Dr Oz 3 Ways Your Spouse Is Making You Sick

Dr Oz Show Friday, April 23 - Dr Oz 3 Ways Your Spouse Is Making You Sick; Spouses Annoying Habits Taking Years Of Your Life; Matty's Skinny Soup; Psoriasis and Eczema

Fatal Attraction: 3 Secret Ways Your Spouse Is Destroying Your Health. Snoring, Nagging may be taking years of your life.

Is Your Spouse Making You Sick; Learn the surprising ways your spouse may be destroying your health and taking years off your life! Three Generation Weight Loss Challenge update. Psoriasis: When skin turns to scales.

Dr Oz Is Your Spouse Making You Sick

1. The Secret Sex Allergy - John and Tanya; Tanya is allergic to John's semen. Dr Resnick says one in 40,000 women can suffer from a seminal protein allergy, which means that a protein inside their spouse’s semen stimulates an anaphylactic reaction when it meets uterine immune cells. Swelling, itching, burning, and excruciating pain, this allergy often goes undiagnosed because women, and their gynecologists, incorrectly attribute it to a yeast infection or sexually transmitted disease.

1. Itching
2. Irritation
3. Swelling
4. Pain
5. Burning
6. A rash
7. Hives
8. Difficulty breathing

Dr Ashton recommends to use condoms to avoid being exposed to the allergens in your husband’s semen. For fertility options allergists can help you undergo a slow desensitization program to help your body not react to your partner’s sperm. Sperm can also be washed before intrauterine insemination. Or, in extreme cases, in vitro fertilization skirts the problem altogether by introducing the sperm to the egg outside of your body.

There is also another condition similar to this called Lichen Sclerosus. This is another condition doctors pass off as a yeast infection. Clobetasol cream 0.05 % is usually used to treat Lichen Sclerosus but does not cure it. As with a seminal protein allergy (allergic to semen), Lichen Sclerosus there is no known cure.

2. For Jeff and Sandy it was “emotional poisoning” - mirroring negativity. Emotional poisoning only happens to women, not men. Jeff was diagnosed with a chronic Lung disease, and lost his job, and things seem to be going down hill. Sandy is mirroring Jeff's stress and anxiety. If he is upset she becomes upset. Dr Ashton recommends seeking help outside the family.

3. Third Hand Smoke - This was explained that particles get on your clothing and hair, and are transferred to you children when you hold them. These carcinogen's are tiny and inhaled.

Dr Oz How Many Years Is Your Partner Taking Off Your Life

Fatal Attraction: Your Spouse
Is your happily-ever-after destroying your health? Your spouse could be the source of what ails you.

Couples: Add Years to Your Lives
Don’t let poor health do you part. Learn what three behaviors could be taking years away from your lives. Dr Jen Ashton and husband Rob Ashton married 15 years joins Dr Oz in the segment of the DR Oz Show.

Laura and Larry married 20 years are the first couple on stage. Dr Oz asked Laura what is was that Larry was doing that was taking years of her life, Larry snores! Dr Oz says snoring can take 4 years of your life. Dr Ashton says that the spouse of a snorer loses 1 hour of sleep a night. I f snoring is a chronic problem you may want to see a doctor as it may be sleep apnea and it can be treated.

Linda and Herb married 38 years was couple number 2. Dr Oz asked Herb what Linda was doing to take years of his life, Linda Nags! constant nagging. She wants him do more around the house and nags him about it. Linda says you shouldn't say your going to do something when you don't plan on doing it, the audience agreed and clapped. Dr Oz says it will take 8 years of Herb's Life.

Dr Ashton says all that nagging can lead to stress throughout our entire bodies. Stress can cause a build up of chronic inflammation, which can affect your mental state, your immune system and cardiovascular health.

Kimberly and Oliver married for little over a year was couple number 3. Dr Oz asked Oliver what Kimberly was doing that was taking years of his life, Kimberly doesn't give him enough sex! Dr Oz says not enough intimacy will take 4 years of your life.

