Can You Vomit Poop | The Dangers Of Vomiting On Dr. Oz

Can nausea and vomiting be the sign of something deadly?

Can You Vomit Poop -- The Dangers Of Vomiting On Dr. Oz

Today Dr. Oz spent some time on discussing vomiting. Nasty Subject to say the least! He told us that vomiting could be a sign of something very dangerous, and sometimes deadly. Dr. Oz and Maritza went on to tell us it is our body cleaning itself out and that maybe something is wrong.

We humans have natural survival reflexes that causes our bodies to expel harmful poisons from within. This explains why vomiting and diarrhea are associated with food poisoning, bacterial or viral infections, and so on...Our body is trying to get rid of the bad things.

What The Colour Of Your Vomit Means

Dr. Oz shows us the video on what vomiting is all about, and informed Maritza she will be vomiting on the set for everyone today.

Common causes for us to vomit are motion sickness, we drink to much alcohol, and over eating. Dr. Oz went on to tell us there are two deadly conditions that are a warning to us that we have to vomit.

The first is food poisoning, the second is obstruction of the intestines and the stomach.

If you have obstruction high up in the stomach, and you vomit and it has a little bit of red in there, that is blood. So if you have vomit with a little bit of blood means you could have an ulcer disease, or something is going on. Dr. Oz says to address it pretty quickly and call the doctor.

If you have green vomit, if it's mostly green it means it has bile in it, which means it's coming from down lower in the system.

What's in it if you have Brown vomit? -- If your vomit is brown, it's fecal. It means poop coming the wrong way! It actually smells that way and it's a clue that actually to make sure the bowel obstruction is not way down in the large intestine. So, you can vomit feces! I think I would be heading to the doctor pretty fast at the point of vomiting anything that had blood in it, vomiting green bile, and definitely vomiting poop. For this to occur, there has to be something VERY WRONG with you. Fecal vomiting is most definitely a MEDICAL EMERGENCY that requires IMMEDIATE ATTENTION!

Dr. Oz says vomiting is healthy for us to do, it gets rid of toxins in our body. He went on to say to have vomit that has any of these colours gives you a clue as to where the obstruction might be, and what your vomiting from.

When Vomiting Is Dangerous

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