Dr. Oz The 6 Cancers Caused By HPV Human Papilloma Virus

#1 CONTAGIOUS KILLER IN WOMEN -- Dr. Oz outlines the 6 cancers caused by HPV, the Human Papilloma Virus contagious killer in women, and how to prevent it.
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Dr. Barbara Goff Joins Dr. Oz today to sound the alarm today on a deadly virus praying on women. It's the number one contagious killer, and most people don't know about it. It's been proven to cause at least 6 different cancers. Dr. Oz says you may be infected right now and not even know it.

HPV Is A Dangerous Killer

It's the most commonly sexually transmitted disease out there, 20 million Americans have it right now. Half of all sexually active adults in this country will get it at some point in their lives, and it can be deadly. HPV -- Human papilloma virus, You may know it causes genital warts, and causes cervical cancer, more than eleven thousand new cases every year. HPV is also responsible for 90% of all cases of anal cancer.

HPV is dangerous because there are more than 40 different strains, and a majority are totally asymptomatic -- which means most people infected don't even know it. HPV causes at least 6 deadly cancers. More than 30 thousand new cases every year, and more than 10,000 deaths.

HPV is a sexually transmitted infection, you are not afflicted for life says Dr. Oz as he and Barbara Goff go over the different cancers caused by HPV. Dr. Goff says that the Human papilloma virus is a virus that affects -- infects the skin of humans, they can effect the skin of the hands and cause common warts, they can infect your feet, and cause planters warts, or they can affect the genitals or the oral cavity and cause infections in those areas as well. Dr. Oz went on to explain you don't have to have sex to get HPV, it can come through close contact with the skin.

Dr. Goff says that 70% of people by the time their 50 have acquired a Human papilloma virus infection. that's 2 out of 3 of us are a target for HPV. Most Human papilloma virus's are asymptomatic, and that's why this virus can be transmitted back even in married relationships, because people have no idea they have them.

Dr. Goff says women over 30 can be screened every 3 years along with their pap test.

6 Deadly Cancers Caused BY HPV Human Papilloma Virus

1. Cervical Cancer

2. The Vulva

3. The Vagina

4. The Anus -- Anal Cancer

5. The throat And Mouth Cancers

6. Penile Cancer

Dr. Oz says there is debate on salivary cancers, sinus cancers, and it may be an implication of prostate cancer. 55 million people a year get pap smears, about three and a half million are abnormal. About 11,000 cancers in this country from cervical cancer, almost all of which are linked to HPV, which means almost every two minutes, someone is diagnosed with cervical cancer in this country.

Emily a cervical cancer survivor joined Dr. Oz and shared her story about cervical cancer. When she was 36 weeks pregnant with her second daughter she started bleeding and the doctor chalked it up to bleeding with pregnancy. The bleeding stopped when she delivered her daughter Hannah, but returned when she stopped breast feeding her at 9 months. Sometimes is was spotty bleeding, and sometimes heavy, and after her fourth pap smear in that following year, the one that came back abnormal, the doctor told Emily they found cancer.

After doing research on the internet Emily and her husband figured out the type of cervical cancer she had was linked to a virus called HPV. Emily went through 6 weeks of radiation with chemotherapy. The radiation put her into full menopause. Then Emily had to have a full hysterectomy. Emily stressed to everyone to be their own advocate, listen to your body!

Dr. Oz tells men how to do an old fashioned test that has been in doctor's offices, and he showed everyone watching today what to do. He had a magnifying glass, and a glass of vinegar. He took a cloth and dipped in the glass and squeezed out the excess vinegar. You take the cloth and wrap the penis with it, and leave it for two minutes. remove the cloth and take the magnifying glass and look for papilloma warts. The papilloma warts themselves do not cause cancer, but they indicate that you have papilloma virus on the skin. So if you have one kind of papilloma virus, you may also have the kind of papilloma virus strain that causes cancer. Dr. Oz says to have it checked out by your doctor, so they can have it checked.

3 Anti aging Secrets Secrets

Author of Passport To Beauty Shalini Vadhera joined Dr. Oz Show today on the 3 Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets from around the world.

The first aging aging secret comes from Mexico which was a mixture of Lemon and sugar which is made into a paste for the signs of anti-aging on the hands. It is also great for the elbows and knees.

The second anti-aging secret was from Greece -- The women of Greece grind the pits of olives, which make a great scrub for the body. The olive is great for the body inside and out, and makes a great lip gloss if your in a pinch. Apparently this is Sophia Lauren's secret to looking amazing.

The third anti-aging secret was from China which was a mixture of Green Tea Powder, and white tea. The benefits of white tea is that it is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. What white tea does is it creates an environmental protection shield to any type of damaging free radicals, anything that is going to prematurely age the skin. Dr. Oz went on to talk about the benefits of catechins in green tea. Shalini Vadhera says to take the green tea powder, and mix it with brewed white tea, because the white tea is much more powerful than the green tea. You mix the two together to make a mask, and you add a little bit of lemon to give your face an amazing glow. It is great for antiaging skin and fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Oz, Terry and Shalini Vadhera finished of this segment drinking green tea.

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