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When Herbal Supplements Are Deadly; 
Dr. Oz exposes the dangers of herbal supplements, illegal ingredients; Dr Oz Acid Test are your supplements being absorbed properly; Health Corps surprise home visits with students. Prescription pill addiction intervention with Brad Lamm. Pantry Raid with Food Network star Sunny Anderson's Grilled Honey Dijon Chicken Recipe.

Is Your Dietary Supplement Safe? What's really in your supplements herbal pills, diet drugs, Dr oz exposes the shocking illegal ingredients, Amphetamines, tranquilizers and antidepressants that can literally stop your heart. What's safe and what's not. Stop before you pop that pill.

Dr Oz Do The Supplements You Take Work

Dr Oz spent the last several weeks having independent labs analyze supplements taken to lose weight, relieve pain or just stay healthy. He wanted answers to 3 key questions, what's in these supplements, are you getting what you pay for, could you be putting your life at risk.

1. Supplement Secret Are You Getting What You Pay For; "Dietary supplements they seem almost too good to be true. Their all natural, you don't need a prescription and all guarantee to improve your health and Americans believe in them. More than half the adults in this country reach for one or more of 75,000 or more dietary supplements on the market today, do you really know what your paying for."

"The government closely monitors the pharmaceutical industry but it doesn't require testing of supplements before they can be sold to the public or keep a close eye on how their marketed. Dr Oz says that could explain why supplements may cause an estimated 50 thousand adverse reactions every year, some dangerous even life threatening.

Dr Oz had 3 common supplements analyzed...Green Tea, weight loss and Chondroitin that helps relieve pain and help rebuild cartilage. He bought 3 samples of each supplement, some online and then he went undercover to buy the rest in a nationwide vitamin store.

The first supplement analyzed promised to help you lose weight, available anywhere. The FDA does not require testing require testing on supplements before they are sold. The FDA only investigates products when there's a bad reaction like Amy and Jennifer had on the show. When there is a reaction that is when the FDA steps in.

Two of Dr Oz's weight loss products studies turned out fine, the 3rd product called Pai You Guo tested positive for Sibutramine. This product was recalled in November 2009, and Dr oz says he did not have trouble finding this product online.

Dr Oz contacted the American Herbal Product Association and they say any product that doesn't declare drug ingredients is illegal, they have to tell you what's in the product, and every dietary supplement manufacturer has an obligation to make sure it's products are safe.

Supplement Secret # 2 is Potency Problems; Chondroitin products were analyzed. Chondroitin is a chemical found in the cartilage of our joints. People take the supplement Chondroitin with the belief it will help. Dr Tod Cooperman answers Dr Oz's question "How often is it that supplements that your testing actually have in them the amount of product they claim to be present?"

Dr Cooperman's answer was "Looking at over 2000 products they found that one out of four, one quarter of the products don't meet quality standards. The most common reason for that is that they have less ingredient than is claimed on the label."

Out of 3 Chondroitin Supplements, the first sample had 2.7% of the Chondroitin amount it promised. The second sample had 68% and the 3rd sample had 87%.

The 3rd Supplement secret are impurities in products. Dr oz had labs analyze 3 variants of green tea extract which is used to lose belly fat and weight loss. Two of the 3 samples had fewer catechins on the label then claimed. One sample added a lot of caffeine to it, your getting a cup of coffee instead of a pill.

Dr Cooperman talked about the impurities such as lead content in green tea extracts. He said green Tea is a herb and can actually contain - absorb lead from the environment, other heavy metals you don't want to get from the supplement you are taking. They found in one of the products that requires you to take 12 pills per day, in just two pills you would exceed the amount of lead that is permitted in California without a warning label.

Dr Oz says to have the real product and drink Green tea instead of the Green Tea Extract.

Dr Oz Acid Test

Here's Dr Oz test we can all take at home, Mamie joined Dr Oz in this simple test to find out if a supplement can be absorbed properly.

Take vinegar and heat it up to 98 degrees(body temp) to mimic the acid in your stomach. Dr Oz said drop in the pill, if it doesn't dissolve in half an hour 30 minutes or so it's not going to dissolve in your stomach either, unless their designed not to dissolve which some of them are enteric coated and slow release, but most herbal supplements are not in that category.

Dr Oz Supplement Tips

Dr Oz when buying herbal supplements;

1. Look For Single Ingredient Supplements

2. Research online - Sign up for the Consumer Lab free newsletter at Consumer Labs for information on new supplements as well as recalls and problems their seeing with other supplements that are already on the market. Look for the USP seal on the side of the bottle. Visit the national Library Of Medicine they have a dietary database.

3. Beware Of Trendy Supplements - They don't do what they claim to do such as Hoodia for example says Dr Cooperman. When a new product becomes available many many times you'll find the majority of products are poor quality. Manufacturers are rushing to get it on the market and the demand will outstrip the supply, and manufacturers are buying low quality ingredients sometimes.

