Dr. Oz Could Your Cough Symptoms Be Esophageal Cancer

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Dr. Oz T.V. Show Recap Monday November 30 2009
Dr. Jonathan Aviv Joins Dr. Oz -- 5 signs that your cough could be cancer
Unlocking The Secrets To A Younger Looking You

Today on Dr. Oz The most common warning sign of esophageal cancer is coughing

Dr. Oz said to today one of the fastest growing cancers were seeing today is called Esophageal Cancer. It can often go undetected before it's too late. It can come first and show itself as something as common as a cough. Dr. Oz asks could your cough be telling you have esophageal cancer. He explains the warning signs to you need to know and watch out for that could be showing you that you could have cancer.

Watch the video of this ground breaking test and how it is performed with a scope with a camera on the tip that is inserted through Nick's nose and travels to the stomach. This test is quite extraordinary, and amazing at what a simple test can show you. The animated video shows how acid in your stomach goes up into the esophagus and can burn and scar the tissue, and possibly turn to cancer. The video also shows how when the scope is inserted through the nose we can see how our food passes through to the stomach. This test will also show you if there is any scarring on the esophagus.

Here are 5 signs that your cough could be cancer:
1.Your cough lasts more than 6 weeks
2. Hoarseness
3. Pain with swallowing
4. Heartburn and/or indigestion
5. Ulcer medications for extended amount of time

Dr. Oz says for those of us out there that have a cough or hoarseness, or maybe heartburn, but you don't have to have pain - If you don't have it evaluated or you are taking medications, and you haven't seen a physician periodically to make sure there is not something else that is profoundly going on, you risk having acid scar up the esophagus, which can cause lots of problems, including Cancer.

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Unlocking The Secrets To A Younger Looking You

The first question Dr. Oz asked was -- Antioxidants are vital to anti-aging, what part to do they play in the anti-aging process?

Which foods make your hair shinier and more youthful than ever -- Is it walnuts or apples?

Smokers tend to have older looking skin than non smokers because smoking dehydrates the skins surface or smoking reduces collagen production?

1. Antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals.
2. Walnuts can keep your hair shinier and more youthful looking because they are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, and in some cases promote rehair growth.
3. Smokers have older-looking skin because smoking reduces collagen production
4. Vitamin A has been proven to increase chemicals that reverse wrinkles
Foods that contain biotin, such as tomatoes and romaine lettuce, help strengthen the nails.

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