Dr. Oz The Number 1 Shocking Teen Sex Secrets

Dr. Oz Teen Sex Crisis What Every parent Must Know Right Now, The Number 1 Shocking Sex Secret -- Teen Sex Crisis!

The #1 biggest secret your teenager doesn't want you to know is putting them in danger, some kids have admitted to having sex at 8 years old. By the time they are in junior high school 1 in 14 are having sex, and by high school that number is 1 out of 3 teens are having sex. 3 out of 10 girls in the U.S. get pregnant at least once before they turn 20. 1 out of 4 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 is infected with an STD. Among them chlamydia which can lead in infertility, and HPV is often a precursor to cervical cancer.

Dr. Oz is joined by Sex Expert, Dr. Laura Berman to discuss the shocking sex secrets teens are keeping from their parents, with guests Kaitlin and Tyler from the eight part series "16 And Pregnant". "What Your Teen is Not Telling You", Dr. Oz asked Laura what is this big secret that teens are keeping, is it intercourse--vaginal sex. What parents may not know is 50 percent of teenagers are having oral sex, and 1 in 10 are having anal sex. Laura Berman explains that teenagers believe they are still virgins if they are having anal sex and oral sex, that they can't get pregnant or get STD's.

Dr. oz asked Kaitlin and Tyler if what Dr. Berman said was accurate, and if kids think it is safer than vaginal sex. Kaitlin says that ever since she has been in the 7th grade, kids have been having oral sex, and Tyler spoke up and said yes that kids are having anal sex, and that these kids do believe it is safe sex.

Dr. Oz teamed up with the Family Circle to survey parents about their teen's sex, and found the numbers to be stunning.

75% of Mother's believe that their teens are getting their sex information from their friends, that means that teens are learning about sex from other teenagers. 41% of parents know what their kids are doing on the web, and 41% believe their kids have visited a pornographic site. Kaitlin says she lost her virginity with Tyler, and she learned everything from him, she says she figured he knew what he was doing, and she ended up getting pregnant, they were together for two years.

Dr. Oz and Dr. Berman went on to talk about the risks of the Human Papillomavirus HPV Virus, which can cause genital, venereal warts. Oz and Berman discussed The new oral cancer, anal cancer, and cervical cancer depending on where the HPV is contracted. Laura says HPV accounts for 90% of those cancers.

Dr. Laura Berman's Advice On Teen Sex And STD's

Dr. Berman stressed you have to talk to your kids about intercourse and safer sex, pregnancy prevention, and about the risks of anal sex and oral sex especially with anal sex their is no natural lubrication in the anus like there is with the vagina. With anal sex there are very small fissures or small little tears that happen, which are entering points for any STD, or HPV.

The 3 things Dr. Oz And Dr. Berman went over what was imperative to do for these issues.
1. There is a FDA approved HPV vaccine Gardicil for girls ages 9 to 26, and now recommending now for boys aged 9 to 26. Dr. Berman's opinion is that since it protects from 4 of the risky kinds of HPV that cause the cancers, every parent should get this for their children. Dr. Oz's concerns about the HPV vaccine was that it only covers 4 of the cancers, and who makes the decision, the parent or the child. He said that it is a good way to get a conversation going with your child about sex and the vaccine.

2. Dr. Berman says as soon as you have a whiff that your daughter is being sexually active, get her the Gardasil, start her on gynecological visits, talk to your kids about sexually transmitted disease's getting tested for STD's, talk to them about pregnancy, and protecting themselves from these. The other thing Dr. Oz went on to say is sometimes the doctor can go on to have conversations with these kids, where parents can't.

3. Have the talk, the title of Dr. Laura Berman's new book Talking To Your Kids About Sex. The book Talking to Your Kids about Sex - Turning "The Talk" Into A conversation For Life is basically about talking to your kids. Teaching your child about sex can be a rewarding, relationship-strengthening experience.

5 Check Tests For Your Pet

Dr. oz and his dog Rosie were with the Vet on Dr. Oz today to give us the 5 tests to check our pets ourselves.

1. Flip the lips -- gums should be bubble gum pink
2. Flip the ears -- look in the ear canal, feel for heat, if you see black with little white thing moving around, they are mites.
3. Rub the ribs -- feel along the ribs starting at the base of the neck and work your way all the way down the spine, if your pet whimpers or flinches, or tries to bite that shows you have a problem with the spinal cord.
4. Feel the fur -- rub the fur for lumps, bumps, and ticks. Rub the fur backwards and if the pets fur falls right back down it means they are well hydrated. If you lift it up and it sinks down like molasses it means they need some kind of coat or skin supplement.
5. Take their temperature -- You don't need to stick a thermometer up the butt, use an
Infrared Ear Thermometer
and pop it into his ear, and the dog's temperature should be 102 degree's.

Dr. Oz's Prescription To healthy Skin

Dr. Oz's prescription for your healthiest skin -- Terry and Dr. Oz did a little experiment with the skin, and ways to make your skin beautiful yourself at home.

Add 1/4 cup olive oil to bath water
Use a gentle exfoliating scrub or cloth to remove dead skin
Use a mild body wash that contains replenishing oils that penetrate the skin
Don't use overly hot water and pat dry after bathing
After bathing apply a coat of moisturizer while still damp
Avoid ingredients that cause sensitivity or have heavy fragrances or dyes
Eat foods high in zinc and vitamin C to promote cell renewal

Dr. Oz used Dove Body Wash -- Dove Moisturizer Products, and to incorporate Vitamin C and Zinc into your diet.

Hormones testosterone And Grelin

The hormone testosterone is responsible for the level of a women's libido, and the organ that makes testosteron in women is the ovaries. Women make a little bit of testosterone and it is made from the adrenal gland and we get a lot of it from the ovaries. When women start to go through menopause their ovaries stop making testosterone, which is why they lose a lot of their libido. So when women start going through menopause Dr. oz says it's fair to give them a little testosterone through Testosterone Gel, or testosterone injections from the doctor.

The hormone responsible for increasing and decreasing your appetite is called Grelin, and the organ that makes Grelin is the stomach. Grelin send a message to your brain telling you that your hungry. Dr. oz says by eating foods such as nuts that will satiate you it will actually reduce the Grelin so you naturally won't feel hungry.

The organ that makes Melatonin is the brain. As folks get older they start to have trouble sleeping, because the brain makes less melatonin. Synthetic pills such as melatonin can be bought over the counter to help you sleep.

Dr. Oz' s question and answer about dry hands
Itchy breasts at certain times of the month
The women when her honey hugs her she burps

The 3 things to remember from the Dr. oz show today are;

1. You got have the sex talk with your teen, if you haven't done so yet, start today!
2. Check you pet, look at their gums to see if they have gum disease
3. keep your skin healthy by moisturizing your skin every single day, especially if you see it starting to chap a little bit

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