Dr Oz Progeria That Causes Premature Aging | Bad Breath Halitosis

Dr. Oz investigates the unique medical condition, progeria. Backstage Intervention With Reggie - Banana Protein Blaster Shake For Reggie.

Dr. Oz investigates the unusual medical condition, progeria, that causes premature aging. Aging Before Your Time

Breakfast Champions?
Don't sabotage your breakfast with common calorie-laden spreads. Dr Oz Pineapple Banana Protein Blaster Recipe.

Dr. Oz, Am I Normal?
From No-Embarrassment Zone to the Truth Tube, Dr. Oz has the answers.

What Is Progeria - Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS)

Kaylee, Tim and Marla joined Dr Oz today to share their daughter's story of living Progeria. Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS), also called progeria or premature aging syndrome, is a medical disorder in which a random genetic mutation causes cells in the body to die at a much faster rate than normal. Its name derives from the Greek and means “prematurely old.” Progeria is so rare it occurs only once in every 8 million births; at the time this article was written, only 62 people around the world were known to be living with the disorder.

Symptoms of Progeria

Children with progeria have normal intelligence and motor control skills, they look older than they actually are. They appear normal at birth, but within 6 months to 2 years, symptoms of premature aging start to emerge. During this time, the child grows at a much slower rate in terms of height and weight than children of the same age. Clinical features of progeria include a disproportionately large cranium, small jaw, prominent scalp veins, baldness, wrinkled/thick skin, loss of body fat, cardiovascular disease and stroke, hearing loss, stiffness of joints and hip dislocation. If a doctor suspects a child has progeria, a genetic test may be performed to confirm a diagnosis.

The Progeria Research Foundation QUICK FACTS

Dr oz found Reggie while doing a segment on the Show "Extra" Life Changers Series. Reggie's heart function was half of normal, and very over weight. Reggie's Blood Pressure went from 252/130 to 132/70, and lost 40 pounds, his starting weight was 370 pounds.

Reggie went Vegan for 31 days just to prove everyone he could stick with the health plan. He exercised and would swim twenty minutes a day. he looked great and wore the pants he used to wear to show everyone how much room he had in them now.

Dr Oz found some problems with his food logs, as he was having healthy salads, but he wasn't having any protein in it. So Dr Oz told him to add the protein because this is a diet for life.

Then Dr Oz introduced him to this shake he thought tasted great which has soy protein powder, and soy milk added as part of the recipe, so he would feel full longer.

Dr Oz And Reggie's Pineapple Banana Protein Blaster Recipe

This fruit smoothie packs the protein to keep you going all day long and lays down the building blocks for muscle mass. Click here to get the Dr Oz Pineapple Banana Protein Blaster

Bad Breath Halitosis

Do You Have bad Breath?

In this segment of the Oz Show, Dr Oz talked about Bad Breath Halitosis.

There are 600 types of bacteria in the mouth all the time. Dr Oz said that sometimes bad breath can be a sign a something very serious, and it is called the "Breath Of The Dead." The Doctors call it Fetor Hepaticus. More On Dr Oz Halitosis Bad Breath & Breath Of Dead.

Bad Breath Solutions

1. Fenugreek Tea
2. Cardamon Seeds
3. Parsley

Dr Oz Am I Normal

This Dr. Oz Video takes audience members into the Truth Tube to find out if their medical conditions are normal. Jamie, are post-orgasm menstrual cramps normal? How about Nathan with repetitive neck-cracking, and Roxanne with tingling in her leg when she holds he water(urine)?

Nathan came up as not normal for cracking his neck and wrists all the time. By cracking his neck he can cause serious damage. Dr oz used a stalk of celery to explain to Nathan what can happen from cracking his neck.

Ask Dr Oz OTC Nasal Sprays And Greasy Hair

Dr oz says it's not that you get addicted to Over The Counter nasal Sprays, it is that if you use them too much you become dependent on them, Oz says not to use a nasal decongestant more than 2 or 3 days in a row, try using the nasal strips.

To prevent greasy hair, he says don't comb your hair so much.

Breakfast Champions And What To Avoid At Breakfast

In this segment of the Dr. Oz Show, Dr Oz goes inside your refrigerator to identify hidden calorie culprits to see if you are sabotaging the most important meal of the day by adding margarine, jam or peanut butter? Find out what spreads to skip at breakfast – and which to indulge in.

Peanut butter is cholesterol free food, contains protein, lots of healthy fats, and can keep you energized until late into your next feel.

Cottage Cheese is low in fat, and high in protein, Cottage cheese is only 110 calories per half cup. It can also be used as a healthy substitute in many recipes.

Strawberry Jam is fat free and loaded with antioxidants, but it is not the healthiest option because it is loaded with high fructose corn syrup.