Dr Oz The Healing Power Of Urine

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What's in Urine?
Dr. Oz discusses what you need to know about your pee, what your pee is telling you, and the healing power of your urine.

Today on the Dr. Oz Show was the segment on urine, the colour of your urine, and how much urine is normal that you put out in the run of a day. In the urine video Dr Oz is showing you how learning to read your urine can save your life. Here’s what you need to know about your pee. As Dr Oz says "Don't fail your urine test."

Dr oz says your urine will give you clues as to what is passing out of your body

Urinating Too Much A Sign Of Diabetes

The first thing Dr Oz went over about your pee is volume – The average person outputs about 1-2 liters of urine a day. If you’re urinating more than that, it could be a sign of diabetes.

Your Urine And Dehydration

If you’re urinating less than a liter, it’s indicative of dehydration. Clear or light-colored urine means you're well hydrated, whereas a dark yellow urine or amber coloured pee usually signals dehydration.

Blood In Your Urine

The second thing Dr Oz discussed was the color of your pee – The dehydration chart is used to determine how hydrated you are. Additionally, abnormal color in your urine can be a sign of a much larger problem. For example, red urine means that you are secreting blood and you should see a doctor immediately. Never let blood in your pee go longer than a day, see your Doctor. (Make sure the red you see in your urine is not related to food.)

The third issue Dr Oz talked about was if your pee is cloudy - Cloudiness can suggest the presence of proteins in the urine, and this can sometimes suggest a problem in the kidneys - and protein spilled from the urine. Dr Oz said that cloudiness in your pee does not always mean there is a problem, it could be due to eating a lot of phosphorus in a meal.

Dr Oz went on to say not only can urine be a predictor of disease but also as a health tool. He said that the old story is true that if you have a deep cut and there is no urine around, to use your urine, because urine is fundamentally sterile.

What Is Urea - Products With Urea In it

The urine primarily gets rid of the Urea, which is a waste product of the body, and urea is in a lot of the beauty products that are sold. In Japan women will often use urine on their skin because it is a humectin, and it will often allow the skin to pull moisture in. It pulls moisture from the lower levels of the skin to the surface of the skin, it will actually pull it in from the atmosphere.

Dr Oz says we do buy products with Urea in them, and there are healing properties to our own urine that we shouldn't be ignorant of - The Healing Power Of Urine!