Dr Oz Ultimatum To Carnie Wilsons Return The Queen Of Excuses

Carnie Returns - TV host, author and pop icon Carnie Wilson returns with a weight loss update. A month after her first appearance, Carnie returns for a dose of tough love. Today On Dr Oz has Carnie been following Dr. Oz's Weight Loss Plan, and hear Dr Oz's Ultimatum To Carnie...Watch The Video's

Mood-Boosting Foods
Dr. Oz reveals 3 foods guaranteed to boost your mood.

Dr Oz's Simple Solutions to get the kids out of your bed, and get a good nights sleep.

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Carnie's appearance and Dr. Oz's reaction to her claim that she is the "Queen of Excuses."

A month after Carnie's first appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, Carnie returns for a dose of tough love. 6 weeks ago Carnie Wilson asked Dr Oz for help with her obesity, she had previously lost 150 pounds with bipass surgery, and has gained almost half of it back. In these video's of Carnie on dr. Oz she explains how to she has become acoountable to what she puts in her mouth.

Carnie has lost 7 pounds so far on Dr Oz's diet plan, although she said she gets food delivered to her home like a lot of celebrities do. Dr Oz wants her to make her own meals, and get out and do her 10,000 steps each day. She has cut out everything white from her diet, no sugar and no cheese, but still has her weak moments of eating her sugar free cheesecake.

Part two: Carnie's appearance and whether she'll commit to Dr. Oz's plan and taking 10,000 steps a day. Carnie was very forthright in this video with Dr Oz saying she found Dr. Judi Hollis very condescending towards her, and resented the fact that she had that tone with her, Carnie doesn't like to be criticized.

Dr oz asked Carnie if she wanted to part ways with him, and she said no. He said he had to insist she do the steps to recovery, and that everyone is as busy as stink. She told Dr. Oz she wants this support from him, she has made progress and positive changes, and says she will read Judi's book

Part three: Carnie Wilson's video log chronicling her progress on Dr. Oz's plan.

Dr oz wants to step up Carnie's plan, so that on the weekends to make her own food. She started with excuses that she has an 8 month old crawling around and it isn't going to be easy. She bantered with Dr oz on the food delivery, and Dr Oz is trying to explain that she needs to learn the fundamentals of being able to eat, and make the lifestyle changes for herself for life.

"Holy Cow many women have done this with kids all over the house."

He got back to the 10,000 steps and told her she is not going to be able to keep the weight off if she doesn't do this, because she needs to build up the core muscles. He wants 10,000 steps twice a week even though she has a trainer that comes to her house. Dr Oz gives Carnie two weeks to get onboard with the support provided or find one she is comfortable with...he said even at over eaters anonymous, someone will raise their hand to help you, as any 12 step program.

Carnie will be back in twelve weeks with Dr Oz and see what her numbers will be in the truth tube.

Carnie Wilson Unstapled - Thursday's 8:00 P.M. Eastern On The Game Show Network!

Dr Oz Sleep Solutions For The Sleep You Need

Dr Michael Breus joins Dr Oz today along with Jimmy and Amy, mother and father of Max and Cee Cee, plus a dog who snores.

Jimmy and Amy have the problem of their son Max sleeping with them almost every night. They let max in their bed until he falls asleep and then carry him off to his own bed once he is asleep. But Max returns through the night to get back in bed with them. Apparently max hogs the bed, sleeps sideways and makes a good nights sleep impossible for Jimmy and Amy.

Drs. Oz and Breus firmly believe you need 7 hours of sleep a night; good health depends not just on how long you sleep, it’s how good your rest is as well. Dangers of disrupted sleep can include diabetes, obesity and in women, heart problems. In fact, if you’re getting 5 hours of sleep a night, your chances for all these conditions increase by 50%.

The 4 Step Plan To A Good Nights Sleep

Here is a note to remember for Drs. Oz and Breus "25% of children diagnosed with ADHD could have an underlying sleep disorder. Children who are sleep deprived, are tired in the day. They do not ask mom if he can go for a nap, they get rambunctious, and it starts to look like the signs of ADHD.

4 things to break the cycle are;

Step 1: Get Rid of the Guilt
Do not try to make up for your own feelings of guilt by allowing kids to stay up later or letting them sleep in your bed. If you start this habit, you should be prepared for pattern to last 3 years. Instead, spend quality time together – preferably something that involves the whole family and physical activity. You’ll all get the exercise you need and feel more tired from it!

Step 2: Set The Stage
A happy, healthy night’s sleep starts with daytime activities. Talk with your children about bedroom expectations; mommies and daddies sleep in their room while kids sleep in theirs. A helpful activity to help set the sleeping stage is to role play by putting their toys to sleep.

Step 3: Take the Path of Most Resistance
When parents are exhausted, the tendency is to follow the path of least resistance. However, doing what’s easiest to get your child back to sleep (like letting them sleep with you) is not what’s healthiest for you or the child. Once you start sleep training, bed sharing must end entirely and immediately. There are no negotiations.

After a nightly disturbance, walk children back to their own bed. Yes, there may be sobs, screams and begging, but you must not cave in.

Step 4 – Bet on Bribery
A small investment for a good night’s sleep can work wonders. Create a chart that chronicles sleeping behavior and rewards. A small, inexpensive reward can be given after a night in bed; at the end of the week, if the goal number of nights has been met, reward the entire family with a favorite activity.

Dr Oz 3 Mood Boosting Foods

In this segment of The Dr Oz Show he says you don't need drugs to improve your mood, there are mood boosting foods out there. Today he played a game called "Mood Boosters" with Darcy and Yvette.

1. Mood Booster food for sadness that has folic acid and no cholesterol is Asparagus
2. Mood boosting food for stress that contains ascorbic acid(vitamin C) is Lemons
3. Mood boosting food for anxiety that comes from South America that is often used in Ladies make up is Brazil nuts. Brazil nuts have selenium in them, they help reduce anxiety, gives you more energy.

foods that can fix your feelings without adversely affecting your health the benefits of adding asparagus, lemons and to your diet. Other additional foods to boost your mood:

Salmon which is rich in vitamin D. Salmon boosts levels of serotonin, a key neurotransmitter affecting mood.
Oatmeal is rich in soluble fiber, that helps to regulate blood sugar levels.