Dr. Oz Triangle Of Death And 5 Solutions For Increasing Low Libido

MONDAY - OCTOBER 12, 2009 Dr. Oz

Libido: Fact/Fiction -- Healthy Housewives -- Triangle of Death
Dr. Oz and sex therapist Laura Berman unlock the secrets of how to get the best sex of your life after 35.
Dr. Oz adopts three desperate housewives who need his help losing weight and getting healthy.
Discover the body's deadliest region.
Dr. Oz learning KuKu -- A traditional African and Senegalese dance From West Africa.

Women over thirty are facing a sexual crisis -- The 5 reasons why your sex life is stalled and the 5 ways to rev it back up was a topic for discussion today on the show.

What Is The Triangle Of Death

Dr. Oz says today he is going to take us into one of the most dangerous parts of our body. Dr Oz and Assistant Maria performed a little experiment, they both had this plastic triangle which Oz called the triangle of death. He asked maria where she thought the triangle of death was on her body, which is a very dangerous part of the body -- a part of your body that is teeming with bacteria, virus's and all kinds of nasty things. He went on to say that we don't even realize how dangerous this area is.

Apparently the triangle of death is your nose. They both held up the triangle in front of their face with the base on the top lip and the point fair square in the middle of your forehead, with the good ole nose right in the middle. He showed an artists image of what the skin surface looks like on the outside of nose, the little hairs and two different colours images of of two different bacteria that are there.

Next he showed a real image of the bacteria thats inside the nose, it was not pretty! there are little hairs(cilia) in there that we already know, and then there was white mucus, threaded through the hairs. Those little hairs milk the mucus back and forth, but there were also little yellow circles which is called Staphylococcus, that's bacteria. Most of us have bacteria growing inside our nose, that cilia--those little hairs milk it and push it back and forth, that's very important.

Dr. Oz showed us an animation of what happens when you play with triangle of death. The animation showed a women with a pair of tweezers. Now whether it is to pull a nose hair or pop a pimple. The animation showed once the hair was tweezed -- the root section which leaves a little hole fills up with blood, the bacteria love to eat the blood, so bacteria begin to grow in there. The bacteria grow and actually push that bacteria from that triangle of death from the top of your lips up to the top of your nose, into the veins that go deeply into your brain, then we have infection spreading, it swells and pushes on the nerves, and finally as the infection spreads, it will actually squeeze the optic nerve, the one that goes to your eye. When that happens, infections here can cause vision loss, paralysis, headaches, and sometimes even kill you! That is why Dr. Oz calls it the triangle of death.

Dr. Oz says when you pick your nose you are playing in the triangle of death. When you pick your nose your finger nail does the same thing to the lining, when you cause a crack in the skin on those little hairs. Dr. Oz presented us with some solutions. The best solution he said that when we get a little break in the skin in the nose area and between your eye brows it's worth it to put a little antibiotic ointment on it, just to prevent an infection from going any deeper.

The second thing The Dr. said he loved talking about was how do you actually clean your nose if your not allowed to pick it, and your not allowed to cut the hairs, or pluck them. He joked with his assistant to use scissors with rounded edges to cut his nose hairs which she was willing to do, but instead he picked up a little device with a rotary blade, and as it spins it protects from cutting you with an outer sheath. Use rotary nose-hair trimmers that gently cut the hairs rather than pulling them out at the root. So Maria was up Dr. Oz's nose with a nose hair trimmer, and everyone had their laugh for the day.

5 ways to revive your sex life

Dr. Oz and Dr. Laura Berman talked on the top 5 causes of low libido, and the 5 solutions to increasing it. Women should be able to have the libido right up into their seventies. Dr. Oz says it is usually the last thing on our minds, and one third of all women have no interest in sex. problems could be related due to hormonal and Physiological.

Hormones in birth control reduces your libido, anti-depressants decrease your sex drive. We can lose our libido due to being unhappy, and if you are depressed you are unhappy. Another cause can be pain during sex, harding of the arteries stops the flow of nutrients to the uterus and the vagina.

You need to get your hormone levels checked, manage your stress levels through lifestyle management--delegate and make time for yourself. Treat vaginal dryness, and if necessary see your doctor, and try relationship counceling. Dr. oz told us to look into his eyes as he said that men men see the whole package when it comes to looking at a women. Men do not focus on the bags and bulges we focus on when we look at our body's. Men see the whole picture, and see the real you!

Dr. Berman Recommended Intimate Accessories when she was last on the Oprah show, There is quite a selection to choose from.

The Wives Of Dr. Oz

3 women from Richmond, Virginia -- The wives of Dr. Oz wants to lose 2 dress sizes in 90 days, in time for the holidays.

Brooke weighed in at 300 pounds, and a BMI of 43.1 and a dress size of 24
Stacy weighed in at 260 pounds and a BMI of 42 and a dress size of 18-20
Toni weighed in at 210 pounds and a BMI of 41 and a dress size of 18

The 3 of them combined ate a total of 10,000 calories each day.
Dr. Oz's challenge of 3 things to change their eating habits were

1. They were to go shopping together and cook together, and to cook for the whole week.

2. They were to go get a journal and start recording everything and do it together, comparing notes.

3. Exercise -- Walk at least 10,000 steps each day. Dr. oz set them up with Dr. Ro -- Nutrition Coach, she had them on stage doing a few tricep dips while using chairs, and explained you do not need a gym membership to exercise. Learn to stretch and get moving.
Dr. Ro's Ten Secrets to Livin' Healthy: America's Most Renowned African American Nutritionist Shows You How to Look Great, Feel Better, and Live Longer by Eating Right

Adult Acne And Hair In The Ears And Nose

A lady ask Dr. Oz why did she have acne as an adult because she felt she was going through puberty and menopause at the same time. Dr. Oz told her of two different things that work very effectively for adult acne. Salicylic Acid which is a kind of aspirin, which can help exfoliate the skin. The second was Benzoyl Peroxide which he said can work quite effectively.
( I have personally used Benzoyl peroxide, it's awesome, and works fast -- or I should say it worked great for me.)

Question #2 was -- why do guys get thick dark hair in weird places such as the nose and ears. The answer to the reason for that thick dark hair is we need those membranes that are continually secreting fluids to protect us. So in our nose the hair would grow to hold onto moisture to act as a fly trap attach itself to dust that would have otherwise into your sinus's and got into the back of the throat. The hair is there for a reason.

Question #3 was hot flashes and night sweats -- Dr. Oz's answer was HRT is for some women, to stay away spicy foods, because spicy foods will make hot flashes worse and alcohol, but the lady said she would suffer with the sweats, she was keeping her wine.

Brenda taught Dr. Oz Kuku A dance from West Africa, particularly the region of Guinea, Senegal, mali, and the Gambia. The Kuku dance is a very vibrant dance of celebration. So off comes the shoes, and Dr. Oz is doing the Kuku.

Dr. Oz Goes Kuku

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