Dr Oz Cancer Clusters Is Your Community At Risk

Cancer Clusters; "Biggest Loser" Twins
Dr Oz Show Recap For Tuesday March 9th 2010 Dr . Oz investigates brain tumor cases that plague residents of a Florida town. A woman wants to los"Rate My Plate" game. Billy Germanakos The Biggest Loser brownie recipe.

Recap Of Today On The Dr Oz Show - Finding Cancer Clusters - Dr. Oz takes you inside a designated cancer cluster of children and adults. Anchorage, where childhood cancer is 4 times greater than you would expect. Jennifer and Greg Dunsford from Anchorage, a Palm Beach County in Florida joined Dr Oz today to talk about Cancer Clusters, and how their son Garrett was exposed, and diagnosed with a mass on his brain. The first signs Garrett showed for this brain cancer was that he lost the use of his left hand and arm.

When taking Garrett to surgery, they had met up with another child who was diagnosed with brain cancer also from the same community. Garrett's surgery was a success, and regained total use of his hand and arm. Two months later Jennifer's daughter informed her that a fourth grader at her school was just diagnosed with a brain tumour. The in Dec. 2008 another child from the high school is diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Then Jennifer found out that a woman on the street behind her house lost her husband to brain cancer in 2005. That led to Jennifer and other mothers getting in touch with the Florida Dept. Of Health asking for an Epidemiology Study, the answer was a study would begin immediately.

Tracey and Jessica also joined Dr Oz onstage today. 16 year old Jessica was also diagnosed with brain cancer.

Reporter Tim Malloy WPTV Reporter for West Palm Beach reported the story on the suspected cancer cluster. He said it started from a tip phone call from two mothers who each had a child diagnosed with a similar brain tumour. By weeks end there were 7 or 8 cases, and over 100 calls, and emails saying to look a little deeper. Between parents on the internet, Local politicians, a U.S. Senator running for re-election were quickly drawn in.

In early Feb. The Florida Dept. Of health declared a Cancer Cluster in the Anchorage.

There was a backlash from people in the community who didn't have kids that were concerned about their property values, etc. that no longer are friends with Jennifer and Greg and their plight with the Anchorage being a cancer cluster.

Dr Richard Clapp shares with everyone on the steps: Talk to your neighbours, find out about more cases, then get a statistical analysis done. Look for causes, samples, take air samples, soil samples, and water samples, to see if there is some common thread to tie it all together.

Dr Oz says if you are at home and thinking about replicating what has been done in Anchorage, the CDC recommendations as you look for cancer cluster that also involves a specific type of cancer it has to have a specific group of people who are exposed over a time frame, and a very specific geography as well. True Clusters are easier to identify in the work place than the community.

The 3 different ways toxins can access the human body; In a community illustration Dr Oz did on a toxic source whether it is a factory, or something you don't even know that it's there can release toxins into the water supply, as is one of the concerns of the Anchorage, it can release into the soil which then permeates into the food that you eat, or release toxins into the air. The question remains - do they remain to live in the Anchorage or leave. Greg and Jennifer doesn't believe they can do that too much longer as they have their children to think of.

Only one in 5 of suspected cancer clusters are confirmed to be a true cluster.

One well-known cancer cluster was discovered in Woburn, MA when a clergyman noticed that over a 15-year period an unusual amount of kids in his town were getting childhood leukemia. Another cancer cluster breakthrough that came from the suspicions of Erin Brockovich, the feisty Californian whose unrelenting investigation lead to the source of chromium poisoning her town's drinking water.

These investigations, have saved the lives of future generations. The source was identified, the contributors were made accountable, and the toxins were removed from the environment. 75% of investigations come up empty-handed or are dismissed. Still, finding the source of a cancer cluster is important because it can not only save lives but also add to a growing list of environmental toxins that humans should avoid.

How To reduce Your Risk Report A Potential Cancer Cluster

Today, people are more inclined to speak up, ask questions and do research on their own and that can only help to get an investigation underway.

To learn more about cancer clusters in your community and to protect you and your loved ones, follow Dr. Oz's advice.

1. Get periodic age-appropriate medical exams and cancer screenings
2. Learn ways to prevent cancer
3. Learn if you are at risk for cancer
4. Ask your doctor if he/she is seeing more cancer cases of this type, especially if it is a rare type or diagnosed in young children
5. Look up cancer statistics on your state's cancer registry to see if there is an upward trend in your community
6. Find out if a cancer cluster has been reported in your area or is currently under investigation
7. Report a suspect cancer cluster to your local or state health department
Find out about toxic substances detected in your area
8. Speak up and mobilize your community

Key resources about cancer clusters can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Environmental Health and the National Program of Cancer Registries.

