Dr. Oz Pain During Intercourse Vulvodynia Vulvar Vestibulitis

Critical Daily Vitamins
Dr. Oz clears up one of the most confusing health issues – what vitamins to take daily. How to choose the right vitamins.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton and Dr. Oz When Sex is Painful - Find out if pain during intercourse is the sign of a serious medical condition Vulvodynia - Vulvar Vestibulitis. The 4 Major causes and how to treat Vulvodynia.

Dr. Oz intervention with a stressed out Mom addicted to sleeping pills. Shea Is addicted To sleeping pills for over a year and needs help.

You Smell How You Eat
Dr. Oz tests if the foods you eat can truly affect how you smell.

Dr. Oz and Dr. Jennifer Ashton talked about "The Pain Down There". He assured all women out there that this pain that causes you to hurt when you have sex, sitting down, over even clothing touching that area - it is not in your head, not psychological, it is real physical problem that has a name.

Vulvodynia Vulvar Vestibulitis

This condition is called Vulvodynia (aka Vulvar Vestibulitis). Vulvodynia includes any condition that causes pain, burning or itching in the vulva that cannot be attributed to a specific cause such as an infection, skin condition, neurological damage or cancer.
The pain can occur unprovoked or it can be triggered by direct contact. It can be constant or intermittent, mild or excruciating, and it can last for 6 months of longer. Childbirth, physical trauma, past surgery, scarring and certain neurological conditions are known to activate vulvodynia.

Dr. Ashton said the symptoms of Vulvodynia is like acid burning them, and this can happen right out of the blue. You don't have to be born with it, it can just pop up. One day you can be fine and the next you have it, it's a huge problem.

Vulvodynia includes all these areas in women, the urethra, the anus, and the vagina - all the vulva area, that is why it is called Vulvodynia. Dr.'s check for this with a Q tip, touching all the areas to get a diagnosis.

The Four Major Causes Responsible For Vulvodynia

1. Genetics - If your mother, sister has this condition that leaves them hyper sensitive to any inflammatory process that is obvious or on a cellular level can set you up for Vulvodynia.
2. Yeast - There is a theory that yeast when it's chronic can predispose a woman to Vulvar pain.
3. Pelvic Weakness - Floor muscles have weakened, the whole pelvic floor is made of muscles and nerves. When those muscles get weak they cannot function well and they can trigger an up in the pain regulators there.
4. Trauma - Could be from having a baby - sexual trauma can be a cause of Vulvodynia.

Dr. Oz talked of Kristen's story, she was involved in a car crash in her teens, and about 3 years later started suffering from horrible pain in her Vulva. Her Vulvar pain came on when she was 18 years old. She struggled through College, sometimes finding too difficult to even sit because of the searing pain. She said it was like sitting on tiny pieces of glass, and wearing pants was out of the question.

She met her future husband Melvin in her freshman year at Junior College, he stood by her side for 7 years of treatments that didn't work. They married in July of the year 2000 and two months later had surgery for Vulvodynia, and her and melvin were able to have intercourse for the first time. Kristen said finally her pain was gone, and they now have two beautiful daughters, and says she was fortunate to find an answer for Vulvodynia, because so many women don't.

Surgery For Vulvodynia

Dr. Oz and Dr. Jennifer Ashton went on to discuss other treatments for Vulvodynia, and leaving Vulvodynia surgery as a last resort.

her 4 treatments consisted of;
1. Biofeedback
2. Physical therapy
3. Topical Estrogen
4. Anesthetics

Self help measures for personal Care Measures Vulvodynia

Many women who have vulvodynia will develop personal strategies that help to control the pain.
  • Wear 100% cotton underwear during the day and wear nothing at night and avoid using panty liners or wearing pantyhose
  • Don't use harsh soaps or douche but instead cleanse with natural emollients such as olive oil and sweet almond oil or just plain water
  • Use non-propylene glycol lubricants during intercourse to improve elasticity of tissue
  • Dab the vulva with cool water after urinating
  • Apply cool ice or gel packs before engaging in a triggering activity(bags of frozen peas works just as well
  • Eat a low-oxalate diet (also prevents kidney stones) to reduce the calcium oxalate crystals in urine that might irritate vulvar tissue
  • Use a soft "donut" pillow if you need to sit for a long time

Apparently there are antidepressants that work well for the treatment of the spontaineous burning associated with Vulvodynia. Lower doses of certain anti depressants can reduce pain.
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Addicted To Sleeping Pills Intervention

Dr. Debra Jay Joined Dr. oz today and we met Shea Who was described as an "Accidental Addict" sleeping pill addict. Dr. Oz helped Shea by setting her up with the La Poloma treatment Center for in patient treatment, where they will teach and help her in how to stop relying on sleeping aids, and prepare her for the detox process and rebound insomnia.

Shea was taking approximately 75 pills a month, when she should have only been taking 30 which Dr. Oz thinks is still too much. Dr. oz put her in the Truth Tube and her weight was only 122 LBS., her BMI was 17 1/2 which is below the threshold of health. Shea is only 39 years old, but the truth tube's real age thinks her body is 50.

How To Chose The Right Vitamins

Dr. Oz reveals the critical vitamins every women absolutely must have!
Here Dr. Oz has a table full of fruits and vegetables and asks his assistant of the day Sharon from Maryland to help him. He asked her to pick the foods that has vitamins she needed to take on a daily basis for the body to be at it's best.

The main 5 vitamins in Multivitamins: Multivitamins fulfill your nutritional needs for the day. Dr. Oz says to take multivitamins half in the morning and half at night. Multivitamins contain:
Vitamin A is critical for healthy vision and skin
Vitamin B is a metabolism booster
Vitamin C keeps your immune system strong, especially important during cold and flu season.
Vitamin D promotes healthy bones (and your immune system)
Vitamin E is for healthy development of muscles and brain function

Dr. Oz recommends taking these 3 pills daily: mutivitamins, Omega 3's(fish oil concentrate) and vitamin D - Dr. oz says to take additional vitamin D.
  • Vitamin D Promotes absorption of calcium and bone health
  • Boosts immune function
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Healthy neuro-muscular function
  • Protects against some forms of cancer
Omega 3’s To keep your brain, heart and eyes healthy, take Omega 3’s every day. For women, the daily dose of Omega 3s is 1000 mg; for men, the dosage is 600 mg.

Vitamin D dosage; For ages 0-50, (including pregnant and lactating women), 5 mcg or 200 international units a day
For ages 50-70 - 10 mcg or 400 international units is better
For ages 71+ - aim for at least 15 mcg (600 international units)

How Food Makes You Smell

Jake Ward from Popular Science joins Dr. Oz in this segment of the show with Dr. Oz tests to see if the foods you eat can truly affect how you smell. So is the old saying true "You are what you eat". Dr Oz played a little game called food private eye, can foods make you smell. Dominique from the studio audience was chosen, and blindfolded to be the lab rat and smell people's forearms. There were three other ladies on the stage, one who ate garlic for the last few days, the other ate curry, and the other Lady just ate her regular diet. Jake explains that is the sulfur through the lungs not so much the smell coming through the skin.


Dr. Oz explains how and why we get like that lump in our throat when we go to cry, and what could be a cause for canker sores, and how using a Non Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Toothpaste could solve the problem.