Dr. Oz Grizz Chapman of 30 Rock kidney transplant

Kidney Failure; How uncontrolled hypertension brings kidneys to their knees.
"Grizzwald" Grizz from "30 Rock"; Intervention: Grizz from NBC's "30 Rock" discusses how ignoring his high blood pressure for 10 years led to kidney failure.

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Grizz from "30 Rock Uncontrolled Hypertension - Kidney Failure

Dr. Oz today said he hopes this story scares the heck out of us. Grizz ignored his high blood pressure for ten years. Now Grizz is on the waiting list for a Kidney Transplant.

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Grizz from 30 rock is 35 and in the prime of his life, and as Dr. Oz said he's hanging on by a thread. Grizz Chapman said he would never have thought that a little kidney could take him down. Grizz was 25 when diagnosed with hypertension. He said he wasn't scared in the beginning, and kept up with everyday activities, and it didn't really affect him.

Once he started feeling better after starting to take his medication, he stopped. Grizz stated it was the worse decision he could have ever made. He started gaining a lot of weight, having a lot of problems with his legs, but still felt strong as an Ox. He went to his primary doctor, and he said he had a lot of protein in his urine, and sent Grizz to a specialist.

At this time Grizz weighed close to 500 pounds. The kidney specialist told him he needed to lose weight, or you will be on dialysis in a matter of time. Not long ago he felt like he had the flu, he was shaking, trouble breathing, and he couldn't get up. They admitted him to the hospital, and gave him an emergency catheter, at that point Grizz says he was really scared and he didn't know if he was going to make it. They came back in and told him he had Renal Failure, and congestive heart failure. This is when everything started to change for him.

Dialysis started for Grizz, and he told everyone it's like you are going through it alone, and that he felt like he was in a very lonely place. Grizz told us that his biggest fear is dying to early, dying before his time.

Dr. Oz asked Grizz why did he not take his blood pressure medications all those years, and his response was that he started listening to his friends about the effects of the medications, and he didn't want it to happen to him.

Dr. Oz and Grizz talked about how Kidney Failure affects the family, and how he is always stuck on the dialysis machine.

Grizz Chapman of '30 Rock' needs kidney transplant

Grizz is diagnosed with END Stage Kidney Failure after ignoring his high blood pressure medications for almost a decade.
Grizz went on to tell us that Dialysis is tough, certain days everything is ok, then somedays he will cramp up really bad. Grizz said he doesn't want to live like that, and that at some point he wants to fix it, and got on the kidney transplant list.

Dr. Oz took Grizz to the truth tube, his blood pressure was 173/90...

His Kidney function was about 5 percent of normal. 5% means you don't have any kidney function. Dr. Oz told Grizz the average waiting list is 5 years for a kidney transplant. Dr. Oz told him he needed a Kidney Transplant.

Dr. Oz explained to Grizz at this point he is not even eligible yet because of his weight. Grizz's weight today was 378 pounds, he has already lost almost 100 pounds. Dr. Oz went on to tell him he needs to lose a lot more weight.

Janet Taylor joined Grizz and Dr. Oz and they went over the 3 step plan for Grizz.

1. Positive Attitude

2. Belief

3. Commitment

Kevin Brown, as the character Dot Com on 30 Rock, joined everyone on the stage today. Kevin says he is with Grizz every step of the way, and says he will lose the weight weight too. He vowed to lose 1 pound to every 10 pounds Grizz loses. He made everyone laugh, which was great for Grizz, because when you looks into Grizz's eyes, and the sorrow you see in them, breaks your heart. You can see everything he feels in his eyes.

Dot Com said he was really impressed how Grizz has opened up to everyone. Dot Com and Grizz talk late at nights when he is on dialysis, and Dot Com says they are very positive and realistic about the whole thing, and it is what it is.

Dr. Oz asked Grizz to become the face of Hypertension In America, Grizz said "LET'S DO IT"

Underlying diseases can cause progressive kidney disease, among them is diabetes and high blood pressure. The effects of hypertension such as stroke, heart attack and heart failure are more familiar. High blood pressure assaults arteries in the kidneys, where it damages small blood vessels and filtering structures.

It may take years before routine blood and urine tests give clues that the kidneys are beginning to fail. People with higher then normal blood pressure is at risk of developing kidney failure, particularly African Americans, who tend develop kidney disease even when blood pressure is only slightly elevated.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Article is on how to lower high blood pressure safely, quickly, and more effectively than drugs Reversing and Preventing High Blood Pressure

n a healthy adult, blood pressure should hover around 120/80. Doctors focus on these two numbers because any deviation sounds an alarm, particularly when it gets too high. When blood pressure exceeds 120-139/80-89 it is called pre-hypertension and anything over 140/90 is hypertension.

Dr. Oz's recommendations for Hypertension

Follow the Dash Diet – The DASH diet is a special diet that promotes consumption of fruits and vegetables (9 servings a day) and low-fat dairy products (2 servings a day), over red meat, saturated fat, sweets and sugary beverages. Adopting this diet can help cut off up to 15 points.

Limit Salt Intake – Reducing dietary sodium to less than 2400 mg sodium a day can drive your blood pressure down 8 points, especially if you are a salt-sensitive person. You will need to be a bit of a label sleuth because salt can hide in many canned, fast and processed foods.

Exercise on Most Days – Performing at least 30 minutes aerobic physical activity per day can help you drop up to 9 points.

Drink Less Alcohol – Men should drink less than 2 drinks per day and women (and lighter-weight men) just 1 drink per day (a drink is 12 oz beer, 5 oz wine or 1.5 oz 80-proof whiskey). Keeping within these limits can reduce blood pressure by 4 points.

Normalize Body Weight – Keeping your body mass index less than 30 can lower blood pressure enough to pull you out of the danger zone. If you are overweight and lose 20 lbs, you can reduce your blood pressure Even a modest weight loss trims points.

Relax and Breath – Listening to classical music, meditating and practicing slowed breathing can lower blood pressure.

Take Prescribed Medications – There are many types of medications to reduce blood pressure. Follow the advice of your doctor and take any prescribed medications as directed, even if you feel fine. High blood pressure can exist without symptoms so you may not know when you are spiking.

Perform Self-Checks Regularly – You can do this with an
at-home blood pressure measurement device
or machine at your local pharmacy.

Get Routine Examinations – Keep your scheduled appointment with your doctor for a periodic pressure check or to discuss any issues you may have with your medication.
There are many medications to choose from, if you experience side effects or if your current medication isn't producing the best result.

Other Risk Factors – Control cholesterol, diabetes and sleep apnea, all of which also contribute to high blood pressure.

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5. Leftovers -- Use your leftover turkey within 3 days, and gravy 1-2 days after refrigeration.

staph food poisoning -- Salmonella -- (Listeria shows symptoms within days to months after ingesting.)

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