Dr. Oz How To Survive When These 3 Disasters Strike

Dr. Oz -- What You Need To Know To Survive 3 disasters: fire, car accidents and plane crashes. The 3 simple steps to keep you and your family safe.
Car accidents, fires and plane crashes kill tens of thousands of Americans each year. Dr. Oz is sharing the simple steps you can take to keep you and your family calm and safe in the face of catastrophe. How to make it out when disaster strikes, and the tool Dr. Oz thinks is the most important tool of all.

Dr. Oz Disaster Survival 101

Dr. Oz tells the story about how fire is a persons worst nightmare, and a reality you never want to face. Last year alone more than half a million fires devastated places we go to everyday. Our homes, our work place, even hotels and the mall. Fire kills more of us than all natural disasters combined.

Retired Firefighter Bob Gallion joined Dr. Oz today and left us with some really crucial facts about getting out of a fire. He said the first mistake is they don't fully recognize the smoke is going to kill them. Stay close to the ground, the air is cleaner. Almost all fatal fires occur in a home with no smoke alarm, because the #1 threat from a fire is not heat or flames, but smoke, which can suffocate you in minutes. Learn how to Prepare for a fire, and what to remember.
Create a floor plan with all doors, windows.
Smoke Detectors -- Change the batteries twice a year when you change your clocks.
Fire extinguishers -- To use, pull the pin, stand back, and spray in sweeping motions over a large area.
Escape ladders -- Every bedroom above the first floor should have a folding escape ladder.

Remember if the door is hot, stay away from it. If the door is open and you see flames or smoke, close it immediately, and takes blankets or towels and seal the bottom of the door. Stay low to the floor, because a room can fill with smoke within 3 minutes. Crawl over to the window, and if you are on the first or second floor jump the heck out. It better to have a broken bone than to die. If you are too high up stay under the window, because that is the first place the rescue team will look and find you! Always crawl with your knuckles not the palm of your hands in any situation concerning heat and fire so you don't burn the palms of the hands.

If you are on fire, the old saying is true -- Stop, drop, and roll. If someone else is on fire, get them to the ground with a leg sweep, or any way you can to force them to the ground. Smother the flames with anything wet like a towel, or anything dry for that matter to help save them. Try to gently remove the burnt clothing, if the clothing is stuck to the skin, leave it, try your best to find something cool or wet to cover it, then wrap them in a blanket or sheet.

Surviving In A Car Accident

Car accidents are the disaster you are most likely to face. In 2008, they claimed the lives of 34,000 people. And yet, for most of us, driving is something we do without thinking. How to Prepare for a car accident, and what to remember. Dr. Oz highly recommended an aboslutely essential tool for every single driver, it has to be all of your cars, no exception, it's called the Life Hammer The Lifehammer is an all-in-one tool that includes a blade to cut seatbelts and a double-sided hammer to easily and safely break back and side windows if the doors are stuck or the car is submerged. Dr. Oz did a mock car accident scene where he showed us how that tool shattered the window effortlessly. The Lifehammer shatters the window purposely into small pieces, it is designed to do exactly that.saying even the smallest person can do it.

Panic is a terrible thing when you feel you are trapped. There are thousands of stories you hear about people not being able to get out of their car because they couldn't get out of the seat belt, or the door is so jammed they have to wait for the fire department to get there with the jaws of life. Time is of the essence, and every second counts on getting out of a car that could catch on fire, or explode. Stock your glove box with a 72 Hour Survival kit that contains light sticks and snacks with a long shelf life, and water pouches.

Dr. Oz had Amber Pennell talk with everyone today about her experience of being trapped in her vehicle for 5 days with no food and water. Her story took place in August of 2008 when her vehicle went into a 80 foot deep ravine. She lay injured and trapped in her truck. Amber Pennell's Full Story

Did you know that more than 95% of passengers in plane crashes make it out alive, make sure you’re one of them. When you board your plane along with finding where the nearest emergency exit is, count how many seats backwards or forwards to that exit so that if the plane is full of smoke you can't use your hands to guide you through how many rows to that exit. Pay attention to the flight attendant when they explain about the oxygen masks and the exits. Wear clothing of natural fiber, dress in non-synthetic clothing including panty hose (articles like panty hose will melt right into your skin), and where flat shoes, put the heels in your carry on bag! Take off metal jewelry because the heat will heat it up and burn your skin.

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