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A National Storm! Preventing Dangerous Bed Bugs
Dr. Oz discusses the national infestation of Bed bugs. The spread across the nation, with expert Entomologist, Louis Sorkin, explaining to us the first sign of bedbug infestation. Know and how to identify the 5 locations they could be hiding. Plus exterminator, Richard Cooper, helps explain how to prevent and get rid of an infestation.

How To Find Bedbugs And Get Rid Of Bedbugs -- Bedbugs in schools, hotels, movie theatres, hospitals,and your workplace. There is a Statewide epidemic, and one reason is the non use of pesticides. Today Dr. Oz and Louis Sorkin will tell us where and how to tell if Bedbugs are infesting our homes. You could have bedbugs and don't even know it!

This is the second time Dr. Oz warns of bedbug infestations. He says the infestation rate has gone up by 500%. Bedbugs rely on the blood of humans and/or animals to survive. Bedbugs are nocturnal and hate the light, they wait until the dark to creep out to make a meal out of you. This is why it takes so long to discover you’ve been sharing your home with them.

Did you know that someone who has a serious infestation of bedbugs could be bitten as many as 500 times per night? An adult Bedbug can grow to the size of the head of Lincoln on a penny, plus one bedbug can reproduce as many as 500 babies in a year. Bed bugs hunt for a bare patch of skin and you might see several bites clustered in one spot by morning. Usually in patches of 3(breakfast-lunch-dinner). The saliva of bed bugs causes an allergic reaction in many people. Though some people have no response, others can develop asthma, impetigo, or in very rare cases, life-threatening anaphylactic shock.

5 Places Where Bedbugs Hide

Dr. Oz and Louis Sorkin tells us Bed bugs hide in dark spots where they’re not likely to be found. You may not see live bugs, so keep an eye out for their calling cards -- rust-colored spots (that was once your blood). The eggs of bedbugs are pearly white and 1 millimeter long, and molted skins.

1. The boxspring: Lift it up the boxspring and look underneath and along the seams. If you have an inkling that you may have bedbugs make a slit under the boxspring, and check the wood frame, because the bugs love the wood frame.

2. Nearby furniture: Inspect sofas, the undersides of bureau drawers, behind the headboard, especially at hotels

3. The backs and undersides of nightstands. Pay special attention to cracks, crevices, and seams.

4. Look under your picture frames, and wall hangings

5. Look under peeling wallpaper or chipped paint.

Bed Bug Facts

Bed bug can ingest up to 7 times their weight

Bed bugs able to live up to 18 months without a meal

A severe infestation can result in over 500 bites in a single night

Bed bugs are immune to many of today’s insecticides

Many people live with bead bug without even knowing they’re there.

Bed bug eggs hatch within 2 weeks and only take 4 weeks to become fully grown

New York has the most reported cases of bed bugs this year

Reported cases of bed bugs have increased over 500% the past few years

Bed bug infestations are a traumatic experience for those attacked including increased stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Female bed bugs can lay up to 500 eggs over their lifetime.

Bed Bug Supply

How To Make Sure You Don't Get An Infestation Of bedbugs

Buy Bed Bug Proof Box Spring And Mattress Encasements Tested For Bedbugs. There’s no way these suckers can get into (or out of) an approved encasement. Even if bed bugs somehow make their way into your home, they won’t be able to settle in and will be much easier to spot.

Wash your linens weekly in water at least 120 degrees.

Bedbug Interceptors: These are small plastic dishes that go under bed legs. The bugs can climb up them, but then they slide down into them and become trapped and easy to spot.

Used furniture such as beds, sofas, and chairs can harbor hidden bugs and bring them right into your home. Stay away from yardsales and used furniture shops if at all possible.

Hotels are one of the prime spots for bed bugs to make their way into new territory. You may be bringing home bedbugs for your business trip or vacation. Inspect your hotel room like you would inspect your home. keep your luggage on racks provided for you in your rooms, keep at least 15 feet away from the bed and sofa, and other furniture.

When you get home, wash anything that can be laundered hot water of at least 120 degrees, dry on high heat. For items that cannot be exposed to high temperatures, seal them in plastic bags for travel. As for the luggage itself, there are PackTite Portable Bed Bug Killing Heater Units you can purchase that plug into the wall and heat your suitcase to destroy bugs and eggs or use a Bedbug spray for luggage specifically designed to kill bed bugs.

Dr. Oz introduces an audience member, Melanie (New York, NY), who is currently dealing with bed bugs and invites audience member, Pamela (Piscataway, NJ) to the stage to find 5 fake bed bugs in the bed.

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Bedbugs have been found in the offices for Access-A-Ride dispatchers on Northern Blvd. since the summer of 2008, but management ignored the problem until a pest-sniffing dog confirmed the cubicles were overrun with the insects, workers charged.

John Wau, 48, who showed pinprick-sized scars along his right arm that he said came from numerous bedbug bites. Bedbugs were detected Friday on the seventh and eighth floors of the facility - where more than 700 dispatchers work for the firm - sections have been taped off to keep employees away from the infested areas and several items were removed, workers said. Read More...

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