Dr. Oz The Top Three Dangers In Your Beauty Products.

Dr. Oz The Top 3 Things In Your Makeup Bag That Can Hazardous To Your Health, And The Ultimate Beauty Cheat Sheet. The Price of Beauty - Oz investigates: toxic makeup ingredients. Discover what toxic ingredients are in your favorite beauty products. Learn to identify the the 3 most dangerous items in your make up bag.

The Top Three Dangers In Your Beauty Products

Dr. Oz talked today on makeup and what we put on our face could be very hazardous to our health, and hurt our beauty in the long term.

Makeup, moisturizers and perfumes, Dr. Oz talked a lot about the moisturizers and lotions we put on our face everyday to fight wrinkles has not been approved by the government at all. The FDA oversees this multi billion dollar industry, but it does not approve products before they hit store shelves. Cosmetic companies are only required to list intended ingredients on their products. These companies are no way legally obligated to list harmful byproducts that may incur during manufacturing.

Dr. oz says don't think your safer by natural, hypoallergenic, or organic products. There are no guidelines for those terms in the cosmetic world. Beauty products put us in contact with roughly 126 chemicals daily, and many of them have not been thoroughly tested. Know what to avoid in your beauty products!

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Dr Oz Mineral Makeup

1. Mineral Powder Dr. Oz recommends to choose liquid-based foundation with shimmer or a cream blush or bronzer to get the same effect. If you must use powder, select a pressed powder and open a window when you apply it. Dr. Oz says NO to Mineral makeup - Mineral Make up the particles are so tiny they fall quickly through the air and can be inhaled easily into your lungs. These minerals get into the lungs and scar the lungs. Experts say the long-term use and inhalation of minerals in makeup can lead to inflammation, irritation, and lung disease in women and girls.

2. Wrinkle Creams - Dr. Oz recommends Look For These Ingredients In Wrinkle Creams:
(a) Fragrance-free
(b) Color-free
(c) Vitamin A-Retinol: a product that actually does work to improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles
(d) Vitamin C: an effective collagen builder
(e) Alpha hydroxy acid: a good exfoliant and collagen builder

Use these products at night, because the sun will actually oxidize the ingredients and render them ineffective.

Creams that claim to eliminate wrinkles, often damage the skin to produce a wrinkle-free effect. These creams are designed to penetrate deep into your skin where the blood vessels are, the newer creams are actually better absorbed by your body, which means they have a greater potential to cause problems.

Dr. Oz and Dr. Arthur Perry explains that in order to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles, they plump up the skin by inflaming it with products that are actually irritating to the skin and break down collagen, encouraging more wrinkles down the road. The same goes for fragrances as harmless sounding as lavender, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

3. Lip Gloss the shine in lip-gloss comes from petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is a byproduct of oil drilling, and when you spread it on your lips, you end up eating it, which is essentially the same as drinking gasoline. Add up the amount of lip-gloss the average woman uses (and consumes) over a decade, and it equals 7 pounds. The European Union has banned many petroleum jelly products, and experts are concerned they could be linked to cancer. Women with breast cancer have twice the levels of hydrocarbons (substances found in petroleum jelly) in their breasts than women who haven’t had breast cancer.

Steer clear of any products that list petroleum jelly or mineral oil on the ingredient list. Choose Lip Treatments that look more like lipstick and avoid any that advertise lip “plumping” capabilities, they contain products that irritate your lips to make them swell and look larger. Instead select products with sunscreen to protect your lips from the carcinogenic effects of the sun (look for zinc oxide on the ingredient list), and glosses made from beeswax, or organic lip treatments which is completely non-toxic. If you are deeply attached to a petroleum-based gloss, save it for special occasions and use a sunscreen under it to protect your lips.

Dr. Oz's Cheat Sheet When Choosing make up Dangerous Beauty

Mineral Powders
Dr. Oz recommended Liquid Based Foundation;

Liquid based foundation with shimmer Moisturizing Liquid Foundation for a similar effect as a mineral powder

Cream Blush or bronzer; Use cream instead of a loose mineral powder

Pressed Powder If you absolutely want powder, make sure it is pressed, as opposed to loose, and open a window when applying it

Wrinkle Cream
Vitamin A-Retinol This is a wonder cure that helps skin tone, decreases wrinkles
Vitamin C Serves as an amazing Collagen builder
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Acts as an exfoliant and collagen builder. So look for Creams and Moisturizers with Vitamin A & Vitamin C to decrease wrinkles.

Lip Gloss
Zinc Oxide This ensures your gloss has UV A and UV B Protection
Natural Lip Glosses Choose a gloss made from Beeswax instead of Petroleum Jelly
Sunscreen You should wear sunscreen with your lip gloss

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