Dr Oz The Five Signs He Is Cheating

Dr Oz investigates the science of why men cheat. Learn to spot the telltale signs "Why Men Cheat"

Guest Janine Driver today on The Dr Oz Show, Former Federal Law Enforcement Officer, reveals the signs your man may be cheating. JANINE DRIVER is the founder and president of the Body Language Institute, located in Washington, DC. She is also a body language and deception detection expert and certified business coach

Dr. M. Gary Neuman also joins Dr Oz to reveal the science of why men cheat – Tips to Spot a Cheater and how to spot a liar. Is He Being Faithful? Take The Test!

The 3 Sisters From Las Vegas - Lovey, Dovey and Poppy return with their weight loss results.

Dr Oz Seizure First Aid - Seizure Myths - Do's And Dont's About Seizures

Monday's Recap Of The Dr. Oz Show

The Science Of Why Men Cheat

Dr Oz started of by saying some of the famous cheaters in the headlines these days are SC Governor Mark Sanford, former Senator John Edwards, and Tiger Woods, to name a few More than half of all men in relationships cheat. Science is beginning to understand why and we’re giving you the tools to see if he is. Dr Oz put together the latest science on why men cheat (you’ll be surprised), 3 surefire tips to spot a two-timer, and advice on how to begin repairing the damage.

Plus couple Randy and Monica told their story on Randy's infidelity on his wife, and the call he made saying I'm Done! I'm leaving! I've found someone else! Monica said she had that gut feeling he was cheating on her, but like a lot of women it was "If you don't ask, he won't tell which makes it not real"

Dr Oz The five Signs He May be Cheating

5 Signs Your Man Is Cheating:
1. You’re having less sex than usual
2. He’s avoiding contact with you
3. He’s criticizing you more
4. He’s starting fights
5. He’s often away from home

Dr Oz Ways To Find Out He Is Cheating

Read their body language - Baseline set of traits – the pitch of our voice, our posture, how often we make eye contact, etc. If you confront your spouse about cheating and notice a significant change in these behaviors, it’s a sign they are being untruthful with you. According to the Dr Oz article on Body language - It may sound weird, but we face our belly button toward people we like, admire, and trust. If you confront your spouse and notice that he turns his midsection away from you (say, toward the door or the exit) it’s a sign that he subconsciously wants out of the situation.

We lean in to situations we like and are interested in. We lean back and move away from ones that scare or displease us. If he is creating physical distance in the conversation, he’s trying to create emotional distance on the topic.

Listen to their words Even if he doesn’t want to give up the goods, something inside of him does because when people lie they tend to use phrases that reveal the truth.

Being truthful: “I know you don’t believe that I’m telling the truth.”
Lying: “I know you think I’m lying.”

Getting angry and defensive is a way of pushing you away and getting off topic. And watch out for the use of character testimony – bringing someone else to his defense, rather than just answering the question, it’s a sign he has something to hide.

Look out for laughter, which shows discomfort and is inappropriate to the seriousness of the topic. Taking the subject lightly is another sign he doesn’t want to delve into it.

Finally, if someone is telling the truth, a simple “no” says it all. If they need to go into hyperbole or generalizations: “I would never cheat on you,” they’re dodging the question. The word never is trying to convince you. The word “no” is just answering the question.

Tips To Spot A Cheater

Another article from Dr Oz on tips to spot a cheater goes as follows;

Some Verbal Indicators of Deception
Liars, We're Watching Your "Buts"
"I know you're going to think I'm making this up, BUT..."
"I know you think I'm lying, BUT"
"I know this isn't going to make sense, BUT..."

Character Testimony
"Just ask my friends they'll tell you I'd never cheat on you!"

Common Deception Statements
"I knew this was going to happen to me!"
"Are you asking me if I'm cheating on you?"
"What kinds of person do you think I am?"
"I'd have to be stupid to cheat on you!"
"Why would I cheat on you?"

No vs. Never
Liars will often use the word "never" instead of "no" when you confront them. "Nevers" are simply an attempt at trying to convince us that they are telling us the truth.

Pronoun No No's
When your partner is cheating and you confront him, he may use the pronouns "we" and "us" and if he does consider yourself warned because these pronouns always indicate there is a partnership, i.e. "We occasionally have lunch together but that's it, there's nothing romantic between us." - BUSTED!

Some Nonverbal Indicators of Deception
An Increase in Manipulators
A "manipulator" is any time your man touches one part of his body with another part of his body, i.e., rub his neck, throat or leg, touch his nose, run his tongue across the front of his teeth, etc.

Navel Intelligence
Liars may direct their belly button toward the door once you turn up the heat. This move is sending the signal that they want to get out of there.

They’ve Got to Move it, Move it
Liars will often adjust their bodies during or after a lie to let off the stress and anxiety.

At the end of my segment, Janine Driver spoke directly to the cheating husbands out there and pleaded with them to protect the integrity of their legacy. When a spouse cheats, it not only affects their married and professional life, but also the lives of their children and grandchildren. Enough is enough.

Dr Oz says protect yourself from infidelity, 77% of men who cheated had a best friend who cheated, so be more concerned about the men in your husbands lives, than the women. He went on to say learn to spot a cheater, overuse of the word "but" or "no" can be verbal indicators that your partner has something to hide.

Lovey, Dovey And Poppy The 3 Sisters From Las Vegas

Lovey truth tube results;

Waist - 47 inches down to 40, and her weight went from 257 to 239 lbs.

Poppy's Truth Tube Results;

Waist 51 down to 46, and her weight went from 260 down to 243 lbs.

Dovey's triglycerides were 273, they are now 122, and her weight was 261 and now she weighed in at 233, she lost 28lbs. That's almost 30 lbs. in 60 days with Dr Oz's diet Challenge.

They said between using a kitchen timer to eat every three hours, getting rid of the deep fryers, and no fast food and eating healthy foods such as Quinoa they are ready for their 5K run.

Dr Oz Seizure First Aid

Dr Oz explains what causes seizures and takes you through the Do’s and Don’ts of seizure first aid.

What to do:

Stay calm.
Check the time – seizures become extremely dangerous when they last longer than 5 minutes. You’ll need to tell this information to the doctor.
Keep them safe by limiting their exposure to items like sharp objects, stairs or furniture they could hurt themselves on.
Turn their head to the side in order to keep their airway clean.

What Not To Do

Don't Restrain them.
Don't Offer food or drink until they are alert.
Don't Put anything in their mouth.
Don't Put your fingers in their mouth.

To Know More Information About Epilepsy ... Click Here!

Dr Oz What Causes Artery Disease And Menopausal Pouch

There are 3 causes says Dr Oz - diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure and they are caused by belly fat.

The menopausal pouch is an accumulation of fat down there. Dr Oz shows what exercise is good for that in the video.

Water-Balloon Firing Squad Drench The Doc

One final bit of advice from Dr Oz today was drink water before a meal, doing so will prevent you from over eating 75 calories less per meal, which equals almost ten pounds a year.

Dr. Oz’s water-based anti-aging tips:
Water with a high mineral content is worse for your skin than water with low mineral content. Calcium, magnesium and iron in hard water will dry the skin and cause itchiness and irritated pores.

To avoid dry skin, avoid hot showers and take lukewarm showers that last no longer than 10 minutes. Long and hot showers desiccate your skin and strip off the thin fat barrier of our skin.

Being just 1% dehydrated can cause a significant drop in your metabolism, resulting in weight gain.