Dr. Oz Lose Weight While You Sleep Hypnosis And Weight Loss

Successful Dieting Tips For Losing Weight While You Sleep
Can you lose weight while you sleep? Dr. Oz talks about hypnosis and weight loss.
Inspired by hypnosis, these 4 tips take the thinking out of dieting.

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Serena joins Dr. Oz today

Bad Habits Exposed
Dr. Oz dares 2 audience members to replace bad habits with healthy ones.

Dr. Oz talked today on losing weight in your sleep through Hypnosis. Dr. Paul McKenna joined Dr. Oz and members in the studio audience to lose weight with hypnosis. It is all about changing the way they think about food by reprogramming their minds. Dr. Oz says nobody understands this better than leading Hypnotist Paul McKenna.

When you want to lose weight without thinking about it, Paul McKenna is the man to turn to. Dr McKenna said today that he was about to change the way you think about yourself. As a trained professional and best selling author he's helped millions of people shed pounds through hypnosis.

Dr. Paul McKenna's Hypnosis Lose Weight While You Sleep

Under hypnosis your highly suggestible, uninhibited and worry free. By tapping into the subconscious hypnosis can reprogram your behaviour, your mind is wide open to suggestions and possibilities. The results can be uncanny, through hypnosis people have actually quit smoking, overcome phobia's and lost weight. Dr. Oz asks "Ladies, Are You Ready To Loose Weight Through Hypnosis".

There was an audience pit full of people waiting for his Paul McKenna's Services to lose the weight. Paul McKenna says statistical research shows it doesn't work for everyone, but it works for most people most of the time. He is very passionate about it as he comes from a family of people who are over weight, and says he's lived inside the minds of people who are overweight for a long time, so he said he wants to help these people lose weight today.

Dr. McKenna says dieting works for people for the short term, but not the long term. What he has developed is a system using hypnosis, because all our decisions are about what we eat, when we eat, and how much we eat take place in our mind. Our mind is like a computer, so he is going to help these folks reprogram their minds, so they can then look at food and leave it.

The 4 Rules Of Hypnosis

Dr. McKenna shares his 4 rules of Hypnosis with us!

They are simple changes in the way you think and act around food.

1. Eat When You Are Hungry

2. Eat What You Want - not what you think you should, as soon as you make a food become forbidden that's all you think about. If you want a particular food Dr. McKenna wants you to go have it.

3. Eat Consciously, meaning focus on the food and nothing else. Put your utensils down while chewing your food slowly, and not in front of the t.v.

4. Stop Eating When You Are Full

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5. Would you like to eat whatever you want and still lose weight?


Eat Whatever you want and still lose weight
NO calorie counting, low carb or low fat
Powerful motivation to exercise
Overcome cravings
No need to diet anymore
Feel happy about the way you look
Freedom from thinking about food all the time

Jessie told her story about being addicted to food, secretly eating when no one was around. Jessie along with a group from the studio audience weighed in at 6431 LBS. They were then shuffled off stage with Dr. McKenna to be reprogrammed and hypnotized.

Willie, Tasha, and Annette, An Obese Family deep in crisis rejoined Dr. Oz today. They had just lost family member Everett who was over 500 pounds. Dr. Oz took these 3 with him to the operating room to watch open heart surgery done live on Mr. Greene, so they could see what happens with excess fat on the body. They were left in total awe at what they saw.

Tasha, Willie and Annette lost weight since last being on Dr. Oz. All three of them are extremely overweight and Dr. Oz wanted to make them aware that they could end up on the table like Mr. Greene. Dr. Oz says Mr Green Is recovering nicely.

At the end of the segment Dr. oz set them up with a fitness program with Omni Fitness in their area of residence to help them speed up their progress in weight loss health.

Keeping Kids Healthy

Serena from Upstate New York joined Dr. oz today, apparently this little girl loves Dr. Oz's Show so much, she takes notes while watching. Dr. Oz provided her with her own lab jacket with her name engraved on it.

Dr. Oz's tip for the day was try using Lavender Oil for treating Ear Infections.

Bad Habits Exposed