Dr Oz Over The Counter And Prescription Drug Medicine Mistakes

Dr. Oz T.V. Recap; WEDNESDAY - NOVEMBER 25, 2009

Dr. Oz Over The Counter And Prescription Drug Combinations That Can Be Deadly Mistakes. Dr. Oz explores the top 4 dangerous medicine mistakes women make.
Motion Sickness; Dr. Oz uncovers the secrets behind why you feel dizzy, And The 4 Secrets To End Motion Sickness.
The Diva Diet: Mac & Cheese Secret Ingredient.
Finale: 10 Years Younger in 60 Days Finale with Bob Harper in Kansas City. The Results Of Who Lost The Most Weight.

4 Dangerous Medicine Mistakes

Dr Leigh Vinocur Joins Dr. OZ Today on the Dangers at your Drugstore -- Over the counter and prescription drug combinations -- 4 fatal mistakes you could be making right now. Dr. Oz says just in the next hour 11 people will die from taking an over the counter drug mixed with a prescription drug. He talked on the deadly consequences of mixing over the counter drugs with prescription drugs. If your taking a prescription medication and a cold comes on we normally head to the drugstore for an over the counter medicine, and all the while we could be risking a medical emergency, and even death.

Every year Two Million Americans have what's called an Adverse Drug Reaction which Dr. oz says is a fancy way of saying we mixed the wrong Meds. 100,000 of us die each year from adverse drug interactions, making this the second leading cause of accidental death, after car crashes.

OTC drugs are very strong, over 700 medicines you buy over the counter, actually required a prescription less than 30 years ago. These highly potent OTC drugs are not always safe, if not used as directed.

Dr Oz Over The Counter And Prescription Drug Medicine Mistakes
Melissa joined Dr. Oz today with her story on how her Doctor gave her a prescription Diet Pills, which she would take each day after breakfast. Melissa started getting really bad headaches within the first few weeks on the left side of her head. She thought it was a migraine, so she took OTC pills, but she said it just got worse. She says this went on for more than a month, and eventually the pain got so bad that she passed out twice, and she couldn't move her arm.

Melissa's husband rushed her to the emergency room, and she had a minor stroke. She stopped taking the diet pills, but she still can't smile, and lives everyday that it can happen again, because her doctor she could have another stroke in the next 12 months.

Dr. Oz 5 Deadly Medication Mistakes Women Make -- Dr. Oz Wednesday - October 14, 2009
Dr. Oz 5 Deadly Medication Mistakes Women Make -- The 5 Deadly medication mistakes that can put you in a coma

Dr. Oz The 4 Deadly Combinations Of Over The Counter(OTC) Drugs And Prescription Drugs

1. Do not Mix Pain Pills with Blood Thinners. If on a blood thinner take Acetaminophen.

2. Do not mix Pain Pills with Prescription Diet Pills

3. Do not take Calcium with Thyroid Medications -- separate the two.

4. Do not take Decongestants if you are diabetic and or have High Blood Pressure.

Dr. Oz's 4 Secrets To End Motion Sickness

Dr. Oz talked today about dizziness and motion sickness. Asking the questions if you ever felt sick while trying to read while driving in a car, or riding in a plane, and feeling that terrible feeling of motion sickness. He explains what our body is trying to tell us when we experience motion sickness, and his 4 secrets for dizziness and motion sickness. Leslie joined Dr. Oz and did a little experiment that explains why it occurs.

1. Close your eyes or look outside at the horizon or passing scenery
2. Avoid drinking alcohol before travel
3. Take ginger in raw, crystallized or pill form
4. Acupressure bands(Sea Bands) that apply pressure to the wrist.

These are also great natural remedies to alleviate morning sickness

Diva Diet Healthy Mac And Cheese

ANGELA SHELF MEDEARIS, THE KITCHEN DIVA! Author of The Kitchen Diva! The New African-American Kitchen joins Dr. Oz today with
The secret ingredient that's transforming mac 'n cheese into a heart-healthy dish!
The secret ingredient is Soft, Silken Tofu! Tofu is high in protein, B Vitamins, and Iron. Tofu tastes like nothing, it is like a sponge that absorbs the flavours of what it is your cooking. This Mac and Cheese recipe has only 270 calories per serving, as apposed to the normal Mac and Cheese recipes of 1500 calories, Dr. Oz recommends this Diva Style Macaroni And Cheese Recipe.



One lady has a problem with extremely cold feet all the time, and Dr. Oz recommends wearing wool socks if you suffer from cold feet.

The next question was from a lady with very thick callouses on her feet, and said it felt like she was walking on pebbles. Dr. Oz recommended for her to take castor oil and rub it on her foot, and put on a tight fitting nylon sock and to do this before you go to bed and it will soften the callouses. The use a pumice stone to scrap at it

The Winner Of 10 Years Younger in 60 Days

Kansas City, Kansas won over Kansas City, Missouri
The results were Kansas City Missouri lost a total 178 Pounds
Kansas City, Kansas total weight loss was 200 Pounds

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