Dr Ashton says to look at sex as an exercise not just for your pelvis but for your brain, your heart, your whole body. It's very important you exercise as much as possible. Dr Ashton went on to say that for men who have sex once a month they are more than 2 times the risk for heart disease and heart attack then men who have sex twice a week.

Dr Oz 3 Generations Of Fat Maddy, Adele And Nicole Are Back

Nicole 27, Adele 50 and Matty 71 are 3 generations of a dangerously obese family. Their meals on a daily basis usually consisted 2124 calories and 103 grams of fat per serving. Kate Geagan Showed them The Family Style Eating Program. She removed most of the fat from their favourite family recipes by removing most of the butter, and by pounding out chicken it would seem like more meat. One slice of their Lasagna worked out two 1660 calories, Kate altered it and now it is only 500 calories per serving of lasagna.

The truth tube was not very good to this 3 generation family of fat

Matty's Weight today is 265 pounds
LDL 135
Glucose 118
B/P 140/80
Chronological age 71 - real age 82

Adele's weight today is 330 pounds
LDL 110
Glucose 102
B/P 145/80
Chronological age 50 - Real age 59

Nicole's weight today is 249
BMI 45.5
Waist 47 inches
LDL 169
Chronological age 27 - Real Age 34

Today 4 months later Marvelous Matty, Adele and Nicole are back and looking good. Matty has done so well, she doesn't need her cane anymore.

Truth Tube numbers today for these 3 women were;

Nicole now weighs 192 pounds - Nicole lost 57 lbs.
Adele now weighs 268 - Adele lost 62 lbs.
Matty now weighs 222 - Matty lost 43 lbs.

A total of 162 lbs.

Dr Oz Matty's Skinny Cabbage Soup

Nicoles Secret to her weight loss was using goal jeans
Adele's Secret to weight loss was snacks on hand even at work - Hard boiled eggs, popcorn, sugar free and fat free mini pudding.
Matty's Weight Loss secret is Matty's Skinny Soup. She has it made at all times and in the fridge. she has all the vegetables you can eat in this skinny soup, tomatoes, onions, peppers, celery, cabbage. Matty says she will have her weight loss skinny soup before lunch and then doesn't want anything else.

Dr Oz says the cabbage soup idea which is the stock of this skinny soup of matty's, is one of the smartest ideas you can have. You can season it and it is filling.

Dr Oz Psoriasis Treatment Options

Dr. Oz’s Psoriasis Solutions
Dr. Oz explains psoriasis. Learn the causes of this common skin condition and what you can do to treat it. psoriasis is a condition that affects a lot of people, it erupts and leaves scales making you feel like a reptile. In psoriasis the skin cells get irritated, T cells secrete chemicals, and these chemicals go through the tissue and they cause the cells to reproduce more quickly then they are supposed to and these those chemicals also cause these cells not to behave themselves. They don't secrete the fats their supposed to secrete, they don't keep your skin soft and smooth.

Psoriasis and Eczema
Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder, unlike Eczema is like an allergic reaction that something is bothering your skin, getting through the cracks of your dried out skin. Psoriasis is too much skin, overgrowing autoimmune response, inflammation caused by your immune system.

Psoriasis can be treated in several ways, one is through topical steroids, and through Vitamin D cream. There are also injection pens you can inject into your body for psoriasis.

Dr Oz home remedies for psoriasis were to take moisturizer and apply it to the affected area, and take plastic wrap and put it around it and leave it there over night. It allows the moisturizer to base into the skin. Get up in the morning and take it off and wash the area with warm water and it will take away the top layer of the cells that are bothering you.

Watch The Video On Psoriasis

Dr Oz Garlic Health Benefits

Stacey's Grandma would make her drink a glass of garlic water when she had a sore throat. Dr Oz says the best thing about Garlic is that it enhances your immune system and believed to help with certain cancers. Garlic is one of the oldest healing remedies known. Garlic reduces your blood pressure, beneficial with the sticky components of your blood so you don't clot up too much,