Dr Oz Addicted to Prescription Drugs

Stacey is addicted to pain pills, Dr Oz calls interventionist Brad Lamm to action, along with Rebecca Flood.

Dr Oz starts of this segment of the show talking about celebrities losing their life to prescription pills. Stacey addicted to prescription pills has been married 12 years and has two children. Stacey battles an addiction to prescription pain killers. Her addiction to pain meds started around when she was around 18 or 19 years old. Stacey has pancreatitis, which is incredibly painful. Being diagnosed she was put on very heavy narcotics in the hospital and when she was discharged she was prescribed those narcotics, and she liked how they made her feel and slowly over time became addicted to pain killers.

Dr Oz told Stacey when people give up on themselves, and as Stacey is crying she tells her family she feels like she has said she is sorry too many times, and she wants to say the best way she can show she is truly sorry is by building a history of success, longer than her history of failure.

Dr Oz introduced Stacey to Rebecca Flood a mother of 6 who has been in recovery for 34 years. She is Executive Director for New Direction For Women. A treatment center that rehabilitates mothers with their children.

Rebecca says the greatest challenge that Stacey will face trying to best this is the relationships that need to heal, and one of the greatest reasons why we bring children into treatment with their mom's is so that relationships can begin to heal. And that relationship that begins to heal can continue healing as they leave treatment and rejoin their loved ones. Rebecca's program will be taking Stacey kids with her.

The kids were waiting outside for her and they are going to the airport and head for the treatment program. Stacey says "I'm there" and willing to do it, this is the last time

Stacey takes pain killers everyday just to get up and start functioning, her addiction was so bad she took pain killers all through her pregnancies and both her son and daughter were born addicted to narcotics. Because of that they had to go to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for weeks. Stacey says no one that innocent deserves to be born into that life.

Stacey has tried in the past to kick this addiction to pain pills, the withdrawals are horrible, she has night sweats, gets chills, she can't hold still and goes right back to the drugs. Stacey admits she cannot kick the habit of prescription pain medications by herself.

On stage today with Stacey was her husband Todd and mother Luanne, desperate for help. Dr Oz called in Core Team Oz Member Brad Lamm. Stacey said you see in the news all the tim Michael Jackson, a lot of celebrities that abuse prescription narcotics.

Brad Lamm says the first step is action which is what Stacey is doing today, reaching out and admitting she can't do it alone. Stacey's mom spoke and said her addiction has brought sadness, intense pain and anger. The family has gone from sorrow and sadness to frustration and anger. They wore out from the drama of all the experiences this addiction has caused.

Dr Oz Health Corps Brain Boosting Snacks And Smoothies Recipe

New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn - Jake Ross Health Corps After School Snacks And Sport Snacks

Basic Smoothie

2 bananas
10 Strawberries
Half cup blueberries
Quarter cup blackberries
1 – 2 cups apple juice
Put everything in a blender and process till smooth and creamy
Pour into glass and drink up!

2 Kiwis
1 apple
1 orange
Chunk pineapple
Quarter cantaloupe or honeydew
1 cup peaches
1 mango
Half a papaya

Mixed Berry

Dr Oz Soy Chocolate Oatmeal Shake Recipe

- 12 oz. chocolate soy milk (or soy milk with dark cocoa powder and 2 tsp sugar)
- 3 tbsp oat flour
- 3 tbsp peanut butter (optional)
Blend all of the ingredients together with a handful of ice in your blender. Serve right away for one of the most healthy After School Snacks!

Whole Wheat Pita Pizza

Easy to make, you put low fat cheese on with red peppers and tomato sauce which is 100 calories less than the regular slice of pizza.

Dr Oz Honey Dijon Grilled Chicken Dinner With Sunny Anderson

Pantry Raid: Dinner Emergency

Chef Sunny Anderson, from the Food Network’s Cooking for Real, shows you what to whip up with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Today with Dr Oz she cooked up a delicious honey-dijon grilled chicken dinner in just minutes with the Pantry Raid.

This Honey Dijon grilled chicken dinner recipe was made with 4 items, honey, dijon mustard, olive oil, chicken stock and of course your chicken breasts. Simple steps of marinating the chicken in honey and dijon, then grill the chicken and voila it's done. The simple side dish saute veggies in orange juice and chicken stock. This "Dr Oz Honey Dijon Grilled Chicken Recipe" calorie count is 400 calories or less.

Dr Oz Middle Age Weight Loss

Wendy had a question for Dr Oz - "When we get older why is it so much easier for men to lose weight then women". Dr Oz Answer; "When women go through menopause the ovaries stop making estrogen and also stop making testosterone. If you don't have testosterone you don't make muscle and without muscle you have that metabolic furnace that is normally chewing the calories, it's not there anymore. Muscle burns calories a dozen times more than fat when your actually using it.

Brad Lamm author "How To Change Someone You Love: Four Steps To Help You Help Them".

Watch Dr Oz And Stacy, who has been struggling with her addiction for years even continued her prescription pill abuse through two pregnancies, causing her son and daughter to be born addicted to narcotics.