Dr. Oz 28-Day Caffeine Detox Challenge To Flush Your System

Dr. Oz's recommendations for 4 week Detox Your Body Caffeine Challenge

Dr. Oz says it takes 28 days to detox from an addictive substance. Today he talked about the most abused substance in the Country, and most of us are addicted to it. Yes he's talking about caffeine. Today Dr. Oz is with Nicole, and does she love her ice coffee. Her son figured it out in numbers and she spends 4500.00 a year on ice coffee's, and her kids think her ice coffee addiction is ridiculous. Nicole wants to kick her caffeine habit but she admits she scared of going through the withdrawal. If Nicole doesn't get her caffeine she starts to get migraine headaches. She said that she thinks by kicking the caffeine habit it will cleanse her body, and she feels with a healthy body, you have a healthy mind.

Dr. Oz's Caffeine Detox Challenge Steps

Caffeine is best known as a stimulant, giving you a “wake-up” effect. The effects of caffeine peak about one hour after consumption.

Week 1 Beginning Your 28 Day Caffeine Detox Challenge

Wean yourself off of caffeine – quitting cold turkey isn’t the best method.
Try to Limit caffeine intake 2 cups of coffee a day -- 200mg a day
On the first day of the caffeine challenge, delay your first caffeinated beverage until you start getting a headache.

After Day 1, delay your first caffeinated beverage by an hour each day of your first week
Beware of pain relievers with caffeine
Use ibuprofen and water to help relieve your headaches

Week 2 Of The Caffeine Challenge

Modify your diet and add these Dr. Oz suggested supplements:

Drink an unlimited amount of iced green tea. It has a quarter of the amount of caffeine found in coffee. Try B vitamins or foods with B vitamins like chickpeas, spinach, and whole grain cereal, They’ll give you energy.

Week 3 Relieve The Side Effects Of No Caffeine

Dr. Oz remedies to combat some of the side effects you may be experiencing from your caffeine detox.

A nice hot cup of Rooibos Tea - It’s caffeine-free and relieves nervous tension associated with caffeine withdrawal.
Have a cold beverage such as Smoothie with psyllium – it will cleanse you out and help keep your body regular.

Week 4 Beware Of Hidden Caffeine In products

Keep in mind when you order decaf, it only means that at least 97 percent of the caffeine has been removed, not all manufacturers are required to disclose caffeine content. Avoid products with the word energy, because usually energy means caffeine, eg. chocolate, and sports drinks.

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