asia and America and has long been used as a tonic by many cultures, including the Ancient Greeks. Rhodiola is generally known as an "adaptogen", a term which refers to any agent possessing the ability to increase the body's capacity to adapt to stressful conditions.

Golden Root is one of over 200 different species of Rhodiola, 20 of which are currently used in traditional medical systems in China and the rest of Asia. This ancient herb has been used in traditional medical systems of Eastern Europe and Asia for hundreds of years as a means to stimulate the nervous system, decrease depression and fatigue, and even to help prevent high altitude sickness.

Scientists believe that Rhodiola acts in part by promoting the release of certain neurotransmitters responsible for feelings of well-being, as well as regulating hormone production in response to stress.

High quality Rhodiola Rosea supplements should be standardized to contain a minimum of 3% rosavins to achieve desired health effects.

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