Dr. Oz Medical Miracle Make Over And Sleep Deprivation

Today October 9 Dr. Oz
Sleep Deprivation -- Cameras Go inside Dr. Oz's bedroom. He's on a mission to bring you your best night's sleep.
Lose inches overnight without dieting or exercise -- Take inches off your waist
Dr. Oz Medical Miracle Makeover Without Medicine -- Medical Makeup -- A young woman with a port wine facial birthmark gets a makeover. A makeover for her self-esteem, self image and physical appearance.
Vitamin D Deficiency
Cleopatra's Mask

Did You Miss Dr. Oz Today? Here Is A Review Of What Happened Friday October 9th 2009

Dr. Oz Medical Miracle Facial Makeover

On the show today Dr. Oz explains that each year approximately 30,000 kids are born each year with a birth mark, that becomes a stigma for the rest of their lives, and it's called a Port Wine Stain.

One of todays guest on the show was Chrissy who has this Facial Port Wine Stain Birthmark, which held her back most of her life from the things she wanted to do. She has never talked about it to anybody until now with Dr. Oz. This birthmark pretty much covered the left side of her face from under eye down the side of her nose to the top of her lip. She told us she has never had a good day ever, where she felt pretty about the way she looked.

From the time she was young, kids picked on her and called her names because of her birthmark. One time a guy was coming her way and was staring at her and then just spit in her face and told her she was ugly. Chrissy said she found it harder to deal with as an adult as apposed to being a kid with a birthmark. All Krissy wants is to just blend in and be normal like everyone else.

Dr. Oz introduced her to what is called Medical Makeup, it was awesome to see her walk on stage, you couldn't see any signs of the Port Wine Stain Birthmark on her face. I would never have known she had makeup on. She told everyone she felt amazing today! Her husband was in the studio audience and told her how beautiful she looked. She thanked Dr. Oz for introducing her to Medical make-up.

Kimberly Heintzmen who did Chrissy's makeup says it took her all of three minutes to apply Cover Creme to the skin , add a little Cover Blend Powder to set it for the day. With Medical Make-Up you don't have to do any touch ups at all, your looking good for the entire day!

What is Medical Make-Up On Dr. Oz

Medical make-up is make-up higher in pigment, which gives it more opacity, more coverage, and apparently it is more affordable than the regular make-up that you are using right now.

Medical Make-up is used to conceal Port Wine Stain Birthmarks, used to conceal hyper pigmentation, it will cover Tattoo's, Vitiligo, Cover Acne, Acne Scarring, Rosacea, Dark Circles Under The Eyes. The most revealing thing of the whole conversation was at the end where Kimberly Heintzmen confessed to everyone that she also suffered her whole life with a Port Wine Stain on her face. Anyone watching would have never known. They showed the picture of her without the medical make-up and there was the birthmark. There is even medical makeup for For Leg and Body Cover

Dermablend Professional Cover Cream SPF 30

Full coverage foundation for moderate to major skin flaws. An improved lightweight Creme formula with high purity pigments and natural skin tones. Cover Creme delivers a flawless complexion and 12 hours of consistent color wear.

For skin flaws such as:
Port Wine Stain Birthmarks
Pigmentation Disorders
Post-Operative bruising

Improved texture that glides on evenly. Skin looks fresh, feels soft and velvety smooth.
All day skin hydration.
SPF 30 sunscreen sun protection.
Smudge resistant wear for up to 16 hours when used with Setting Powder.

Medical Makeup Products

Dermablend Redness Concealer

There is a fantastic selection of skin tone colours to choose from, plus an array of different skin applications.

Sleep Disorders And Dr. Oz's Bedroom - How To Get A Good Night Sleep

Dr. Michael Bruce Sleep Specialist talked with Dr. Oz of the impact sleep deprivation has on a person. There are 81 different sleep disorders that affect approximately 70 million people in the US. Most of are rare and affect only a few people. The most common sleep disorders are insomnia, difficulty falling or staying asleep, waking too early or not feeling refreshed after sleep. Insomnia is diagnosed when sleep problems occur more than 3 times a week for more than a month.

Dr. Oz took us in his bedroom, and explained a few things to help the us sleep!

The digital clock in your bedroom should have red and green colours used on the digital clock stimulates the brain, and we don't want that to happen. No T.V. or computers in the bedroom, and darken the room and keep the room cool.
The health risks attributed to lack of sleep were, heart disease, impaired immune function, diabetes, and obesity. Dr. Oz said if we can't sleep our body starts to crave carbohydrates.
  • If you are not asleep after 15 minutes, get out of bed
  • Reserve the bed for sleep and sex only
  • Wake up the same time every day
  • Make the environment favorable for sleep
  • Wind down - Quiet yourself. People tend to fall asleep when their body
  • temperature falls so taking a hot bath before bed is not an oldwives tale
  • Turn off your brain at night with relaxation techniques
  • Steer clear of things that keep you awake such as foods, and drinks
  • Get help if you need it, There are a lot treatments that can help you such as Cognitive behavioral therapy, melatonin hormone therapy can normalize altered circadian sleep patterns, and over-the-counter and prescription sleep medications and help initiate and sustain sleep.

Ways To Lose Pounds And Inches Without Dieting Take inches off your waist

Gaining inches from bloating and gas? you can gain 3 to 4 inches from bloating. When food doesn't agree with us as it goes through the intestinal tract you will collect gas and your stomach feels bloated.
Broccoli, black beans, milk, gum and cigarettes are culprits for your body bloat.
Remedies for the bloating are:
1. Lactose free milk alternatives
2. Lactase Enzyme Tablets
3. Take beano - Soak beans and take Beano 1 tablet with meals
4. Over the counter ingredient "SIMETHICONE"

Vitamin D Deficiency

Dr. Oz recommends to take 1000 units Vitamin D Daily Dose. 100 Million people have Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency causes can be Osteoporosis, Colon Cancer, and Breast Cancer.

The best food sources of Vitamin D are:
Oily fish - 4 servings per week
Vitamin D Supplements - 1000 units
Milk - 4 cups per day
Orange Juice plus 1 Tbsp Cod Liver Oil
Light skinned people need at least 15 minutes per day of overhead direct sunlight on us. Dark skinned people need 1 hour of direct sun at least a couple times a week. All the States in a straight line from Los Angeles across to Atlanta Georgia, and North of there, people in the winter months doesn't get enough Vitamin D.

Beauty In Your Refrigerator

Dr. Oz showed us how he looked in a cleopatra beauty mask made from ingredients found in your refrigerator.
The ingredients in the Cleopatra Mask:
3/4 cup of Cherries
1/4 cup of Pineapple
1/2 cup of Blue berries
2 bananas
1/2 cup of Yogurt
4 Tbsps of Honey
Just pop these ingredients in a blender, Dr. Oz apparently thought he was going to drink it, but his face got smothered in it. It was a sight to see with his head band on and his face a nice shade of mauve.

Dr. Oz's Orders of the day were:
If your having trouble with bloating and gas, it means your body is having trouble processing food - change your diet - change your waistline.

If your having trouble Sleeping - keep your bedroom dark, cool, and free of electronic devices.

Take Vitamin D Daily

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