Dr. Oz Breast Cancer In Men Know The Warning Signs

The Unexpected Diseases Men Get, Breast Cancer In Men - What You Don't Know Could Kill Him - Men's Breast Cancer And Lupus - 2 Diseases Increasingly Crossing Gender Lines To Strike Men. Dr. David Katz Joins Dr. Oz Today On Male Breast Cancer.
The Warning Signs Your Man Needs To Know
The Warning Signs Of Osteoporosis - Dr. Oz Shows You How To Fall So That You Reduce Your Risk Of Breaking A Hip.
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Dr. Oz Breast Cancer In Men Know The Warning Signs

Breast Cancer in Men - high estrogen and low testosterone levels play a major role in male breast cancer because men who have abnormalities involving the testicles and problems with fertility are at higher risk for the disease. Men are not exempt from inheriting (or passing down to their children) breast cancer susceptibility genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2, a factor in many breast cancers that run in families.
What Raises the Risk in Men? - Know The Symptoms And How To Look For Lumps In Men

Robert told his story on his fight and surviving Breast Cancer. He found a lump under his left nipple and never mentioned it to his Doctor until 2 years later. He had a sonogram, mammogram, and needle biopsy and was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, and had to undergo a radical mastectomy, chemotherapy and 36 treatments of radiation, and is now cancer free. He went on to say no believes men can get breast cancer.

Dr. Oz described what a lump would feel like by taking a chickpea and putting it under a sponge. When you press down on the sponge and feel the pea, it is what it a lump should feel like upon a self breast examination.

Risk Factors For Men's Breast Cancer

1. Klinefelter’s Syndrome – A genetic disease where men have an extra X (female) chromosome causes higher estrogen and lower testosterone levels.
2. Liver Cirrhosis– Since the liver is involved with the metabolism of sex hormones, damage (via infection or alcohol use) increases estrogen levels.
3. Overweight – Fat cells convert male sex hormones into estrogen so being overweight and inactive can increase estrogen.
4. Genetic – Men who have female family members who have the breast cancer gene, particularly if they test postive for BRCA or other breast cancer susceptibility genes, are at much higher risk.
5. Radiation exposure –Radiation treatments received for other conditions can produce changes to breast cells if the rays are required to go through the chest.

What Men Should Look For
Lumps, bumps or swelling in the breast or underarms
Nipple retraction, puckering or indentation
Bleeding or discharge from the nipple
Redness, scaling or itching of the skin

Breast cancer in men is diagnosed using mammography, ultrasound and biopsy. Treatments include surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Lupus In Men

Ben's story - 25 years ago Ben was diagnosed with Lupus. Suffering with severe bouts of joint pain, weight gain, and trouble breathing. Eventually the pain got so bad he was rushed to the emergency room, on the verge of Cardiac Arrest. As a result his kidney's shut down, which explained the weight gain and joint pain - His lungs were filled with fluid, which explained his laboured breathing. He spent 3 months in the hospital fighting the disease, but did not have to undergo dialysis.

Ben takes several medications daily, and still has flair ups where he can gain weight, and his kidneys stops working, he suffers cramps and muscle fatigue.

Common symptoms of lupus in both men and women
Joint swelling and pain
Muscle weakness
Extreme fatigue
Unexplained fever
Butterfly-shaped red rash across the bridge of the nose and cheeks
Chest pain upon deep breathing
Hair loss
Purple fingers or toes when cold (Raynaud's phenomenon)
Sun sensitivity
Leg swelling
Eye puffiness
Mouth sores
Swollen glands

How To Perform A Breast Exam

3 Generations Of Fat

Nicole 27, Adele 50 and Maddie 71 are 3 generations of a dangerously obese family. Their meals on a daily basis usually consisted 2124 calories and 103 grams of fat per serving. Kate Geagan Showed them The Family Style Eating Program. She removed most of the fat from their favourite family recipes by removing most of the butter, and by pounding out chicken it would seem like more meat. One slice of their Lasagna worked out two 1660 calories, Kate altered it and now it is only 500 calories per serving of lasagna.

The truth tube was not very good to this 3 generation family of fat

Maddy's Weight today is 265 pounds
LDL 135
Glucose 118
B/P 140/80
Chronological age 71 - real age 82

Adele's weight today is 330 pounds
LDL 110
Glucose 102
B/P 145/80
Chronological age 50 - Real age 59

Nicole's weight today is 249
BMI 45.5
Waist 47 inches
LDL 169
Chronological age 27 - Real Age 34

Family Style Eating Program Lasagna Recipes & Italian Barramundi


Dr. Oz talked about bone loss and Osteoporosis in this segment of the show. Bone loss begins in your twenties and progresses on throughout your life, and half the women by the age fifty already have some element of Osteoporosis. In the video Dr. Oz explains why we lose 1 to 5 percent bone mass every year after were in our twenties.

Risk Factors for Osteoporosis:
The mortality rate for a broken hip is 20 percent. Dr. Oz said that one in five people who suffer from a broken hip are not going to recover. Surgery can fix the hip, but not the bones. He went to talk about your height, weight, wrist size (our wrist is less than 6 inches, you could be at risk) as a cut of point for Osteoporosis. Smoking, alcohol - drinking in younger women, and depression.

Dr. Oz insisted on not taking calcium by itself, and said to take Calcium With Vitamin D, and Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is the main vitamin that is responsible together with Vitamin D with building up bone strength and found in fermented foods and beverages called Kefir.

Kefir is a type of yogurt that has been fermented, this can not be found in supplements, it is only through food. You can make your own Kefir with a Kefir Culture Starter kit

Solutions for Osteoporosis
Calcium – you MUST take 1000mg a day with vitamin D or milk
Kefir – a type of yogurt rich in vitamin K2
Dr. Oz demonstrates how to fall – How to roll your shoulder so that you somersault on impact.

Osteoporosis Fitness DVD