Twin Sisters The Weight That Separates Them

Twins Belinda and Brandy from North Carolina share their story in the next segment of the Dr oz Show. Belinda expressed her sadness and depression on how hard it is to lose the weight, and not having the focus her twin sister Brandy had to lose over 100 pounds.

Dr Oz put Belinda in the truth tube and her results were;
Belinda weighed 360 pounds
HDL Cholesterol was 46
Body Fat was too high, Dr Oz couldn't measure it, the truth tube does not go over 50%
Waist size 61.5 inches - your waist size should not be more than half your height.
Belinda constantly has heartburn and consumes 21,000 milligrams of antacids a week, which is way too much.
belinda's real age was 38, and her birth age is 28

Twins Jim and Bill Germanakos "The Biggest Loser" joined belinda and Brandy to support them any way they can.

Belinda's Secret Weapons With A Plan

Step One
Bill and Jim says eight is enough, meaning having an 8 egg white frittata with onions and peppers for breakfast, it is very satiating and is equal to one and one half eggs, and only 130 calories and you won't be hungry until lunch time. Plus having pancakes

Step Two

Protein pancakes which consist of low fat yogurt, egg whites and mixed it with some oatmeal - Six pancakes are under 300 calories. so Billy made them into Breakfast brownies by adding unsweetened cocoa to them.(recipes are at the bottom of this page)

Step Three
Exercise with a six month membership to the Queensborough YMCA in North Carolina, so she can walk in the pool until she can work her way up to the more progressive stuff.

Vaginal Panic Attacks?
It's called vaginismus. Wise up to what might be going on down there.

Dr Oz Vaginal Panic Attacks

Dr. Oz sheds some light on vaginismus, a condition that causes muscle spasms. Certain infections, including STDs, and menopause could be at fault for vaginismus.

A Vaginal Panic attack actually feels like a back spasm, but down there. Dr Oz explains about the muscles expand and contract that causes vaginismus. If you feel you are having a problem with vaginismus, Dr Oz says talk to your OBGYN about treating sexual pain(vaginismus) and bio feedback.

Serving Size Portion Control

What Is A Single Serving-Size Surprise! Rate My Plate...
From olive oil to walnuts and pasta, find out how much is too much. Having the right information can make portion control and calorie counting a lot more effective. You could be eating too much of a Dr. Oz-approved food. The right serving size could be a surprise.

Serving size of Olive Oil is 40 calories, the size of a poker chip spread out throughout the day, when following a diet plan 1 tsp of olive oil equals 1 fat, and you should have 2 servings of fats per day.

12 to 14 half walnuts is one serving, and equals 185 calories.

Pasta serving size was the size of a light bulb, in most diet plans 1/2 cup of pasta(Carbohydrate Servings) is one serving.

Dr Oz recommends using a 9" plate for portion control meals.

Billy G's Breakfast Brownies

Think you can’t eat the foods you love and still lose weight? These recipes prove that low-calorie foods can be delicious.

When it comes to losing weight, we often learn the hard way that deprivation does not work. Below are 3 recipes to help you indulge in your favorite temptations while still staying on a diet. Here are the recipes Billy made and ate while on "The Biggest Loser."

Billy G’s Breakfast Brownies

Billy Germanakos from The Biggest Loser offers this brownie recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth while still packing the protein you need to start your day.

5.3-oz. container of non-fat Greek yogurt (or non-fat cottage cheese)
6 egg whites
2/3 cups old-fashioned oatmeal
Artificial sweetener, add to taste
1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (20 calories)

½ cup Blueberries (40 calories)
½ cup Strawberries (22 calories)
1 banana (108 calories)

Blend the egg whites and yogurt. Mix into a bowl with 2/3 cup of plain oatmeal. Add artificial sweetener while blending. Let sit and soak for a few minutes. Use cooking spray to create a non-stick surface, then cook batter into pancakes

Organic Homemade Peanut Butter Cups
3 squares of dark chocolate
1 dollop of organic no-sugar peanut butter

Scoop a spoonful of organic no-sugar peanut butter on top of the dark chocolate and enjoy!

Faux Peanut Butter & Jelly
2 whole wheat crackers
1 spoonful of organic peanut butter
1 spoonful sugar-free jelly

Spread organic peanut butter on 1 cracker and sugar-free jelly on the other. Combine to make a delicious sandwich.