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Thursday - October 8, 2009 Dr. Oz

Mystery Diagnosis: Meet Craig who is allergic to the sun!
Secret Eater - Food Addiction: Dr. Oz intervenes to help Lisa get over her secret binge eating habits.
Get up close and personal with hemorrhoids.
Thursday October 8th Dr. Mehmet Oz On GMA This Morning Speaking On The Importance Of How Vitamin D Can Save Your Life

Did You Miss Dr. Oz Today? Here Is A Review Of What Happened Thursday October 8th 2009

Allergic To The Sun

Craig and his sister Nicole suffer from an allergy to UV light. When allergic to UV light it burns on the inside of the skin, so there are no visible signs on the outside.

These kids explained that their skin feels like you put your hand on a hot stove, then slice it with a knife. Craig and Nicole can still enjoy activities like anyone else, but the family only do evening activities. They stated how lonely times can be and go through some tough times. There were tears shared on the stage and in the audience.

There are 4 common types of Sun allergies:

Polymorphous light eruption (PMLE), Polymorphous light eruption is the second most common skin problem related to exposure to sunlight after the common sunburn. It affects members of all races and ethnic background with an estimated 10 to 15 percent of the population affected.

Actinic prurigo: This disease usually effects several generations in the same family. Effecting people of American Indian background and usually begins in early childhood.

Solar urtivaria: Solar urtivaria is extremely rare and is the only true form of an allergic to the sun reaction. Solar urtivaria produces hives or large itchy red patches on the sun-exposed areas of the skin usually within minutes of exposure. Young women are the most commonly affected group.

Photoallergic eruption: Photoallergic eruption is an allergic reaction caused by the sunlight hitting chemicals that have been applied to the skin such as sunscreen, antibiotic ointments, cosmetics and perfumes.


Hemorrhoids Relief

Dr. Oz and a studio audience assistant showed us the how's and why's of hemorrhoids, and what to do for it. Dr. Oz Hemorrhoid Relief.

Beauty Boost

Dr. Oz shows you how to turn your grocery store produce aisle into a health and beauty department.

Kale gives you a beautiful complextion and radiant skin. Kale may be the most nutritious of all vegetables. The elements in the leaves helps the liver. It contains Vitamin A which is great great for skin cell turnover.

Nettle gives your hair gloss and shine. Nettle stimulates hair folicles. it allows the body to make the right kind of oil to lubricate the scalp, keep the scalp healthy, thus coat the hair that is growing out of the scalp.

Hazelnut for brittle nails. hazelnuts are very rich in Biotin which is a B Vitamin. Biotin is essential for us to build thick nails, also hazelnuts have magnesium in them, and this helps you to absorb calcium from the gut.

Mangosteen juice, Black Cherry juice, and Pomegranate juice keep your skin and tight looking. These 3 juices all contain Vitamin C, which is an essential part of the body's production of collagen. These juices are all dark coloured for a reason, these plants have all made nutrients in them to protect themselves from the oxidation of the sun, so we can all get those same nutrients.

Secret Eating Double Life Of Lisa Binge Eating

Lisa explained to Dr. Oz and Dr. Stacie Rosenthal that when she is public she would eat like a bird. When going to work she would pack a healthy lunch to eat with her co-workers, then do an errand and hit the drive thru, then go to a gas station but not just to get gas, but to woof down candy, soda's and other junk!

Lisa had an eye opener when her son told her she was the biggest Mommy with the biggest tummy at his school. This is when Lisa made the decision to take the step to save herself.

With this binge eating disorder she would never eat large amounts around her family and friends. Her help is called stabilization, which consists of 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. One of these snacks was to saved for evening. She was also told not to go several hours without eating and learn that when the binge urge hits, do it in moderation, which Lisa says is what the major problem was.

Recommended for Lisa was a food journal, she is to write down what she eats -- why she is eating it -- how she feels while eating -- and her emotions that sent her to that food. This is so she can find out how her emotions and thoughts cause her binge eating. She was also advised to make a list of names to call when the food triggers hit.

Lisa Update: Lisa Left a message at the bottom of this post saying she has a blog where you follow her on her journey "I Am A Binge Eater"

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