Dr Oz 's Number One Fan Loses Sixty Pounds Using The Dr Oz YOU On A Diet Books

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Dr. Oz's #1 fan reveals how Dr. Oz helped her reclaim her life and health, watch the video with Jennifer,Dr. Oz's biggest fan!

Jennifer lost over 60 pounds by following the principles in the Dr. Oz YOU On A Diet Book".

The Dr Oz film crew headed to Jennifer's house and she was quick to show us the rainbow of colours in fruits and vegetables in her refrigerator. Jennifer started at the gym weighing in at two hundred and one pounds, she is now 141 lbs. after incorporating The Dr Oz Diet. She is now a certified kick class instructor.

Jennifer gave Dr Oz her 5K run medal, saying he deserved for giving her life back to her, she also gave him her red cape thats says "Thank You Dr Oz."

Jennifer's real age in the truth tube today is 34, it was 55.

Jennifers tips were
1. Portion Control - eat on a smaller plate, when eating out the first thing she does is cut everything in half on her plate, and puts have a in a carry out container, and saves it for her lunch for tomorrow.

She flipped out when Dr Oz asked her to be a Wellness Warrior and blog, and gave her very own Dr Oz Lab Coat.

Watch the video with Dr Oz's Ultimate Fan Jennifer