Dr Oz The Choking Game Kids Are Playing Know The Warning Signs

Monday on Dr. Oz Show Monday March 15 2010 Recap:
Deadly Play - Dr. Oz looks into a deadly teen trend, the Choking Game. Dr Oz choking game video; know the warning signs, A must-see episode for parents. New mom Annie returns without the extra pounds, size 16 to a 6. Boost your metabolism by eating these 3 calorie-burning spices; How much sweat is too much sweat.

The Deadly game Your Kids Are Playing The Choking Game

Is your teen playing this deadly game? Dr. Oz exposes the warning signs and symptoms. The choking game also known as Rush, purple dragon, space monkey, funky chicken, and cloud nine, but it is best known as the choking game. Would you know if your child was playing the choking game.

Could you one day walk into your child's room and find him dead. An autopsy could say it is suicide, because a child being found with a make shift noose around his neck, but it's not. Finding a knotted scarf and ties in your child's room, a belt hanging from the door knob. Maybe your child complained of headaches, his eyes bloodshot, these can all be signs of a deadly adolescent practice known as the choking game.

What Is The Choking Game

The choking game can be played alone or with other kids. The point is to suffocate on purpose by tying a noose, or placing hands around the neck, blood flow is blocked to the brain, after a few seconds the child feels momentarily light headed. When the neck is released blood floods the brain creating a sense of euphoria a natural legal high, except this feeling is actually the brain dying, and so are the kids as a result of playing the choking game.

Some estimates puts the number at over 1000 kids a year losing their life this way. The danger may be spreading virtually over the internet. Once study found 65 video's of the choking game posted in just eleven day period.

In the video's Dr G explains about how the kids pass out, can have seizures, and senseless death from plating the choking game. People have been playing this game for years at parties choking each other out to get that high. Dr G says they have seen kids come in dead from this resurgence in the last 5 to 10 years, because these kids are doing it alone and doing it with ligatures which is very deadly.

The choking game is not for sexual practices, it is done to get a high. These are young kids just trying to get a cheap high. With the choking game Dr G says you see horizontal marks around the neck, They are using noose's, and they pass out and can't let that noose loose it just stays tight and they die. Suicides marks are more of an inverted V because you are suspending.

David Quimby and Sherry Williams joined Dr Oz today to tell their story how they lost their son Alex Quimby to the choking game just three months ago. Alex's father came home to his condo one day and seen Alex's sneakers were by the door and knew he was home. While calling out to Alex and no response David went to open his son's door and it was locked, once getting in the bedroom he found Alex's lifeless body in the closet with a belt around his neck, and anchored of the closet rod. When his father raised his body up he found his feet were still touching and the belt became immediately loose around his neck.

Alex's parents could not believe he committed suicide, and their family physician told them they needed to investigate what is called the choking game, as neither one of them had ever heard of it. David talked with Alex's friends and they told David yes he did play the choking game and they played it with them. Alex's mom recalled trying going into his room once and seeing the belt being tossed to the floor.

Dr. G, Medical Examiner-Discovery health, explains what happens to the body during the Choking Game and identifies the signs of a Choking Game death.

A dangerous game with deadly consequences, it’s estimated that the Choking Game causes 1000 deaths a year. Is your teen at risk? Dr. Oz investigates this deadly teen trend. Talk to your teen about the Choking Game now.

Part 2: Learn the warning signs.

Symptoms to look for;

1. Bloodshot eyes
2. Frequent and severe headaches
3. Short-term memory loss
4. Knotted scarves, ties and belts found in the teen’s bedroom

Dr Oz How should you talk to your kids about the Choking Game?

Alex's friend Shawn says he didn't know the dangers of the choking game and that it could kill you. Sitting beside Shawn in the audience was Dr. Lawrence Shapiro, who explained it's a free high. Dr oz says to learn how to talk to your kids about the choking game, and to ask them if they know about the choking game but not accuse them of doing it. Dr Shapiro says just talk to them about it, and the dangers of what can happen, and if their friends are doing it.

Dr Oz And The Post Pregnancy Belly Bulge

Today Annie returns, just 3 months after her first appearance, this new mom is a whole new woman. For 3 years, Annie struggled to lose the baby belly bulge. Annie got pregnant on her honeymoon and couldn't get the excess weight back off, until Dr Oz and Dr Roizen got her on a plan that knocked her dress size down from a 16 to a size 6 in 12 weeks. Annie went form 196 pounds down to 155 pounds, that's 41 pounds lost in just 3 months.

She is back into her engagement party dress, and doesn't wear a girdle anymore either. Find out how simple lifestyle changes and the Mommy Guilt to get into shape.
Annie's Secret Weapons - Lose The Quilt And Gain The Muscle;

1. Put the kid to bed a half an hour early and do your workout
2. Stationary Bike she borrowed from her mother-in-law, no matter how tired and worn out you are you can still peddle.
3. Involve the family in your workouts, and it gets rid of the mommy guilt.

Annie's healthy recipes helped her lose the baby weight. The Breakfast Smoothie, and Annie's healthy Taco's.

Dr Oz Could Your Sweat Be A Sign Of Cancer

In this segment of the show Dr Oz talks about sweat. What sweat is normal and what sweat is abnormal.
1. Primary Sweating - Hyperhidrosis, is the condition characterized by abnormally increased perspiration, in excess of that required for regulation of body temperature.

2. Secondary Hyperhidrosis - Sweating that affects all parts of the body. Medical conditions that can cause this type of hyperhidrosis include: hyperpituitarism, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, cancer(Lymphoma's), neurological problems, menopause, spinal cord injury, gout, hypoglycemia, angina, heart attack or another cardiovascular problem, drug or alcohol withdrawal, and chronic infections like tuberculosis.

Additionally, some medications that are taken to treat medical conditions other than hyperhidrosis can cause excessive sweating as a side effect. Medications known to cause Hyperhidrosis

Dr Oz Night Sweats

Dr Oz says the tannins in tea for soaking your feet and to let soak for about twenty minutes.

Use Antipersprirant and Deodorants with Aluminum chloride hexahydrate, or there is a solution with Botox for excessive sweating.

Sweat Block | Excessive Sweating-Hyperhydrosis | How To Stop Sweating

Spice Up Your Diet And Lose Weight

By adding these spices to your recipes you can boost your metabolism by 20 to 25% for 3 hours. 3 ways to boost your metabolism in "What's That Spice."

1. Put ginger with salmon
2. Mustard in Chicken - dark mustards are better
3. Cayenne in Shrimp