Dr. Oz Carnie Wilson Unstapled | Carnie Wilson Asks Dr. Oz For Help

After a lifetime of battling her weight in the public eye, Carnie Wilson asks Dr. Oz for help. Carnie Wilson steps into the Truth Tube as Dr. Oz intervenes to help her lose weight. Carnie Wilson Unstapled - Carnie takes you inside her weight loss struggle with an exclusive video blog.

Chickenpox Returns
Dr. Oz discusses the chickenpox virus and how it can return as shingles. The difference between shingles and the chicken pox.

What are You Eating?
ID the hidden calories, sodium and sugar in your favorite foods - Salt Shockers.

UHC Finale
The moms of the NFL return for the finale of the Ultimate Health Challenge. NFL Moms finale: Taj and Eddie George crown the winning team. Did the AFC or the NFC drop the most pounds in The Ultimate Health Challenge?

Carnie Wilson Returns After 6 Weeks To Dr Oz...Click here! The Queen Of Excuses Gets An Ultimatum from Dr Oz.

Carnie Wilson Asks Dr. Oz For Help With Weight Loss

Dr. Oz told Carnie Wilson she was morbidly obese. Carnie Wilson(Wilson And Phillips)
Carnie Wilson has always struggled with her weight. She had gastric bypass surgery in 1999. Then went through two pregnancies, gaining 60 pounds during her second pregnancy. Carnie stars in her own reality show on GSN, "Carnie Wilson Unstapled", today she joins Dr. Oz, Dr. Mike Roizen and Dr. Judi Hollis to talk about her food and alcohol addiction.

Carnie Wilson has battled her weight in public - loss- weight gain. She has tried everything and failed. Dr. Oz asked her flat out if she was drinking again. Her struggle with weight has been followed by millions, chronicled online and in the tabloids. Carnie opens up today with Dr. Oz today with her very public battle. She has been struggling with her weight since she was just 4 years old.

Carnie is the daughter of Beach Boys Brian Wilson, and been in the public eye since the ninties with her Trio Wilson Phillips. Fame aggravated her weight and by 1999 Carnie weight was tipping the scales at 300 pounds. Carnie went public with her struggle to be thin, and broadcast her gastric bypass surgery live over the internet. The operation was a life changer, in 16 months Carnie lost over 150 LBS.

Her high blood pressure, prediabetes and high cholesterol were gone. The Carnie waged a new battle, she replaced food with alcohol, and began a two year long roller coaster ride with alcoholism. In 2005 she kicked the habit, and just 3 weeks later conceived her first child. Pregnancy brought back Carnie's weight problems, by the time her daughter was a year old she was up 70 pounds. She lost the weight, and by the year 2008 Carnie had it back on. Today, 6 months after the birth of her second daughter her health is at risk once again, and seeks the help of Dr. Oz.

Carnie tells Dr. Oz she needs help, she needs help now, saying that the baby weight is hard to take off. Carnie tells Dr. Oz she is obsessed with sugar, she turns to sugar for comfort. Dr. oz told Carnie that her public identity is tied to her obesity.

Carnie says if she didn't bake she would be drinking. Carnie is not drinking anymore, and thanks God everyday for her sobriety. Carnie says she is a true alcoholic addict, and that the addiction for food has always been there. She bakes and sells sugar free cheesecakes, regular cheesecakes and full line of baked goods.

Her husband Rob spoke a little about what it is like watching Carnie going through the weight struggle saying she is very stubborn and denies a lot of stuff, but very determined. Her Aunt Deedee also joined Dr. Oz in the conversation with Carnie's weight loss struggle.

Carnie and the Truth Tube

Waist Size 41 inches
Carnie's Weight 218 LBS.
B/P was 118/80
Blood Sugar Levels were 100 which means Carnie is borderline diabetic again. This is what shocked Carnie the most. Dr. Oz flat out told her she had too much belly fat and how dangerous that was for her.

Dr. Oz's Food And Fitness Plan For Carnie

The Biology Of Blubber is what Dr. Oz calls this segment with Carnie Wilson. The 3 step plan to get back into shape. Dr. Oz offers a plan to Carnie that he guarentee's to work if she does it right. No doubt it is the same Vegan Diet that Rooco the Vegan Cowboy Followed along with Tyrone.

Step 1. Get rid of all the fad diets, get rid of all the pre packaged foods, simple carbohydrates, all the fruit diets, soft drinks, sugars, syrups, all her medications, and toss them all in a huge garbage can. Dr. Oz says it will feel like a big bowel movement.

Step 2. Automating Your Meals; She is to pick two breakfast meals, two lunch options and two dinner options. Alternate them daily!

Step 3. Physical Activity; This is where the Enforcer Dr. Michael Roizen steps on stage with a pedometer for her to track her 10,000 steps a day, says no excuses and she is to email him everyday.

Dr. Oz introduced Dr.Judi Hollis Addiction Specialist with food obsessions who sets a support system made up of other fellow sufferers, called wounded healers, not professionals who do the work for you.

Carnie Wilson Doesn't Agree With Dr. Oz's Diagnosis

Carnie had blood work done recently and was very shocked that Dr. Oz said she was Prediabetic. All that blood work came back normal. To this day I am not pre-diabetic," she said in a press call earlier this week. "If he wants to call me that, it's fine, but my glucose levels are at a normal range." Carnie also said in an another interview "the fact that he had labeled me morbidly obese really shocked me." But, she says, "Dr. Oz was one of the sweetest people I've ever met."

The Ultimate Health Challenge Finale

Deborah Johnson, Mother of Jay Richardson, Oakland Raiders lost 12 inches of her waist. The moment of truth was when the the mom's of the NFC stepped on the scale, their staring weight was 2093 pounds. Their new weight was 1925 pounds, which means a total loss of 8% of their total weight. The NFC Mom's lost 168 LBS.

The AFC stepped on the scale, and their starting weight was 2114 pounds. The AFC Mom's now weigh 1923 LBS. The AFC Mom's lost a total 191 LBS, 10% change.

The AFC Mom's won the

Shingles The Warning Signs Your Immune System Isn't Functioning Properly

Dr. Oz explains how to tell if your itchy, discolored skin could be a symptom of shingles. We were told as kids that once we had Chickenpox we would never have to worry about having it again, but it is not true. The virus stays hidden in your body for the rest of your life. Dr. Oz says at least one in three of us will fall victim to it all over again. But this time it will be a painful and dangerous version called Shingles. Dr. Oz went on to say if we are over 50 we need to pay attention to this video.

Today we learned about Shingles, the chicken pox virus called varicella zoster virus (VZV)-herpes zoster (shingles), how it travels to the root of the nerve and lay dormant, and can emerge as we get older. Unlike Chicken Pox, shingles happens to you over and over again sometimes. In this video Dr. oz explains how to diagnose it and What To Do About Shingles. The virus can be hidden away for decades, stress and not eating properly can depress the immune system which in turn make the virus multiply and grow down the dermatone.

Dr. Oz talks About Health Problems And Salt

Dr. oz talked about how much salt is in some of your favourite foods.

High Salt Foods - The Bran Cereal has more salt than eggs, Breakfast Cereals have hidden salts, baked potato chips have more salt,(When companies make low fat processed foods they have higher salts than full fat because they have to replace the taste from getting rid of the fat.) Hummus has more sodium that the guacamole dip.