Dr. Oz Hemorrhoids How To Get Relief

Dr. Oz explains why hemorrhoids happen. The example he used to explain the how and why hemorrhoids happen. He put a brick in a sock and asked someone from the studio audience to try and remove the brick from the elasticized opening of the sock. it was a not an easy task. He explained you could get it out if you pushed hard enough. The he took an a long smooth object to represent the size, shape, and smoothness of a normal bowel movement through another sock to show how easily it went through without any tearing as with the brick. Dr. Oz showed a mini clip of hemorrhoids inside the anus, some were big and bulging, beefy and red, and the scope continued on through the anus to show internal hemorrhoids, it was not a pretty sight.

What Are Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are these little veins similar to the veins you have in your lips. These are the same veins that you also have down below. But in the anus if they are getting scraped by a brick, they get inflamed and irritated.

How Do You Know You Have hemorrhoids

There could be blood in the stool, sometimes you will get a dark red vein that is thrombosed, it will look like a little blister sometimes, it will protrude down below the anus. A thrombosed hemorrhoid will look like a little marble or a pea, and they come about very frequently because your straining to pass something that seems like the size of a brick, (it seems like that to your intestinal system). Plus a pregnancy puts a lot of pressure there because the weight of the baby is pushing on those veins it engorges the veins.

Dr. Oz explained that as we sit on the toilet, the rectum curves around. There are little veins on the sides of the rectum, but on the inside these little veins are being squeezed and strangled and all of a sudden the hemorrhoid pops out from behind it. The large hemorrhoid is internal, and you can also have the external ones that are the size of a pea or a marble that can be quite painful.

Hemorrhoid treatments

Stop using toilet paper because this is like using sandpaper on the rectum which is already very delicate.
Use Disposable wipes
Drink lots and lots of water
Eat Flax and/or take flax supplements
Eat Fibre fruits such as pears and apples
Use Ointments containing cortisone which will help relieve the itching. Phenylephrine which will shrink the hemorrhoid, and alleviate any pain you have
A bath with magnesium salts to help soothe the area, and relax the tissues

The actual procedure to have hemorrhoids removed requires a clamp that is inserted in the anus that has a rubber band attached on the end of it. Another device is used to grab the hemorrhoid and pull it through the clamp where it is then squeezed tight by the rubber band and literally strangled. This will then in turn die, as it scars it will leave a little skin tag, the hemorrhoid will shrink and go back inside. Doctors only like to do this procedure after all the other treatments have been tried first and failed.

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