Dr. Oz The Warnings Signs Of Alzheimer's And How To Reduce The Risk Of Alzheimer's

Find out the warning signs of Alzheimer's and 3 tips to reduce your risk.

Dr Oz Alzheimer's Fighting Foods
Dr Oz Foods That Fight Alzheimer's
Dr Oz Says Learn how eating the right combination of 3 super nutrients can deliver a powerful dose of Alzheimer’s prevention. Dr Oz Alzheimer's Fighting Foods - Foods That Fight Alzheimer's

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Alzheimer's Warning signs, symptoms and risks, The disease that steals your mind. It steals your memory and there is no cure for it.
The 3 step plan for Alzheimer's
The organs that detox the body
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Dr. Gary Small joins Dr. Oz today on "Do You Know The Warning Signs for Alzheimer's", and The 3 ways to reduce the risks. Dr. Oz says we are either going to get it, or know someone who has Alzheimer's. If you are over the age of forty you may have thought about Alzheimer's, and do I have it, or am I going to get it. It is a question that haunts us because it's a disease that has a long slow death sentence. Day by day, year by year it robs us of our ability to function.

Dr. oz answers questions today for people who are afraid they already have this disorder, and reveal the top warning signs, plus ways to reduce the risks.

As we age we expect a certain amount of memory loss, maybe even confusion. But sometimes it doesn't end there, and you struggle with simple situations that used to come naturally like finding your keys or handling money, and even getting lost in your own neighbourhood. Are these the first signs of the disease that steals your mind.

A new case of Alzheimer's is diagnosed every 7 seconds, Alzheimer's is progressive and irreversible.

Know The Signs Of Alzheimer's

Seniors Moments Or Alzheimer's - Dr. Small says everyone has memory slips, Alzheimer's is rarer but it's more serious. It's when those memory slips begins to interfere with everyday life. By the age of 65, 5 percent of us are at risk for Alzheimer's. Dr. Small says the sooner we understand and recognize the warning signs and the sooner we get help, the sooner we are going to feel better. There is no cure for Alzheimer's disease, but if someone is having a problem, by going to the doctor it may turn out to be something else. It could be depression, it could be a medication problem.

Dr. Small said he has seen people come in that are moderate to severely impaired with Alzheimer's, and if they had come to him earlier he could of helped them much more. Dr. oz and Dr. Small compared a normal brain to an Alzheimer's brain, there was a major difference, one being that the brain was shrunken in comparison to the brain of someone that didn't have Alzheimer's.

1. Memory Loss - The first warning sign for Alzheimer's. When memory loss begins to disrupt your life.
Get The Dr. Oz Alzheimer's Memory Test. It's a very simple test to take to see if you may have a problem.

2. Genetics - A small percentage of people actually have a genetic cause that is 100 percent causing the disease. It is in families with early onset Alzheimer's, starts in their fifties, and about 50 percent of the relatives are affected.

3. Health Problems - High Cholesterol and High blood pressure are risk factors for Alzheimer's, but they are risk factors you can control.

4. New Problems With Words - When it becomes for frequent.

5. Misplacing Things - Dr. Oz and Dr. Small says this usually means something more profound is going on, that something more serious may be going on.

The Three Step Plan For Alzheimer's

1. Exercise everyday, a ten minute walk or any kind of aerobic conditioning will help lower your risk for Alzheimer's.

2. Workout your mind as well as your body - do jumping jacks for the brain. Workout your right brain with jigsaw puzzles, your left brain with crossword puzzles. Train, but don't strain your brain.

3. Take care of your diet, eat a brain healthy diet, which is similar to a heart smart diet. Dr Oz said dancing is great for the brain, it is exercise for the body, plus mental activity.

Dr. oz says eat leafy greens because they have a lot of B Vitamins in them. Olive oil for the Omega 9 fats. Dr. Oz says the number one thing that helps in the reduction of Alzheimer's is Curry. In India the incidence of Alzheimer's seems to be less than the U.S. The Curcumin in curry seems to reduce some of the changes that occur in the Alzheimer's brain. Dr. oz recommends two servings of curry foods a week. Dr. Small says that people who ate Indian food at least once a week performed better on their Memory Quiz

Dr. Oz showed the story of Laurie who was born and raised in North Dakota along with her sister and four brothers. Laurie who is only fifty years old has Alzheimer's, and so does most of her family. Her father was diagnosed in 1977 with Alzheimer's at the age of 41. Laurie's says her Grandmother probably died from the same disease in her fifties. Soon Laurie's Father's brother and sister were also diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

When Laurie grew up and married and started a family of her own, she found out that two of her brothers were diagnosed with Alzheimer's, that's when she realized she had trouble too, forgetting things more and more. Dr.'s suggested Genetic testing for the family, which they did. Laurie found out that her 4 brothers and herself have the gene mutation for early onset Alzheimer's. This means 100 percent they have the disease. Only Laurie's sister Carla escaped the curse of Alzheimer's. Laurie's biggest fear is has she passed this disease along to her children.

Dr. Anitha Nair joined Dr. Oz today to help a couple Amy and Brian with their infertility problems. After 7 years of being together, 18 months ago they decided they wanted to start a family, but hings just didn't turn out that way. Dr. Oz had testing done previous to the airing of the show and it turns out Brians semen analysis turned out to be abnormal.

Dr. Nair explained the options available to people for the problem of not being able to conceive.

1. Ovulation Induction is tried first.
2. Artificial Insemination
3. In vitro Fertilization

Dr Nair told Amy and Brian she was happy to tell them that she will be their doctor, and that Shady Grove is paying all costs.

Shady Grove Fertility


The organs That are responsible for detoxing your body are;

1. Kidney: Cleans the blood of toxins and urine, which in turn cleans the bladder. Drink water to keep your kidney’s working well.
2. Liver: Processes alcohol. It’s the only organ in the body that can completely regenerate. Include anti-oxidants in your diet to keep it healthy.
3. Lungs: Rids the body of waste.


Joined by expert Dr. Evans, Dr. Oz discuss some of the best (and safest) ways to remove warts.

out of all the things Dr. Oz showed to use to get rid of warts, he and his family uses Duct Tape. Duct tape is highly recommended over the spray freeze, the medicated patches, and Salicylic acid. Watch the video!


In this segment of the show Dr. Oz answers the questions about why our eyes water and a question from Freddie with huge problem of morning erections, and is it natural. Dr. Oz says you get about 5 erections a night and it's normal, and that you have a lot of testosterone between 6:00a.m and 10:00a.m. in the mornings.

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