Warning Signs Of The 4 Deadly Pains On Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz T.V. Show Recap 4 Deadly Pains Not To Ignore.
Pain And What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You.

Aches and pains are not just a part of life, they are the body’s smoke signals, saying we need help immediately. More than 16 Million Americans visit the emergency room each year because of potential life threatening pain, he also says how many people don’t even make it there, because they ignored the warning signs. 70 % of people surveyed they delayed seeking medical attention when they experienced a sharp pain. A deadly decision for some!

Dr. Oz talked today about dull aches and sharp shooting pains that are warning signs from your body. These are signs that something might be terribly wrong. By ignoring these it could be deadly, and there is a limited time to react before tragedy can strike.
That throbbing in your leg, that stabbing ache in your back could be telling you something is definitely wrong inside. Do you know the common 4 deadly pains you should never ignore, Dr. oz says the answers could save your life.

The 4 Deadly Pains

1. Deep Vein Thrombosis — Pain in the calf of your leg. The first pain that shouldn’t be ignored is sitting in one position for a long period of time. When you have pain in your legs is that you may have a clot in your leg, which is called Deep Vein Thrombosis. It feels like somebody took a blood pressure cuff and squeezed you down in your calf.

Dr. Oz says while you sit, the veins normally milk the blood back up to the heart, but if your sitting they can’t do that. (Dr. Oz uses the example of sitting on a plane) Clots form and fly off when you stand again and after you leave the airplane they go up to the heart where their pumped into the lungs, and they actually block the blood supply to the lungs. When they do that, the heart can’t push the blood anymore to the lungs, you get acutely short of breath, and it’s actually a common problem for a lot of people. Blood clots in the legs — People sitting for long periods of time, family history of it, and women on estrogen or any kind of birth control pill seems to increase the incidence.

Dr. Lee Vinocur says pain from Deep Vein Thrombosis you can feel a cord where the clot is, sometimes there can be redness, swelling associated with it, and it will feel like increased pressure, tightness in your leg. Oz says that if you pull back your toes you can make the pain worse. Every two hours get up and walk or take the your foot and press it like you were pressing on the gas petal. Dr. Oz says if you have pain like that to go see someone about it. It may be just a blood thinner which can deal with the complications of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

2. Ectopic Pregnancy This pain can only kill women — An Ectopic Pregnancy is the leading cause of death in women who are pregnant in their first trimester. Women most at risk for having that problem are young women and people who had a sexually transmitted disease (STD’S). One of the red flag warning signs is when someone comes in with belly pain, and they’ve fainted, or they have dizziness, and their periods are off, and they missed a period, that’s a red flag and Dr. Vinocur says that they get them to an ultra sound right away, and sometimes they have to be rushed to the operating room.

3. Head Pain The most common pain and one of the reasons people donate their organs is Head Pain. Dr. Oz says there are many different kinds of pain that cause headaches, but Oz says he is interested in the one that is Brain Hemorrhage Pain. These are described as the worst headaches you would ever have in your life. The blood could be on the surface of the brain if you banged your head, or it could be deep inside the brain, but either case the blood puts pressure on the brain.

Dr. Vinocur tells us how to distinguish between a headache and a “Bad Headache”. She said it is without a doubt the worst headache of their your life, and the important issue with this is they now think of this as a stroke in the brain, called brain attacks. You need to get to the hospital right away, because the longer you wait the more your going to risk brain damage.

4. Heart — The #1 pain that causes death is the heart! Dr. Oz’s Specialty Area. Dr. Oz introduced us to karen who had watched a previous show of Dr. Oz with Dr. G the medical examiner, who claims by watching that show is the reason she is alive today. She said that when Oz and Dr. oz explained that many women die of heart attacks because they think they have heartburn. She said a few days later after watching his show she started feeling chest pains that wouldn’t go away. Normally she would have taken an antacid and gone to bed, instead she went straight to emergency, and says thank God she did!

The doctor gave her a Stress Echocardiogram, they discovered the main arteries to her heart were 75% blocked. She was a ticking time bomb and didn’t know it. The Doctor told her she could of had a massive heart attack. They put a stent in and she says that is why she is here today!

Dr. Oz and Karen talked on stage and he asked her what she thought was happening to her at that time. She said she had a tightness, didn’t know if it was heartburn, didn’t know if it was bronchial, she just felt like something wasn’t right.

Dr. G From A previous Dr. Oz Taping Reported: The number one cause of death among women over the age of forty is Heart Disease. Thirty percent of people with heart disease don’t have symptoms, and women sometimes experience heart disease quite differently than men. Dr. Oz said that women should need to know their blood pressure, not ignore the symptoms of indigestion, make sure they are getting omega-3 fatty acids in their diets. Dr. Oz — Heart attack symptoms in women — Chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, vomitting …

Dr. Oz says if you experience severe chest pains take an aspirin and get to an ER right away! That’s the most important thing you can do if your having a heart attack. Every minute that goes by your heart muscle may be dying.

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